Hello Jaime , 

Thank you for your email.
July 08, 2005

Hello Jaime , Thank you for your email.

Hello Jaime , Thank you for your email. I just want to tell you that the ring is getting rave reviews from everyone who sees it...but most important of all....I love it more everyday when i look at it !!!!!! I love to see the sparkle in my wife's eyes and her radiant smile when she wears it. The ring is soooo BLING BLING !!!!! The appraiser and jewelery shop are in awe by its quality !!!!! The July 4th holiday is winding down now :-) my family stayed back for another week and i spent it with them . I am still on vacation until this coming week...i think i am starting to like this not working stuff :-)...but i got to go back and recup some of the funds i spent for the wedding :-) I am already referring people to your website for their wedding ring needs and told them to ask for Jaime....they want to look around but i told them that they will eventually end up with your company. The BLING BLING diamond i got is enough advertisement for your company everytime anyone sees it. When i buy another diamond....it will only be from your company !!!!!!! Thank you very much again Jaime for helping me out with my dream diamond....and we couldnt have asked for a more perfect wedding !!!!!! I am going to forward you some pics when i get the proofs back from my photographer. I wanted to ask you....do you recommend the ultrasound machines for keeping the diamond and ring clean ? How do i take care of it to keep it BLING BLING :-) and not damage it ? Stay in touch.....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! Your smiling friend :-)
Win, New York, USA


September 23, 2020
The ring and diamond are awesome!
Christian T, Canada
September 21, 2020
I am very satisfied with all aspects and definitely recommend it to all prospective buyers. 1. Who am I? A buyer from Switzerland, who choose WhiteFlash for purchasing a diamond engagement ring after extensive research on all options from store brands, different online vendors and local jewelers. 2. Why WhiteFlash? I choose WhiteFlash because of 4 main reasons: (a) it was the only vendor to have in its in-house stock a round diamond that met very high requirements regarding cut quality, with ideal-scope and ASET images available to attest (b) it commits to a comprehensive set of policies covering all aspects of the purchasing process, which really built confidence on my side (c) it offers a flexible payment plan over the period of 3 months (d) it offers a quality selection of engagement rings from its design partners, as well as customization options. 3. On Customer Care: After selecting the stone, I could always count on the availability, pro-activeness and informed advice of Ms. Brittany Godin regarding customization options for the setting, throughout a long period of 4 months that ultimately converged to the materialization of the dream engagement ring. This process involved specialized considerations regarding the safety of different prong choices, pros and cons of gallery rails as well as provision of real-life, "off-studio" pictures of similar settings - which contributed decisively for my decision-making. 4. On Payment: The management of international payments was always smooth, with proactive and timely confirmation from WhiteFlash upon receipt of funds. 5. On Shipping: With the great support of Ms. Vera Wages, the WhiteFlash team and their designer partner were able to accommodate exceptional requests regarding production time and delivery dates, which made it possible for me to have the ring on time for a unique, special occasion. The order could be delivered even before the already stretched time frame. WF's team willingness to make it happen was paramount to enable a truly memorable proposal. 6. On Packaging: For safety reasons, the order was delivered to a nearby FedEx location for pick-up, safely packed and insured. The ring is offered with an elegant, nicely built wooden case, together with diamond and ring certificates, warranties and a set of plastic rings to help identifying the ideal size in case an adjustment is needed. 7. On Product: Pictures of the final ring were made available to me shortly after production. However, in person, the ring and stone revealed itself nothing short of spectacular - it's beauty couldn't be fully captured in pictures even by the most skilled photographer. It exceeds by far my highest expectations; the diamond's sparkle and brilliance, heightened by the elegant, precise craftsmanship of Simon G. in the surrounding micro-pave, demands the attention of the inadvertent around wherever, whenever it happens to be.
Andre C, Switzerland
September 19, 2020
She absolutely LOVED the ring ! Everything was perfect. It sparkles so much ! Thanks for everything :)
Jonathan C, France
September 08, 2020
I really appreciate Everything!!! We received so many compliments on the ring !!! A lot of people are saying they never seen a diamond shine like that !!! Your company is truly the best of the best !!! That ring made her day and mine!!! Thank you so much!!!
Louis P, Illinois, USA

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