Wow- what an INCREDIBLE experience
November 26, 2012

Wow- what an INCREDIBLE experience

I'd spent tens of hours online, reading every blog, how-to, & review I could find on diamond buying & retailers. Additionally, I visited with local jewelers and national chains. Nothing could have prepared me for the exceptional quality & service I received at Whiteflash. From the outset, I was impressed. The website featured actual photos of loose diamonds, as well as filtered images that help demonstrate light performance and geometry. Whereas certain online retailers provide these kinds of pictures for their super-premium (read: most expensive) diamonds, Whiteflash offers these for every diamond they have on hand. Thanks to this attention to detail, I didn't feel as though I was being herded toward a diamond out of my price-range or that I'd have to buy a more affordable stone on the word of the retailer/grade of the lab report. Where Whiteflash TRULY stepped up to the plate, however, was their customer service. I had an extremely tight deadline which I imagined might be too short for an online jeweler to meet; I was looking to buy a custom ring on Wednesday & have it in hand Friday in order to catch a plane & propose the following morning. With a degree of trepidation, I opened a chat window; a Whiteflash customer service representative named Sheerah joined the chat and the most incredible customer experience began. From the first, I was treated with warm, professional courtesy and a genuine desire to help. While Sheerah did her best to let me down gently & explain that I likely couldn't expect to receive a custom engagement ring in time, she happily took my request to her gem-setters and determined that YES, in fact, they COULD help me out. We worked together to pick a setting that the jeweler could mount in the limited time available & though it wasn't my first choice, Sheerah advised me that I could take advantage of Whiteflash's 30 day return policy to switch out the setting after the proposal & apply 100% of the cost of the ring toward a different ring. I was SOLD. Over the next 48 hours, I was in constant communication with Sheerah in addition to a host of other Whiteflash agents- the accounting team confirmed my wire transfer, a professional photographer sent me pictures of MY ring, and their logistics department announced the shipment. With every correspondence, I was floored by how much attention was being brought to bear; I felt like the entire company had turned their focus to me & that no other customer existed. And all of this despite my nearly impossible request! Of course, the whole point of all this effort was an engagement ring. Whiteflash did not disappoint in the least. My ring (I should say my FIANCEE's ring) is GORGEOUS. Sheerah mentioned that some couples end up staying with their first setting despite plans to switch the band later- I now understand why. My fianc?©e & I are CONSTANTLY surprised by just how amazing the ring (both the diamond and the setting) are. The diamond is simply DAZZLING. The ring has an understated elegance that is both modern & classic. It's delicate and graceful, yet sturdy. We are SO PLEASED. We've had a chance to share the ring with friends and family and the reaction is ALWAYS the same: HOW BEAUTIFUL!! I cannot sing Whiteflash's praises enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For having such a beautiful selection of diamonds and rings, for such stellar customer service, for such a fantastic ring that my fianc?©e absolutely TREASURES, THANK YOU!
David W, Colorado, USA


March 31, 2023
My fiancée is very happy!!!
Nigel F, California, USA
March 30, 2023
I really like them and I’m glad it all worked out.
Deborah S, Maryland, USA
March 30, 2023
I can't take my eyes off of it.
Xinzi W, California, USA
March 29, 2023
I got my ring and it’s perfect!!! This is the engagement ring of my dreams, and my husband & I cannot thank you enough for making it happen.
Carla O, California, USA

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