You Have Set The Bar!
July 15, 2010

You Have Set The Bar!

Hello All from Whiteflash! Well, I received the beautiful custom ring today from Whiteflash. My first thought was, ""uh oh. I''''m in trouble."" I can hear it now. At the next poker night, all the guys are going to have at me. ""Why''''d you go and make us all look bad!""; ""You''''ve set the bar!"" The ring is gorgeous! Sparkles more than I expected. My gf will love it The diamond itself, is fabulous. Sheerah definately helped me pick a winner. She helped me to answer all my questions and made me confident in my decision. The custom design by Joe Druhot is amazing. He guided my design from a simple ""idea"" to ""perfection"". I am not an artist, but Joe''''s creation is going to make me look good. The photos by Becca Eastman are beautiful. They capture the beauty of the ring, and sets a perfect stage to send to ""all the friends"". (No need for wrinkly looking fingers!) Thanks to Kellie Ewasko and Vera Wages for keeping me abreast on the processing of my order and handling of my payment! And lastly, thanks to Alan Smallwood for the tracking details! The shipment was smooth and pickup was a snitch! I will send an email with my gf''''s reaction later this month!
Ken, California, USA


January 21, 2021
I purchased these earrings for my girlfriend and they were absolutely stunning!! I contacted Whiteflash to create custom earrings for me and they were definitely worth the wait! They were were perfect in every way and the attention to detail of the Whiteflash design team is just amazing! This is my second time buying jewelry from them and they exceeded my expectations each time. I appreciate the passion and expertise of the Whiteflash team! Thank you very much and my girlfriend couldn't be happier!
Robert G, North Carolina, USA
January 21, 2021
I was a bit afraid of how the actual ring would look when it arrived. But when I opened that box, I was SO extremely thrilled. It was so beautiful ... so stunning. Incomparable to all the other rings I was able to see in real life here in my town. So, I screamed YES! a million times on my way home in the car because I knew she was going to be just as excited about this ring as I was. It is PERFECT. 110 % perfect (one could said AGS000 ??). I could not have found a better ring. Now I just had to find a moment to propose ... since our new year’s ended before the fireworks at 12 due to my daughter and teeth, I thought I wouldn’t do it like every other guy on new year’s. So, I did it 3/1-21 and she said yes! And she loves the ring. The following week she kept looking at it every day every 10 minutes or so and really inspecting it. In Denmark the average diamond size for an engagement ring is 0.2 carats and not very well cut. So hers looks both a lot bigger and brighter than everyone else’s. When I finally chose Whiteflash over other vendors it was based on a lot of reviews praising the custom service. The reviews were so good I must admit I was a bit skeptical; you know ... too good to be true. But in the end, I now know they must all be true ... beyond excellent customer service! Thank you. So, thank you so so much Liza for all your help and keeping answering all my terrible questions. In the end this was the absolute perfect purchase for me, and I wouldn’t have done anything different. A happily engaged
Christian H, Denmark
January 19, 2021
I proposed before the year ended in 2020, and she said yes. She was happy with the ring. I doubt anyone gets ring size right the first time! She was a 4, so will have a local jeweler help to make some adjustments to fit better. Thanks so much for all the help Brittany! Appreciate the guidance and service through this whole process!
Westin C, Philippines
January 18, 2021
It's a stunning ring! Thank you! We will definitely be in touch once it's time for an upgrade and a new band to match.
Christopher F, California, USA

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