Great products, Great employees!
May 24, 2012

Great products, Great employees!

My girlfriend has been hinting over the last year or so that she wanted to go ring shopping. I wasn't against this, but I always found an excuse not to go with her. It wasn't that I didn't want to get her a ring, it was just something I didn't know much about and figured I could just go to a jewelry store someday and pick one out. I figured the people that worked there would guide me in the right direction... well let me tell you this, I am so glad I made myself research diamonds, the 4 C's, jewelry, metal types, styles, prices, etc. I remember the very first jewelry store I went to, it was a chain store and not knowing anything about jewelry everything they told me sounded great. I am glad they wouldn't haggle with me on price that day because I was ready to buy for a certain price. After this, I went home and got to work researching the heck out of things. This is how I came across Whiteflash. I was very hesitant at first about even considering buying something so expensive online. I contacted WF and got a very quick response. I quickly learned how helpful and knowledgeable the employees were. They answered a ton of questions back and forth through email and phone before they even really knew I was looking to buy right away. Not once did they come across to me that I was bothering them or annoying them. They looked into a ton of diamonds and settings for me and told me their thoughts on if they were something worth pursuing or not. Once I decided what I wanted and after a lot of questions and research I made a deal with WF on a great in house expert selection diamond (VS1, round, Ideal cut, and Elena e-ring/w-ring). I did go to a couple more local jewelers before the purchase just to make sure, and I couldn't even come close to getting the same quality of diamond or even an e-ring for anywhere close to the same money. I was also able to know and understand much more what they were talking about and pick up on their sales pitches trying to get me to spend just as much or more money on a lot lesser quality settings and diamonds compared to what WF has to offer. WF finished the ring and had it shipped in the exact time frame they said they would when I bought it. It was pretty much all hassle free. The only thing (which is on me not WF) was doing a wire transfer which I had never done. It actually is a pretty simple process. My bank even sent about $60 extra to WF (bad communication between me and bank employee) and I emailed WF right away and they sent me a check refunding the overpaid amount no questions asked. I am the kind of guy that is always trying to get the ""best bang for your buck"" on everything, and by buying from WF I feel that I did. I want to mention again how great the employees are at WF. Overall I had a great experience with WF and would definitely buy from them again and recommend them to anyone.
Anthony H., Iowa, USA


August 04, 2022
Whiteflash was an amazing experience. Michelle helped me make sure I had all of the information I needed to make a decision, including any extra pictures/videos I requested of the diamond. The overnight shipping was a streamlined process and everything was packaged beautifully. She then followed up every step of the way to make sure my fiancée, and myself were totally satisfied.
Jacob B, New Hampshire, USA
May 29, 2022
During my search for a ring, I was deciding between James Allen, Blue Nile or White Flash. I noticed there aren't a lot of choice at JA, or BN, so I gave White Flash a try. (Never heard of them before) One of my major concern about buying a diamond is how to choose one? Carats, Clarity, Color, and Cut was all very confusing and its hard to determine which level is acceptable or not. On top of that, there's impurities, and ratios to consider. To my surprise, Whiteflash's was able to solve all those concerns for me. My sales associate Becca was really knowledgeable, helpful, and honest. She asked for my preferences and gave me a few excellent choices to choose from. Unlike sales associates from other companies, where they try to push you to purchase the most expensive diamonds. White flash gave their fair opinion and really think in my shoes. The other aspects that led me to Whiteflash was their lifetime trade up benefit, 30 day return money back guarantee, AGS laboratory certificates (One of the highest standards laboratory, better than GIA imo) I was really happy with my purchase and just wanted to say thank you so much Becca!
Michael C, Canada
May 20, 2022
It was my first time for purchasing jewelry online, honestly I have no confidence for unknowing the process initially, but all of my problems were solved after I met the diamond consultant Liza, she was really friendly and proactively to explain the details of diamond quality and also to assist checking my account information again and again.
Barry L, Taiwan
April 22, 2022
I am truly happy with my 2.02 K. I was initially hesitant about K color diamonds, but had recently seen that many were pleased with Whiteflash K color purchases in the 2 carat range. Thanks again for all your help.
Chantel, Utah, USA

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