Hello Jaime , 

Thank you for your email.
July 08, 2005

Hello Jaime , Thank you for your email.

Hello Jaime , Thank you for your email. I just want to tell you that the ring is getting rave reviews from everyone who sees it...but most important of all....I love it more everyday when i look at it !!!!!! I love to see the sparkle in my wife's eyes and her radiant smile when she wears it. The ring is soooo BLING BLING !!!!! The appraiser and jewelery shop are in awe by its quality !!!!! The July 4th holiday is winding down now :-) my family stayed back for another week and i spent it with them . I am still on vacation until this coming week...i think i am starting to like this not working stuff :-)...but i got to go back and recup some of the funds i spent for the wedding :-) I am already referring people to your website for their wedding ring needs and told them to ask for Jaime....they want to look around but i told them that they will eventually end up with your company. The BLING BLING diamond i got is enough advertisement for your company everytime anyone sees it. When i buy another diamond....it will only be from your company !!!!!!! Thank you very much again Jaime for helping me out with my dream diamond....and we couldnt have asked for a more perfect wedding !!!!!! I am going to forward you some pics when i get the proofs back from my photographer. I wanted to ask you....do you recommend the ultrasound machines for keeping the diamond and ring clean ? How do i take care of it to keep it BLING BLING :-) and not damage it ? Stay in touch.....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! Your smiling friend :-)
Win, New York, USA


July 25, 2021
She loves them and many people compliment them often. Your customer service is amazing, especially after we had a minor issue with a local Verragio dealer, and you guys were able to correct the problem without issue. We will continue to do business with you as well as control recommend.
Jason H, Pennsylvania, USA
July 20, 2021
I just received my new ring and it is so gorgeous. Even prettier than I had imagined. Thank you so much for all of your help!
Elizabeth F, Washington, USA
July 14, 2021
I have to admit I was completely in the dark about where to start when buying an engagement ring. When making such a big purchase like this, I am one of those people that does an insane amount of research to make sure I’m don’t make any mistakes. My first instinct was to go to a local jeweler or a big name jewelry store. I strolled through a few, some with and without my future fiancée. We even went to an event with a custom jeweler at one of them, but the way they approached the sale of a ring just didn’t impress me. So I started looking at online sites, and honestly I just googled, “the best places to buy engagement rings online”. I came across 5 or so well known online places and looked through what seemed like a million rings. Then I honestly just stopped after a few weeks because I was completely overwhelmed with the choices and the sheer volume of information you can learn about great quality diamonds. Then I began the search again and even though I was skeptical of buying something this important online I came upon Whiteflash.com. Their website was filled with high quality videos explaining every aspect of this decision, easy to understand information on diamond choice, and ridiculously clear videos of the actual diamond you would be getting. To make it even easier I was greeted with a chat window where I met Jennifer. We talked for a few hours it seemed and she was kind and exceptionally helpful. I left the site thinking I would be coming back and most likely buying from Whiteflash. But as I said I do stupid amounts of research….and so I did. I spent another 2 weeks looking and looking to see if there was anything I was missing. But I kept coming back to Whiteflash. Next I decided to call in and guess who I got on the phone, Jennifer…and she even remembered me. Again she was super helpful, but honestly it was the fact that it was the same person made me feel a ton of trust for this company. It felt like I was buying from a small boutique place but with the same option or major in store jeweler. From that night I decided that this would be where I would make this life changing purchase. And so I did. The entire process was seamless, even when I asked them to change the shipping location of ring about 10 times. Along the process I was helped by Liza and Mariah. Both were amazing and just genuinely cared about making sure this was the best experience. I had the ring shipped to Florida where me and my girlfriend were vacationing and snick out to take a look at it for the first time. I was literally blown away by this ring, and the care they took in it’s boxing and even sending me pictures of it when it was completed. When I finally was able to propose, it was crazy scary as we were out on a jetty in Fort Pierce with waves crashing in from both sides. But it was all worth it to see her face when she put it on. I 100% would recommend to anyone to buy from Whiteflash. I never write reviews, especially ones this long, but I couldn’t let their kindness and amazing ability to help go unrecognized. So thank you for all your help in making that day special for us
Christopher R, Pennsylvania, USA
July 01, 2021
Could not be happier with the ring :)
Amir A, Singapore

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