Lovely Sparkle
November 30, 2009

Lovely Sparkle

I left on Friday afternoon. Saturday night, after an 8 hour layover in Frankfurt, I flew to Warsaw. We had a foggy, foggy, landing at Warsaw International. Weronika and her father picked me up at the airport, who both enthusiastically showed me the arrivals board - every flight from the preceding hour, and all flights scheduled after mine that evening had been re-routed to other airports because of the fog. But for some reason my flight continued on to Warsaw and made a safe landing. Weronika found out the reason later :) She took me back to our place where she had homemade pizza and beer waiting for us . . . Nice to get such a warm welcome. I knew that I couldn''t wait to propose to her. She also suspected I travelled home with a ring and was probably expecting a proposal sometime between now and Christmas. I had the ring hidden in the bathroom, and when I came back from the bathroom after dinner I just ended up on my knees and simply asked her to marry me. Of course she said yes immediately. :) There were no fancy, elaborate surprises or tactics - it''s just not my/our style! But she was happy - very happy, and loves the ring. It looks just great on her and the size is just about perfect. It''s perhaps a 1/4 size too big, but she''s actually experimenting with what finger/hand she wants to wear it on. Because of the way her joints line up on her left hand it''s a little uncomfortable for her to wear rings on the ring finger of her left hand. I''m just happy to see the ring on her finger where it belongs. It''s got a lovely sparkle to it and it''s almost as fun to look at as she is . . . well, ok not quite! Sunday was even more fun . . . . We had a nice lunch then stopped by her parents place for an (almost) surprise visit. Weronika was busy trying to sit on her hand and contain the giggles before we told her parents. They were not surprised by the content of our news but more by our timing. In any case they are supportive and enthusiastic. So are my mom and dad, of course. The rest of the day and evening has been spent calling, emailing, and writing our friends and fam to tell them all . . . We''re both just so excited . . . we''re enjoying the ''public'' fun of getting engaged just as much as our short lived secret of Saturday evening. Tonight we get to meet a number of her close friends who don''t know the news yet so that will be an adventure. We''re both totally happy and excited and enjoying this time. Saturday is dinner with her parents who are hopefully less in shock by now! I must get on with my morning. But I really want to thank you for being part of the journey for us. Everyone at Whiteflash has been very helpful with my many questions and queries along the way and I''m very thankful for all the help. We''re hoping have an ultra small wedding here in Warsaw sometime this coming summer. So on with the paperwork! Hope you''re having sunny days in Texas. Best Regards from a happy (now engaged!) customer in Warsaw!
Kolin & Weronik, Canada


April 22, 2024
They were willing and able to resolve issues efficiently and quickly.
Cho J, Singapore
April 22, 2024
We love the new diamond and new ring as a whole! Thank you again so much.
Sean T, New York, USA
April 21, 2024
As soon as I showed I was interested in buying a ring I was assigned a diamond consultant. Michelle was knowledgeable, but not pushy and helped the whole process run very smooth. The end result was perfect and when I popped the big question on a gondola in Venice, the ring I bought at Whiteflash was the perfect finishing touch. I will soon be back to Whiteflash get my wife-to-be's wedding ring and know it will be a great experience.
Peter M, California, USA
April 20, 2024
This place is truly awesome in terms of customer service, finding the right diamond and/or ring, and prices that make sense. First customer service is phenomenal I asked if a specific date is possible and they delivered as asked for and communicated with progress the whole way, they really have an unbeatable trade in policy along with a huge selection of ring types and styles way more than my local high end jeweler. Lastly, prices that make sense where you have an idea how much the type of diamond costs but not trying to sell a premium for a brand or this is more "sparkly" so it is 3x cost. "A path opens to those who are honest." Brittany and America are fantastic!
Davie P, Illinois, USA

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