Excellent Experience!
December 06, 2010

Excellent Experience!

First, buying something so expensive that relies on appearance, on-line, with only a picture goes against logic. However, after taking time to educate myself to the diamond world and ask some questions to Whiteflash, I was able to purchase an absolutely beautiful diamond ring for my wife. I has initially decided on carat weight but ended up downsizing a bit to obtain an ideal cut that scored zero?ˆ™s in light performance etc. This was a good move because the diamond lights up like a fireball and thus, gives the appearance of being larger (back to square one with better quality!). The Process: After talking with Whtieflash, I received a confirmation email with the invoice attached for my approval. It was correct and I sent it back. A few hours later I received another email giving me instructions as to how to wire the money and complete the transaction. I also noticed that the status of my diamond went from ?ˆ?available?ˆ? to ?ˆ?reserved?ˆ?. (Good sign). I went to the bank, wired the money late that afternoon. By lunch the next day, Whiteflash had emailed me that the money had been received and that the ring was going into production. Further, the web page for my diamond changed to ?ˆ?sold?ˆ? ?ˆ“ more good signs. A few days later I get another email with pictures of my completed ring and another email detailing Fed-Ex shipping which made the trip from Texas to Georgia in about 16 hours. The box was triple-packed and contained all the information promised, including an unbelievable ring. In summary, Whiteflash made this experience flawless. I cannot imagine going back to an upscale jeweler because of the perceived higher quality diamonds and personalized attention. This is not necessarily the case because the diamonds have serial numbers engraved on the girdles and as Whiteflash pointed out, you can go to the AGS website and plug in the serial number and verify the diamonds report. So, it?ˆ™s about the diamond, not the store. As far as personalized attention, I had better access to Whiteflash via email than I would trying to catch a salesperson at a local jeweler. Two final points. First, my wife?ˆ™s ring size is a 3.5 which is difficult to fit. Not for Whiteflash, it fit perfectly. Second, I saved by my estimation approximately $2,200 by dealing with Whiteflash over comparable rings at premium jewelers. I highly recommend these guys and appreciate their well orchestrated process and delivery of the ring.
Jeff H, Pennsylvania, USA


May 21, 2020
The Whiteflash team was so helpful and honest! They were crucial in me putting together the perfect push present for my wife!
Kyle S, Oregon, USA
May 19, 2020
I received the diamond yesterday (incredible shipping speed) and it is beautiful! I have been so impressed with Whiteflash through this whole process. Thank you so much for the wonderful service throughout this process.
Ryan C, Washington, USA
April 22, 2020
I'm a month late writing this, but it's given me lots of time to admire the stunning ring I received from Whiteflash Team. My ACA diamond is truly something special. Buying diamonds online is nerve-wracking. I was upgrading from another diamond purchased online, and although I did my research and the diamond had all the right cut measurements/angles, it just never seemed that "brilliant". It was pretty but not stunning. Moving to an ACA diamond from Whiteflash is like night and day - this diamond makes me smile every time I look at it. Even my husband continues to make comments - he can easily see how much better cut this diamond is. WF staff were super easy to work with and responsive as I tried to select the right diamond for me. I went with a simple setting that is beautifully made. They even take beauty shots of your ring that you can share! I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose Whiteflash and will be back to work with them next time I want to upgrade :)
Shirley A, Massachusetts, USA
April 14, 2020
The proposal turned out perfect. My fiancee was truly surprised, plus she loved the diamond ring. I'm very grateful to you and your team for doing the expedited delivery. The ring arrived on Thursday, with the proposal on the Saturday. We're both still in awe of the ring, it's beautiful. We've recommended other close friends and family to Whiteflash, we're just truly impressed with the personalized customer service.
Abey A, Ohio, USA

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