Quality product, and confidence in my purchase at Whiteflash!
July 26, 2012

Quality product, and confidence in my purchase at Whiteflash!

You probably already know that engagement ring shopping is an especially challenging task. In addition to being a huge purchase, even the most brilliant of people come into the situation without prior experience...and can be taken advantage of (yes, in hindsight, this describes some of my friends) as it's hard to find advice you can truly trust. As would any serious engagement ring shopper, I went to brick and mortar stores and contacted online vendors...and spent many an hour educating myself on Pricescope.com. Many of my direct experiences with stores/vendors were unfortunately consistent the stereotype of an industry plagued by a lack of transparency...in which pushy salesmen with an air of superiority dole out questionable ""advice."" In stark contrast, my interactions with Whiteflash were wonderfully professional...as my diamond consultant and the rest of the staff embodied the integrity and honesty that one _should_ expect in the world - an incredibly refreshing find that made me forget about my past frustrations with other vendors...and left me feeling perfectly comfortable with my purchase...so that I could focus on being excited about proposing to my girlfriend! In selecting my ring, my diamond consultant took the time to carefully and honestly answer my questions about eye-cleanliness of the stones I had on my list and whether different settings would lie flush with a future wedding band (including sending example pictures). With her experience in such matters, she also knew which questions to add to my list - in particular, to help me to consolidate all the indirect data points I had about my (now) fianc?©e?ˆ™s ring size...which, in the end, we managed to guess perfectly. Despite a system hiccup that resulted in a missed confirmation email, the Whiteflash folks did a great job of keeping me updated while my ring was being made. The professional photos of the ring were a nice touch...and the A Cut Above stone that I ended up with has a light return that is truly impressive! If you're worried about purchasing an engagement ring online, don't. Whiteflash has the process down pat...from loupe/Idealscope/ASET/H&A images of the stone to established procedures to send the ring to a secure FedEx facility (to maintain the element of surprise). If you shop around, you'll find that the prices are very reasonable (as further confirmed by my insurance appraisal). If you're worried about the general process of buying an engagement ring...well, that's understandable...given the magnitude of the purchase and the emotions involved. That said, do some reading at Pricescope.com so that you know generally what you want...and then give Whiteflash a call. This path gave me honest answers, a quality product, and most importantly, confidence in my purchase!
Leland C., New York, USA


October 07, 2020
I just purchased a stunning ACA diamond with the help of Michelle at Whiteflash, who also helped me with my first purchase in 2014. The Whiteflash team members are extremely kind, patient, and knowledgeable. When it comes to quality diamonds and customer service, Whiteflash is second to none!
Rebecca R, California, USA
October 05, 2020
You made everything perfect! I have nothing but the highest praise for You, Brittany, and everyone at WhiteFlash. I am a lifelong customer and tell everyone about you! My beautiful wife is wearing her WF ring, earrings and pendent for our 25th anniversary at the beach. She loves them as does everyone who sees them. Thank you!
Xavier P, California, USA
October 03, 2020
I just wanted you to know that we received the ring. It’s beautiful! My fiancée Jhoie is thrilled!! Thanks for contacting us a few months ago and for all of your guidance ... it really helped us find the right diamond and ring for us. You are awesome!!! :)
William M, California, USA
September 30, 2020
I'm a little bit of a perfectionist looking for a perfect cut, I probably looked at over 50 different diamonds comparing their GIA and AGS certificates looking for the perfect measurements and ratios of angles and facet lengths. Once I found Whiteflash, my detailed assessments ended as all of their Above Hearts and Arrows cut diamonds, met my criteria. Their sales staff was a joy to work with and even created a few additional videos of diamonds to address my questions. OMG their box even matched my fiances shoes. LOL
Richard A, Colorado, USA

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