A Big Thank You
November 18, 2009

A Big Thank You

We talked on the phone last week, when I received the diamond. As I told you the stone looked very nice (actually it was more like ""love at first sight""), and that we were planning to see an independant appraiser to get a second opinion. We did that this morning. The appraisal verified all the information of the report (color, clarity, polish, cut etc). Based on the good appraisal news and the fact that the diamond is indeed lovely (somehow I think it was just cut for me), we have decided to keep it. We can therefore finalize all sale steps, including sending the original certificate. Clearly we are both very happy with the stone itself. Still, this email would be incomplete if it only mentioned the product. A big ""Thank you"" is due to you and the rest of your team for making the whole process smooth, enjoyable and transparent. In an industry like this one, it is hard to find - and therefore greatly appreciated when one does - people that provide a great service. You have done exactly that and you''ve done it very well. You listened to what we wanted, you responded swiftly, you answered our questions, you were there all the way from the beginning to the end. Thank you all!
Virginia, Texas, USA


April 17, 2024
They are so sparkly, big and stunning! Sometimes it seems the diamond post may not fit through the hole but after trying it does.
Claudia D, Maryland, USA
April 12, 2024
My fiancée has been raving about it the past few months, really happy with the purchase. Thank you and the Whiteflash team so much for helping us through the process.
Kelvin W, Malaysia
April 10, 2024
Whiteflash was awesome. I found the exact ring that my GF picked out years ago and couldn’t find it anywhere else. Brittany was my rep and she was great. She had to have changed my order 100 times but she was always positive and upbeat about it. We communicated through text an email and she was always prompt and professional.
Nathan S, Louisiana, USA
April 09, 2024
Michelle went above and beyond in supporting me through the process of finalizing an engagement ring order. She reached out to me proactively approximately a month ago when she noticed that I had a few items in my cart which I hadn’t finalized deciding on. Michelle provided me with clarity and answered all my questions with such thoughtful and insightful knowledge such that I decided to place an order shortly after. Since then, I have worked with Michelle looking at custom options as well as designer options and finalized an order which I just received today. Along the way, Michelle was always extremely patient and courteous answering my (many technical and specific) questions. I was most appreciative when Michelle assisted me by going to have a personal look at the diamond ring after production and confirmed some minor quality correction items that I observed. Michelle not only worked with your master jeweler to correct a small prong adjustment I had requested based on the photos, but then also noticed some minor asymmetry elsewhere which she proactively got adjusted for me. The final result was absolutely wonderful and exceeded my expectations. At the end of it all, I feel I was provided with a beautifully elegant and refined product with exceptional craftsmanship and support from your entire team. I truly feel blessed to have been working through it all with Michelle as my advisor and point of contact. I will no doubt consider coming back to Whiteflash again and hopefully for a wedding band in the near future. Thank you again, Debbie, for your leadership in having an organization with a caliber of people such as Michelle. I exclusively put my trust in a business or in a work group based on the quality and character of the people over any other business or commercial criteria. And it appears that you’ve built an exceptional service with an even more exceptional group of people to back it up. Much respect to you and your team for your exceptional products & craftsmanship, but primarily the character and aptitude of your consultants. It’s been a pleasure.
Mohanad K, Canada

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