Excellent buying experience with Whiteflash!
July 02, 2012

Excellent buying experience with Whiteflash!

I had been meaning to write a review about my excellent experience buying the Vatche ""Swan"" Solitaire setting diamond engagement ring from Whiteflash about a year ago, but its been quite a whirlwind since then and posting here just kept slipping my mind. Recently, Whiteflash got back in touch with me to see how things were going -- much appreciated -- and here I am finally posting my experience. When I was thinking of proposing to my then-girlfriend, now-fiancee, soon-to-be wife, I did all the research I could, visited many brick-and-mortar local jeweler's as well as the ""big ones"" to see what I could get within my budget. At the end of it, I decided I would go with an online jeweler. Then the decision was easy: Whiteflash, due in no small part to the company's sterling reputation as an online jeweler, but also because of the incredible selection of settings (the Vatche designer Swan setting really caught my eye and I knew she would love it). The transparency of the ordering process was very good. I really liked being able to select a specific diamond and access its 4 C's; in this manner I was able to search, sort, and find the exact diamond I wanted to order. I placed my online order and Whiteflash got in touch with me right away to help complete the purchase. It helped greatly at this point to be speaking to someone, as I was definitely still nervous putting this large sum of money down on something you see only on a computer screen. Everything pretty much went smoothly from there (even when it didn't, somehow the initial credit card transaction went awry, but Whiteflash was good about staying in contact throughout the process). Its been a while but I want to say that I think the entire process from placing the order to receiving the ring was reasonably fast. I also want to mention that the way Whiteflash ships rings strikes me as very secure -- you are required to go to the carrier's office and show ID in order to get the package -- so no worries there. When I got the ring, I was so happy how wonderful it looked. Whiteflash had actually sent me photos of the ring taken by a professional photographer before they sent it, but having it physically here in its little box really is its own great feeling -- best of all, it looks amazing on my fiancee's finger and she loves it. She even says that others have complimented me to her when they see it, which is kind of funny to me... All in all, it was a great experience dealing with Whiteflash, and I certainly felt that they did an excellent job on the ring's craftsmanship as well as alleviating the usual concerns with buying an engagement ring online.
Thomas N., Connecticut, USA


April 12, 2019
She absolutely loves it! Thanks for all your help during the purchase.
Ahmet Z, UK
April 09, 2019
You and the team at Whiteflash have done an amazing job. Needless to say my partner really liked the ring (and she said yes:-))! The best thing about the experience is the professional level of communication that gave me a lot of trust in you as an online vendor which is very important for such a high stakes purchase.
Jeroen B, Belgium
March 13, 2019
Both my now-fiancée and I absolutely love the ring. She is so happy with it!
David S, New York, USA
March 13, 2019
I recently bought myself studs to start my ‘big girl’ jewelry collection. I bought mine from Whiteflash. You can actually search for matched pairs on their site. At the time I was looking they did not have any in the size I wanted but you can put in a request for what you’re looking for. Within a day or two, the Diamond Consultant had emailed me with possible options and I ended up purchasing them. They are so gorgeous. I opted for eye clean SI1 and I color. I definitely think you could go lower in color and it would be fine because mine look very white.
Britta S, Louisiana, USA

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