Picture Perfect Diamond Buying Experience!
June 15, 2012

Picture Perfect Diamond Buying Experience!

Recently I agreed to help my future son-in-law find a diamond engagement ring for my 19 year old daughter. Both are college students and are on a limited budget, so I wanted to help him get the most for his money and more importantly to get a quality stone. As a attorney by profession, I'm skeptical, demanding and pretty hard to please so I began doing research to help give my future son-in-law some options. I went to just about every name jewelry store in the malls in Central Texas looking at diamonds, asking questions and listening closely to what the salespeople said as they tried to educate me about diamond buying. Finding lots of discrepancies in the various ""education"" sessions I received, I had to research further. The internet became my best friend as I spent countless hours researching the various jewelers. I was a person who never would have dreamed of buying a diamond on the internet, but as I did more and more research, the top internet retailers kept getting my attention. All seemed to offer better deals than in the mall-type stores. Eventually, I found a good comfort level in the diamond that we wanted and I discovered Whiteflash gave us all we were looking for...fabulous prices, excellent quality merchandise with all the required inspections and documentation from the best in the industry, and outstanding customer service. The professional photos of this beautiful ring were just a perfect surprise to the transaction. My future son-in-law selected A Cut Above Diamond solitaire from Whiteflash and the purchase was quite simple and everything went so perfectly smoothly. The ring arrived as promised, on time and was stunning. The sparkle and fire was like none other. The diamond consultants at Whiteflash could not have been more helpful as I asked a lot of questions...""cross examine"" comes to mind! And the icing on the cake...they even called the week after we returned from Hawaii to see how the proposal went and if my daughter liked the ring. The proposal in beautiful Hawaii was picture perfect and so was the diamond. I don't know of many jewelers that would call after the sale to see how the proposal went. I highly recommend Whiteflash to anyone in the market for an amazing diamond. We could not be happier with the overall experience and my daughter loves her diamond engagement ring.
Lisa C., Texas, USA


January 19, 2022
I bought my engagement ring from Whiteflash and I am extremely happy with my decision. After long and careful research on the topic of diamonds, it was clear that the cut had the highest priority. With its "A Cut Above" series, Whiteflash has extremely good diamonds on offer here, the cut quality of which is even better than AGS 0. These diamonds sparkle in the sun, their fire and radiance are unmatched. My fiancée is delighted and she gets a lot of compliments on her ring. Whiteflash customer support is really good. I always had the feeling that I was being given competent advice and support. This is enormously important, especially given that the order value can quickly amount to several thousand euros, and gives you a good feeling. E-mails were almost always answered immediately (taking into account the time difference, of course). I have no regrets about my decision and will also order my wedding rings from Whiteflash.
Martin H, Germany
January 18, 2022
I love the stone from Whiteflash. It's more beautiful than another similar size stone of mine, which is 0.302ct G VS1 Black by Brian Gavin. I wish I had bought all my diamonds from WF. Now that I know that WF stones are better, I wish I had started with WF in the first place. I promise I'll always choose WF over BGD in the future :)
Saang, South Korea
January 15, 2022
She absolutely loved the ring! No complaints, it fits perfectly. I want to thank you for the service you provided to me. We will be back for our wedding bands! Thank you.
Chris Y, Texas, USA
January 14, 2022
I love my diamond. It literally sparkles in candle/fire light and even in a dark casino lol The a cut above was absolutely worth it. So much more sparkle compared to other diamonds. Thank you!
Jaden, Texas, USA

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