Whiteflash Ring was a HOMERUN!
January 18, 2011

Whiteflash Ring was a HOMERUN!

I began to get serious about buying an engagement ring about 5 months ago, and knew that I wanted to explore online vendors because of the great selection and great prices. Once I discovered that Whiteflash was a reputable company that was based in Houston, where I live, I decided to contact them. After exchanging a few emails with Whiteflash, I decided to come in for an initial appointment to really educate myself about the process and meet them personally. I met with Bryan, and because of his expertise, the entire process couldn''''t have been easier. From that point, there was no question that I wanted to go through Whiteflash. I continued to email to begin the diamond selection process, and probably ended up sending her over 30 diamonds from the virtual selection to help narrow them down. They did so and provided excellent recommendations along the way. I actually ended up selecting a square cushion ""Hearts & Arrows"" cut that they specifically recommended. Shortly thereafter, I was ready to set the diamond, and again based on an earlier recommendation from Whiteflash I went with the Grace by Vatche (I had described the type of setting I wanted but had not previously seen the Grace on the site). Bryan showed me the Grace in person during one of my visits and that sealed the deal on the setting. I proposed on December 23, and the ring was a ""homerun"". She was in awe at how ""sparkly"" the diamond was, and the setting was exactly what she wanted. The entire process was incredibly smooth and the customer service was unbelievable. I will absolutely be recommending Whiteflash to others, and will undoubtedly use them again in the future
Mike B, New York, USA


October 29, 2020
I had the best experience working with Liza, from Whiteflash. She's super knowledgeable and stayed in touch with updates on new inventory, per my diamond criteria. When it comes to comparing different diamonds, she's very thorough and you get the full scope without having to actually see the diamond in person. Great customer service from beginning to end. The package was highly secured; it felt like a friend pranked you during Christmas, having a box within a box within a box, with the security tape! Whiteflash's A Cut Above (super ideal cut) is definitely worth it. The sparkle/performance of the diamond is out of this world. I can't stop staring at it. ?? Note: I researched other online retailers, but none of their super ideal cuts come close to Whiteflash. Their ASET images showed light leakages and the Hearts & Arrows were not defined/symmetrical. Plus, they were more expensive too! All in all, for the best price and diamond go to Whiteflash!
Tamanh N, California, USA
October 28, 2020
Michelle was wonderful to work with. She was so patient despite all my questions. We first communicated in August when I was just shopping around but wasn't quite ready to buy. I didn't complete my purchase until recently. The diamond I received was excellent and I'm so glad that I went with Whiteflash. I'm sure that I will reach out to Michelle the next time I need something shiny.
Karissa H, Virginia, USA
October 27, 2020
Thanks personally and also to all involved in making this experience stress free and answer all my questions.
William G, UK
October 27, 2020
I did a lot of research before I decided to place order online, but it is only now that I fully understand what some people mean by saying cut does make a HUGE difference. My ACA diamond stands really out and I almost feel sorry for her female friends and their engagement rings because ACA outperforms any other diamond around. But it is difficult to understand this from just watching Youtube or reading articles, you will know when you see it in real and in different light conditions. And when it says eye clean, it means real eye clean even for very demanding eye, like mine. I would never suggest going above G or VS1, better invest in size instead. Excellent service and communication from Brittany. And thank you Debi for all educational input. I understand why you have top review scores everywhere:) Mission accomplished and she is happy like never before!
Gregory T, Denmark

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