Simply the best!!
January 11, 2012

Simply the best!!

Firstly, I'd like to send a big thank-you to the whole Whiteflash team; and especially to Traci for an incredible experience on purchasing a set of diamond earrings. I had purchased a set of white gold 'Martini' earrings, comprising of Whiteflash 'Expert Selection' AGS diamonds. After countless months/days/hours searching and researching for diamonds that met my stringent criteria, I had decided that the diamond would be purchased from Whiteflash for several reasons: 1. Whiteflash (Traci) took all the time necessary to meet my needs in searching for the diamonds I was after, and never felt pressured into buying a diamond, or felt like I was being sold a sub par diamond (I had some particular internet provider try sell me a sub par diamond as higher quality diamond after reviewing photos - Not the case with Whiteflash). 2. Being located in Australia, I felt secure in transacting with Whiteflash from all the GENUINE reviews friends and other diamond forums had mentioned about Whiteflash. 3. The wide range of diamonds available, especially at the high end of the quality spectrum at very reasonable prices. 4. Quick replies to emails, and despite being overseas, received phone calls from Traci to ask or answer further questions in order not to get lost in translation over email. This was a huge surprise that a vendor overseas would offer this type of assistance - FANTASTIC. 5. Settings and diamonds appeared as pictured - no gimmicks. 6. Postage - EXCELLENT. I've purchased a lot of items from the Internet, overseas and even locally and nobody has packaged the goods purchased better than what I received from Whiteflash (Multiple boxes in boxes ensuring easy identification if the box was tampered with during transit, but most importantly, secure and solid packaging avoiding damage). Full real time express postage was also excellent via FedEx. 7. Easy and secure navigation of the Whiteflash website, excellent categorization of diamond quality for those that aren't very knowledgeable in the field. Honestly, I'm a VERY fussy and particular person, and would get rather annoyed if i was 'brushed off', felt like a 'time waster' or I was being sold sub par quality products. This is definitely NOT the case with Whiteflash. I cannot recommend you guys enough, the service alone is at a world beating standard in any retail or sales industry. Not to mention the staff know their diamonds VERY well. Thank you for all your help and time - I know I was probably a royal pain at times :D but I never felt like I was getting the cold shoulder. Thanks again, people, buy with absolute confidence from people who take pride and passion in their work. I will be back to purchase more in the very near future. Thanks again Daniel all the way from Australia!
Daniel D., Australia


August 04, 2022
Whiteflash was an amazing experience. Michelle helped me make sure I had all of the information I needed to make a decision, including any extra pictures/videos I requested of the diamond. The overnight shipping was a streamlined process and everything was packaged beautifully. She then followed up every step of the way to make sure my fiancée, and myself were totally satisfied.
Jacob B, New Hampshire, USA
May 29, 2022
During my search for a ring, I was deciding between James Allen, Blue Nile or White Flash. I noticed there aren't a lot of choice at JA, or BN, so I gave White Flash a try. (Never heard of them before) One of my major concern about buying a diamond is how to choose one? Carats, Clarity, Color, and Cut was all very confusing and its hard to determine which level is acceptable or not. On top of that, there's impurities, and ratios to consider. To my surprise, Whiteflash's was able to solve all those concerns for me. My sales associate Becca was really knowledgeable, helpful, and honest. She asked for my preferences and gave me a few excellent choices to choose from. Unlike sales associates from other companies, where they try to push you to purchase the most expensive diamonds. White flash gave their fair opinion and really think in my shoes. The other aspects that led me to Whiteflash was their lifetime trade up benefit, 30 day return money back guarantee, AGS laboratory certificates (One of the highest standards laboratory, better than GIA imo) I was really happy with my purchase and just wanted to say thank you so much Becca!
Michael C, Canada
May 20, 2022
It was my first time for purchasing jewelry online, honestly I have no confidence for unknowing the process initially, but all of my problems were solved after I met the diamond consultant Liza, she was really friendly and proactively to explain the details of diamond quality and also to assist checking my account information again and again.
Barry L, Taiwan
April 22, 2022
I am truly happy with my 2.02 K. I was initially hesitant about K color diamonds, but had recently seen that many were pleased with Whiteflash K color purchases in the 2 carat range. Thanks again for all your help.
Chantel, Utah, USA

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