hearts on fire -""perfect diamonds""?
April 03, 2012

hearts on fire -""perfect diamonds""?

Hearts on Fire reviews just didn't tell the whole story. My story is a long one but I will try my best to keep it short and to the point. Before I get started let me just say that WhiteFlash is by far the best and should be the only option for buying diamonds! Lets rewind 6 months ago when I started looking for a diamond engagement ring. I was invited to go to a ""Diamonds 101"" seminar at a local jewelry store here in Miami, FL. I walked in there with little knowledge on diamonds and when I was done with the seminar I felt that I knew a lot more BUT not enough. I knew that I wanted to get my girlfriend (I haven't proposed to her yet) the best I could possibly afford so I began doing research. The local store was pushing a Hearts on Fire diamond and kept telling me that they cut the best diamonds in the world. There is no doubt that Hearts on Fire has excellent diamonds but I had to find out if they were truly ""the best."" I spent hours upon hours every day and night learning everything I could about diamonds (It's actually pretty disgusting how much I know now haha) and what makes certain diamonds ""better"" than others. During my research I fell in love with the whole ""hearts and arrows"" cut and how brilliant the diamonds are. I decided that I wanted to buy a diamond around 2 carats in the G to I color range and VS1 to SI1 clarity. Now for those of you that have looked at diamonds in this category with a perfect ""hearts and arrows"" cut you know that they can be a bit pricy. When I told my local jewelry store what I wanted and how much I was willing to spend they were eager to help but again went back to the Hearts on Fire brand. Hearts on Fire offered diamonds that I wanted but the costs were upwards of $50,000 which I was not willing to spend. I went back to the internet and began the whole research process again. I started comparing Blue Nile and James Allen which had nice diamonds but they didn't offer the highest quality that I was looking for. I stumbled upon WhiteFlash through some forums and was amazed at what I found. I immediately started talking to a diamond specialist at WhiteFlash who really impressed me with her knowledge, patience, and eagerness to help. Not once did she try to push their diamonds on me or tell me to buy a bigger diamond, etc. She simply answered my questions and educated me even more. On some occasions I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful woman who happens to be the CEO of WhiteFlash as I found out later. Now I must admit I was a bit skeptical of buying a diamond online especially after the stories (lies) that the local jewelry store was telling me. The WhiteFlash team quickly put my mind at ease by offering to take more pictures of the diamonds I was looking at and they did everything in a timely manner sticking to what they promised on the phone and in emails. I can't explain how great it is to deal with people that respect their customers the way WhiteFlash does. I could go on and on bragging about how great WhiteFlash is but I think their track record of satisfied customers says it all. I ended up getting a 2.2 (2.195 but nobody has to know!) ""I"" color VS1 PERFECTLY cut round diamond through WhiteFlash for under $30,000 and I still have a hard time breathing when I look at it! I took the diamond to the local store I was dealing with and the look on their face was priceless when they realized that I had gotten a better diamond for a better deal through a better (the best) company. Just recently I took the diamond to Mayors to look for settings and they had a GIA gemologist there and he told me over and over that my diamond was amazing and that Mayors would have sold it for over $50,000! Now that is wonderful to hear! I also want to add that the diamond I bought was A Cut Above from WhiteFlash and outperformed every single diamond I have put it up against and that includes Hearts on Fire... A Cut Above blows them away! Again I can't express enough how happy I am with WhiteFlash. The diamond and the experience was truly amazing and trust me when I say this is the only company anyone should buy a diamond through... I have 6 LONG months of homework and diamond shopping to back that up!
Taylor L, Florida, USA


September 26, 2023
I worked with Michelle to order my ring, and the customer service and diamond are spectacular! This is my second ring from them, and the quality is unmatched. Wonderful and reasonable prices as well.
Hanna K, Virginia, USA
September 25, 2023
She didn’t expect them to looks so good. The size is perfect.
Christopher N, Texas, USA
September 24, 2023
Thank you for the support and making sure the ring arrived with good timing. Truly sparkles and looks timeless! Had the chance to propose in Florence which was extra special! Then she was enjoying and flaunting the ring throughout the others cities in Italy !! She loved the ring!!
Manny C, New Jersey, USA
September 22, 2023
I looked at a few pear shaped diamonds for my fiancée's engagement ring prior to meeting with Becca. After seeing only a single diamond Becca sourced, I could not stand to see any others. It definitely was the most beautiful diamond I had ever seen and was a perfect match for the yellow sapphire I had already acquired for the ring. I told her what I was looking for, what was important to me and what I knew I didn't like. She delivered efficiently and within my budget. The entire experience was seamless and professional. I will definitely be reaching out to Becca at Whiteflash many more time should I look for additional loose diamonds to have custom jewelry made! Pro-tip: paying in cash allowed me to save on credit card fees - something I had not experienced with other gem dealers.
Evan B, Texas, USA

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