November 11, 2009


So nice to hear from you! I know it seems like ages since we spoke but I know how busy you are all the time :) Honestly, I was pretty speechless when I got the pictures from you. The ring really did turn out unbelievable. WF's pictures were also amazing. I must also tell you that Your team was so very sweet as always to me and helped so much. I had a bit of a time line and the team got it done with time to spare. LOL I remember the conversation we had too about diamonds and engagement rings in Canada. Sadly, not much has changed. I mean they do have some of the ideal Canadian Polar Bear diamonds circulating but still Birks has the market cornered and they don''t really have anything that compares to WF but they have the hype and the now chocolate brown box prestige (Tiffany''s finally came to town and demanded that Birks change the color of their boxes from a very similar Tiffany blue to this chocolate brown...so bizarre!) Don''t get me started about Tiffany''s. They have wonderful things but I feel for a younger generation begining their journey into fine jewelry making things outlandishly unreacheable is not fair and not good business and their consumer education practices are lacking. I wish I could convert more of my friends but as I said out west, BC, WF and online fine jewelry in general is pretty unheard of and many of them are not willing to take a chance. But I keep trying and won''t stop and of course you have a life long client/friend in my and my family. And of course at some point there will be another upgrade but for the next while I am going to enjoy this wonderful stone that came up just in time for me so it was meant to be and the AGS number adds up to my b''day go figure and I was very blessed to get it and I think 2.52 is a great size. It looks like a real beauty. I will of course miss my old stone she was very beautiful and I''m sure will go into a gorgeous ring and a great home at some point. It was really nice of you to get in touch and I hope to speak with you one of these days and maybe even meet you in person if I can make it out to Houston for a visit at WF and tour. WF has been very kind to me and I will never forget that... Have a wonderful weekend! My very best wishes
Simone, Canada


December 01, 2022
I did find the website to be helpful in my search for a ring. I worked with Becca from Whiteflash to buy an engagement ring. The ring is absolutely beautiful - my fiancée keeps staring at it and a friend told her this weekend it is the shiniest diamond she has ever seen. Cut is king, and there is no doubt about the quality of Whiteflash's cuts, as you can see from their website. In terms of customer experience, I worked with Becca by phone and over e-mail, and she was prompt and pleasant. She provided extra pictures and videos of the diamonds I was considering, and she provided realistic assessments of the diamonds. In one case, she said two of the VS2s had visible inclusions from very close up (much closer than the eye clean distance but my fiancée has very good eyes) and that an SI1 did not. I appreciate that she helped me find a diamond of good value, instead of steering me to the most expensive stones I was considering. I saved 33% by doing that. We had to resize the ring to a quarter size (which was unavoidable because ring size tools usually come in half sizes), but Whiteflash made the process easy and they were fast to return the ring. Pricewise, I found Whiteflash to be a good value. I was working with another jeweler who prides himself on being a good value. Yes, his diamonds were beautiful to look at, but the cut was not as good and the prices were the same. Since I was working with both jewelers remotely, I went Whiteflash because you could tell from their images that the cut is superb.
Leiter K, Massachusetts, USA
December 01, 2022
We just picked up the earrings and they look wonderful!
Melanie, Texas, USA
December 01, 2022
Great experience. Superb customer service through Becca, who not only answered all my concerns and questions about buying a diamond ring online, but continued to follow up with me to ensure my fiancée loved the ring and see if I had any other questions. I recommend Whiteflash to anyone who wants a high quality diamond without the markups and added expenses of a brick and mortar store.
André A, Texas, USA
November 30, 2022
The earrings look great! They have so much fire and sparkle! I appreciate all the help and support along the way.
Chris, California, USA

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