Hi Bob,
March 03, 2005

Hi Bob, I've been meaning to e-mail you for some time now, but time (especially when you're planning a wedding) has gotten away from me.

Hi Bob, I've been meaning to e-mail you for some time now, but time (especially when you're planning a wedding) has gotten away from me. As I write this, I glance down at my beautiful engagement ring that my wonderful fianc?©, Jay, gave to me on September 10 when he proposed. Although the engagement was over five months ago, I wanted to share the romantic events of that day with you. Jay and I were in Portland, actually to celebrate his birthday on September 9th. The morning of September 10th, our plan was to explore the vineyards, do some wine tastings, and come back to Portland in the evening. Well, that morning, Jay told me to pack my suitcase because we weren't staying in Portland that night. That's all he would tell me. Well, we did go to a vineyard - David Hill Winery - where we did a very tasty and intimate wine tasting with a fascinating Frenchmen who educated us about wine the entire time. When we left the winery, we just started driving and driving and I had no clue where we were going. That is, until I saw a sign that said Cannon Beach. Then I knew he was taking me to the shore (I LOVE the ocean). And Jay, being the clever researcher and planner, picked the perfect beach - Cannon Beach. After all, his last name is Cannon! As we drove into Cannon Beach, I couldn't believe the beautiful views of the coast - especially when I saw the huge monolith on the beach. It was slightly raining, almost misting, but the town and the shore were beautiful, almost mystical. We had a phenomenal 4-course dinner at the Stephanie Inn at Cannon Beach - set menu, chef comes out to talk to the guests - it was great. Jay had told me we were staying in a hotel in the neighboring town of Seaside because there was no hotel availability in Cannon Beach. When we went to leave the Stephanie Inn after dinner, he held out a key to the Carriage House of the Stephanie Inn and said that management told him they had a ""model room"" we could take a look at - supposedly this particular room has a great view of the monolith (Haystack Rock) from the balcony. So we made our way to the ""model room"" in the Carriage House and when we walked inside, I was in awe of how big it was! I was commenting on the huge bathroom, fireplace, etc. while Jay tried (unbeknownst to me) to get me out to the balcony before it got too dark outside. When he finally got me out there, we commented on the amazing view as we hugged - it was a very romantic atmosphere. Jay then asked me, ""Do you remember the first time you told me you had a confession to make?"", referring to the first time I told him I loved him (I had prefaced it by telling him I had a confession to make). He then proceeded to get down on his knee as he said ""Well, I have a confession to make"". I was totally shocked, I don't really remember the rest except him saying that his confession was that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I also remember him opening the shiny wooden box. WOW! I couldn't believe my eyes. Even though it was a little dark in the room, I could still see the stunning ring in front of me. Of course I said yes and we spent the rest of the weekend in that wondrous ""model room"" at the Stephanie Inn. I spend a lot of time telling you the story behind the ring, but that's because I can't emphasize how much time Jay spent researching rings. This says a lot to me about White Flash - especially the quality of your work and your customer service. Jay expects the utmost excellence when it comes to his customer experience, and I can definitely say he speaks extremely highly of his experience with White Flash. I've attached some pictures from the day after the engagement. I absolutely LOVE my ring! I am constantly receiving complements about how beautiful it is too. The diamond is spectacular - even after five months, I spend a lot of time admiring it. You definitely helped Jay pick out the perfect ring for me. I wanted to thank you and White Flash for giving Jay such an enjoyable ring-hunting experience and for playing a part in our very special engagement. Regards,
Heidi, Pennsylvania, USA


March 29, 2023
I got my ring and it’s perfect!!! This is the engagement ring of my dreams, and my husband & I cannot thank you enough for making it happen.
Carla O, California, USA
March 29, 2023
I had no doubt you guys would come through and make everything right. This is why I keep coming back to White Flash. Just as a point of reference, we stopped by at Tiffany's this weekend to take a look at a similar pendant with a similar setting with a stone of this size. It is also completely open in the back with the cullet cutting into the skin. This effectively makes your design better visually and more comfortable. And your customer service the absolute best. Thank you so much.
Michael G, Minnesota, USA
March 28, 2023
My wife is very happy with her choice of setting, I am too. It’s beautiful. I would never have imagined that a few pavers would make such a difference. The elegance, simplicity… it’s just beautiful. Really highlights what was already a beautiful stone. She just loves the ring, all the compliments don’t hurt either. Good job Becca!
Paul S, Texas, USA
March 28, 2023
My wife absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the earrings. The stones, studs, cherry box, packaging, documentation and as important the customer service from you and the WhiteFlash team I interacted with was beyond expectations!!
Kevin T, Florida, USA

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