Exceptional Customer Service, Design, and Quality.
December 17, 2012

Exceptional Customer Service, Design, and Quality.

My fiancée and I bought my engagement ring through Whiteflash. Initially, I contacted a few vendors to get a quote for a custom engagement ring and Whiteflash replied promptly and professionally. Right away I knew that this was the type of company I would want to deal with for such a large purchase. I didn't want to work with a company where I had wonder what was going on with my order. Traci ensured that never happened throughout the entire process. When it came time to design my ring, Leon was excellent to work with. He tried to incorporate the elements that I was looking for in the design while ensuring the ring would be able to stand up to everyday wear. The CADs that they provided were an excellent means of communication. Before the ring was shipped to me they sent me photos of my ring allowing me to see the finished product. I was thrilled with the photos and felt that the design that I had discussed with Leon had come to fruition. When I received my ring it was more than I had hoped for the diamonds and the setting were beautiful, comfortable, sturdy and exactly what I had discussed with Leon. I have had many complements on how sparkly and beautiful my ring is. Whiteflash's customer service is excellent and before I had even received the ring Traci e-mailed me to ask what I thought of the finished product. I will definitely be contacting Whiteflash when it comes time to buy our wedding bands. I know I won't be disappointed. As a side note, I found Whiteflash's value to be excellent. If I were to buy a comparable ring from a box store in Canada it would have easily been twice the price.
Lauren M., Canada


November 29, 2021
The diamond is beautiful and exceeded my very high expectations. I could not believe how sparkly the diamond was when I brought it under the light.
Ted, Oregon, USA
November 26, 2021
We had the pleasure of working with Becca and the Whiteflash (WF) team earlier this year. Becca is truly a credit to the company through her warm approach, professionalism, expertise and going above and beyond communicating with us across distance and timezones! For those who have done their homework (research), there are few better options than WF (and that AGS>GIA). The diamond I selected is truly ACA; I suspect the independent Jewellers I worked with thought the same but were too polite to say. Many thanks again to Becca and the WF team, most grateful for all your help!
Jonathan T, UK
November 21, 2021
The diamond looks great and I’m very satisfied with it. Thank you again for your help!
Will C, Hong Kong SAR
November 18, 2021
Buying online was a very VERY tough decision, and after all my research, for some reason I had a really good feeling of confidence when it came to landing at Whiteflash. I’m sure it’s for a number of reasons, but I looked all over: James Allen, Blue Nile, as well as through an online jeweler that is designing the ring setting for the engagement ring I’m getting. What I had issue with in most of their inventories was that: while the specifications were all spelled out clearly and up front, I found that I could see issues in many ways, specifically clarity. And I did not want to be surprised by a diamond that just wasn’t cut well. When I found the diamond I bought from y’all, it fell into the ranges I was looking for, and throughout my entire search, Cut was #1! It had to be cut extremely well. I found that with many other retailers, once you set your filters to very specific ranges, very few were left over that were cut extremely well. When I first came to Whiteflash I was actually turned off a little by the relatively “less” inventory that was available. For example, a range of diamonds in the 1.3-1.5, G-H, VS1-VS2 area could range from 10k-13k+. But as I kept looking it was probably the reputation, guarantees, perceived quality control, and the feeling that y’all have a dedication to customer satisfaction that really seems to exceed that of other jewelers. (Of course, being Texan probably pushed me over the edge!) The only real concern I had was whether or not the diamond I was buying from y’all was 1) large enough, I was definitely on the low end of my preferred 1.3-1.5 range) and 2) the VS2 clarity was not going to be noticeable. When I received the diamond, it came EXACTLY how I expected it too. The images and videos y’all had were really really well representative of the diamond. I think what makes me most happy is that if there are any “large” issues on the diamond because of the VS2 clarity, I sincerely could not see any of them, even in person, because that thing sparkles so beautifully. (I.e. I am so incredibly happy knowing that buying a diamond from y’all means I am getting a seriously high-quality stone). I did not have time to deal with any run-around tactics and with your service I was able to examine the stone that interested me, and I received exactly what I expected from you. Thanks again so much.
Matthew, California, USA

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