Whiteflash vs. Blue Nile - Whiteflash Wins Hands Down!
September 20, 2012

Whiteflash vs. Blue Nile - Whiteflash Wins Hands Down!

When I first decided it was time to find an engagement ring for my girlfriend, I have to admit I didn?ˆ™t even know where to start. I went online, because that?ˆ™s pretty much where I do all my shopping, and starting reading reviews of various online jewelry stores. Right away, the choice came down to Blue Nile or Whiteflash?ˆ”Blue Nile, because they are so famous and well-known, and Whiteflash, because they seemed to get great reviews and people seemed really happy with the customer service and the quality of the product. I had a pretty good idea of the ring and diamond I wanted. I wanted a pretty simple setting, with a few pav?© diamonds around the top and on the band, and a nice-sized diamond with a really good cut grade. So it was Blue Nile vs. Whiteflash, which one should I choose? I decided to contact both and see who would offer a better overall experience, and which company I would feel more comfortable handing over that kind of money to. Well, long story short, I now feel comfortable adding my own two cents to the many Whiteflash vs. Blue Nile reviews out there online: Whiteflash is the winner! The first thing I noticed was that every ring that turned up in my search had literally tons of information attached to it, like photos, certificates, special scans that let you see the ?ˆ?hearts and arrows?ˆ?, etc. etc. Even so, I was still more comfortable with Blue Nile at first, probably just because they are the most well-known online jewelry company. But once I contacted the Whiteflash people, every doubt was erased. The people I spoke to were all incredibly knowledgeable, and also very friendly, answering all my questions, finding me settings that matched my very vague description. They explained to me that the reason they know so much about everything listed on their site is that they actually own the diamonds listed on the site, unlike Blue Nile, who drop-ships from different suppliers around the world. (Working in online retail myself, I know that when you drop-ship, you just can?ˆ™t have the same level of quality control.) Anyway, I wasn?ˆ™t ready to make the purchase until I researched every single detail and asked every question in the book?ˆ”I?ˆ™m sure I wasn?ˆ™t the easiest customer, but Whiteflash people got back to me every time, with a quick response and a smiley face! All that brings me to the big day of the proposal. My girlfriend (now fianc?©e, thanks to Whiteflash!) was just blown away by the quality of the diamond and the setting. She told me she?ˆ™s been secretly looking at diamond rings for ages, and that this was the best diamond she?ˆ™d ever seen. She kept turning her hand from side to side to watch the diamond sparkle in the candlelight. She couldn?ˆ™t believe that I bought the ring online, without ever seeing the diamond in person, and ended up with such an incredibly brilliant stone. The truth is?ˆ”I?ˆ™m probably going to end up regretting buying her ring from Whiteflash, because her birthday is coming up in about two months, and she?ˆ™s been dropping hints about the diamond stud earrings on the Whiteflash website! After that ring, I don?ˆ™t think I?ˆ™m ever going to get away with buying her jewelry from anywhere else! So thanks again, Whiteflash people, and you?ˆ™ll be hearing from me soon!
John W., California, USA


October 23, 2020
She said yes! And absolutely LOVES the ring and wears it every day! Can't thank you enough for all your help!
Dennis G, Texas, USA
October 22, 2020
The larger stones are perfect. The new ring has such an amazing presence without being too much. I love seeing it sparkle too. Amazing! Thank you for your help!
Tess H, Texas, USA
October 22, 2020
The stone and ring are lovely!
Daniel K, Kentucky, USA
October 22, 2020
It looks great, she's very happy with the new setting. Thanks!
Brody C, Minnesota, USA

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