Perfect in every way!
September 09, 2011

Perfect in every way!

Was I hesitant about purchasing a diamond ring from an online retailer? Absolutely! I knew literally nothing about diamonds. The 4 C?ˆ™s ?ˆ¦ huh? So I decided to do as much research before I purchased an engagement ring for my soon to be wife. My research consisted of hours of reading online and visiting brick and mortar stores to compare what I learned. During my research I came across hundreds of amazing reviews for Whiteflash. I read about how their ACA diamonds were simply stunning and their customer service was out of this world. Being a pessimist at heart, I thought, ?ˆ?Really? Are they that different from the local jewelry stores??ˆ?. My answer in short: Yes! ?ˆ“ I ended up purchasing 4 rings from them in the last 2 years! During the search for the perfect engagement solitaire I sent Whiteflash a picture of what I was looking for. They suggested their ACA Princess X-prong. The purchase process was painless and perfect. There was constant contact across all fronts ?ˆ“ sales, shipping, photography, payment. When we received the ring it literally took our breath away ?ˆ“ so much sparkle and we weren?ˆ™t even under the strategically placed lighting in a jewelry store. Fast forward 2 years (yes, long engagement) and we sent them a picture of custom wedding bands for the wife. She wanted two bands to custom wrap her WF engagement ring. Again, customer service was flawless. We received constant e-mail and phone call updates throughout (when the computer image was generated, when production started, engraving, pictures, shipping). The 2 custom diamond bands came last week and they were perfect. Everything we imagined and more. Seriously, their ACA diamonds are ridiculously gorgeous. Next logical step? ?ˆ“ purchase my own wedding band from WF ?ˆ“ which I just received this week. 2 years, 4 rings, the best customer service I?ˆ™ve ever experienced and diamonds that blow away the competition: that?ˆ™s what my experience with Whiteflash has been. Big thank you to Victoria and Vera! ?ˆ“ huge help and great people to deal with. I can?ˆ™t give Whiteflash a higher recommendation. I fully trust this company and can?ˆ™t wait to do business with them again (do I hear anniversary gifts?!).
Patrick D, Texas, USA


March 24, 2021
She said yes and loves it !! It really is amazing, like it seems it should be worth way more !!
Owen C, Australia
October 20, 2020
Becca was absolutely fabulous. She was a pleasure to work with. Communication and response team were lightning fast and I got my diamond in record time. She was helpful in her opinions since buying a ring on line can be hard. Her attention to detail and answering all of my questions were impressive. Her comments about the diamond before I even saw it were spot on. I would recommend Whiteflash to anyone looking to purchase jewelry. Very happy! Thank you!
Lina F, Maryland, USA
August 27, 2020
When researching jewelers and ring designers online in late May and early June, I came across Whiteflash in a few different places as a reputable and reliable option, AND ALSO one that has a office/HQ in the general area. Upon visiting the Sugar Land location, I learned from Vera (the super-nice and helpful receptionist) that the showroom is closed due to Covid, but that they would be happy to put someone in touch with me soon. Later that day, I received a phone call from one of their consultants - Liza Veazey, who very patiently and kindly spoke with me about how we might proceed to design an engagement ring. She was of tremendous help, particularly for me because this was my first time doing something like this. Over the next two weeks, she emailed back and forth with me, at first sending examples of rings and later gemstone candidates for me to weigh and consider. I had lots of questions, and I also wanted to make sure my fiancée's preferences and taste was well-realized with the design choices being made and the ring when designed and completed. Through all this, Liza was patient and detailed and responsive, and I really felt like I was in good hands. Thinking on it now, it amazes me that we ended up with a ring that my fiancée loves showing off to her family and friends, even though the local Covid situation of June 2020 precluded us from meeting Liza or anyone for that matter in person. But that we did end up with something we're this happy with, despite the complications introduced by the pandemic, is a real credit to Liza and Whiteflash. And because there are various approval checkpoints along the way, the various steps from A to Z felt like a logical and intuitive progression (about two months), which was important and made me feel good about the whole thing. I would happily recommend them to anyone!
Shourjo D, Texas, USA
July 16, 2020
Just wanted to let you know that I gave it to her last night and she absolutely loves it. We discussed possibly canary yellow, but she really wants the white diamond so all is good in the world and I thank you again for all your help and guidance!
Gabriel C, Arizona, USA

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