Excellent customer service and brilliant diamonds!
February 07, 2012

Excellent customer service and brilliant diamonds!

My Whiteflash online shopping experience was superb! From the time I started narrowing down my ideas to my final decision on a new wedding ring, their diamond consultants were amazing in providing suggestions, and even took photographs of e-rings and wedding rings together that I was considering. Their customer service is really top notch, which you would expect in store at a high-end jewelry store--it is hard to find online, though! They have a great selection of items and a lot of variety in styles. I believe they make a lot of their rings based on order, but the turnaround was very quick. Once I made my purchase, several people from Whiteflash communicated with me---providing beautiful photographs of my actual ring when it was completed (yeah!), verifying funds went through, and providing estimated and then actual shipping dates. When the ring arrived, it literally took my breath away--the quality of the diamonds in the 7-stone shared prong platinum band and the metal workmanship is amazing! It feels like a good substantial ring, while still being quite feminine and not overdone. Their website, too, really reassured me that I was purchasing a high-quality product--the photographs make such a difference in comfort level--you can see the quality and clarity of the diamonds and finish very clearly, unlike some other websites. They also provide several views, which is helpful. Only thing is that they could provide more stats/specs on the height of their rings, but they probably would give them to you if you asked for those stats. I've gotten so many compliments on the ring and how sparkly it is...even a friend in the jewelry business mentioned how high quality the diamonds look--very well cut. The quality and experience rival Tiffany's--but at a fraction of the price! Wonderful experience and will shop here again.
Alicia S., Florida, USA


April 06, 2021
Michelle at Whiteflash was AMAZING! She helped me by answering all the questions i had and was able to get me a diamond that was in my price range. Thank you Michelle for helping me find our diamond.
Erhan A, Alaska, USA
March 27, 2021
The ring looks beautiful and we couldn't be happier with the diamond.
Zamir J, Canada
March 23, 2021
It’s beautifully packaged and the diamond definitely sparkles just like the video! It made me really happy! Thank you for helping us with the selection.
Filippos G, Luxembourg
March 21, 2021
I started my engagement ring shopping since October 2020. The first ring I tried on was a Hearts on Fire ring from a local jeweler not knowing it cost 100k; I quickly took it off after seeing the price tag. I went to Tiffany, a well-known reddit jeweler in LA, then Victor Canera. At Victor Canera, I fell in love with his super ideal cut stone but he didn't have the specs that I was so I solicited the help of Pricescope and found Whiteflash. I sent a live chat message to Whiteflash on a weekend not knowing their hours of operation and Debi, CEO of Whiteflash reached out to me on Sunday morning and let me know that Becca will reach out to me on Monday. I was pretty impressed by this since she could have just waited until Monday. I had asked Becca for additional pictures of the stone I picked out. She sent me a comparison picture next to a stone that's one color level higher and let me know that my stone is eye clean from all angles. I also inquired about their custom cut and custom setting options. She patiently explained both options and showed me the existing stock settings. I opted for the custom since I wanted very specific setting. I had to make a few changes to the CAD, prongs, how high I wanted my stone to be set, etc. I found that communicating exactly what you want will help a lot in the custom setting process and do not assume they know what you want. I am extremely happy with how everything turned out and Whiteflash's exceptional customer service.
Yue L, Nevada, USA

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