Excellent Quality, Appeal and Service!
March 11, 2013

Excellent Quality, Appeal and Service!

As an Engineer, I do a lot of research before I make any major purchase, and purchasing a diamond online is about as big as it gets. I did a lot of research on the internet not only looking for information, but also looking for the best value. After months of research, I finally decided on Whiteflash. In my search for a Princess Cut diamond, I decided that cut was THE most important quality I was looking for. Whiteflash's ""A Cut Above"" princess cut diamonds are all AGS certified Ideal (the only lab that grades the cut of a princess cut diamond). 90% of all of the other store/websites I visited did not have ANY AGS certified princess cut diamonds. In addition to the AGS certification, Whiteflash also provides actual magnified images of the diamond, as well as ASET and Ideal-Scope images, which was VERY helpful in determining the light performance of the stone. Once I narrowed down my selection of stones, I contacted Whiteflash and was met with a very prompt response from a diamond consultant. Not only did she talk with me to determine what I was looking for, she was also able to confirm and qualify the research I had done on my own. Since all of the ""A Cut Above"" diamonds are actually in-house at Whiteflash (not the case at many other online brokers),she was also able to look at each stone for me and give me her thoughts. As I went back and forth on trying to decide on THE stone, I asked Liza if they could take some videos of the final three stones to help in my decision. A DAY later, she sent me a link to a YouTube video that contained all of the views I was looking for! Amazing customer service! Once I placed my order on ""the"" stone, they shipped overnight for free and I received it the next day. The packaging and presentation was top notch! They also sent a hearts and arrows kit with the loose stone so I could handle it properly and inspect it myself. Very professional. After having the stone appraised (appraiser was VERY impressed with the quality), I shipped it back to Whiteflash to have it set. It was returned to me within one week and the communication during the entire process was excellent. I was informed every step of the way, and they even sent ""glamour shots"" of the ring once it was completed so that I could see what it looked like. With the quality of in-house stones, the top-notch communication, helpful staff, and excellent return policy, I would HIGHLY recommend Whiteflash for any jewelry purchases big or small. I know I will return for any of my jewelry needs!
Todd M, Michigan, USA


March 04, 2021
I don’t usually leave reviews, but Whiteflash is well deserving of one. After researching diamonds for several months I reached out to Whiteflash and spoke with Becca. She was amazing from beginning to end. She answered all my questions and eased all of my concerns. At first, I was concerned with spending so much on something I never physically saw, but Whiteflash really uses HD images and videos to show the quality. In fact, although the pictures and videos looked amazing the real thing was even better. Whiteflash has the firecracker brilliance and sparkle you’re looking for in a diamond with their A Cut Above option. I purchased a loose stone from them and sat on it for awhile. I then reached out to them again and spoke with Becca to return the diamond and get it set into a ring. Well I got the ring yesterday and it far exceeded my expectations. I truly stand behind this review, and for everyone out there perhaps feeling nervous about buying something so expensive and meaningful online; take it from me, you are in great hands and your expectations will be blown away. Thanks Whiteflash for helping me in all the ways you did.
Daniel P, Florida, USA
March 02, 2021
Thanks for expediting, it arrived just in time for our last night of our trip, which turned out to be the perfect time to propose. We are both extremely happy. Thanks!
Brett Y, Pennsylvania, USA
March 01, 2021
Thank you for providing such a beautiful ring!! Thanks for everything. My fiancée absolutely loves the ring.
Brian S, Illinois, USA
February 27, 2021
The ring looks absolutely stunning. It’s so beautiful. Thank you for everything.
Gerald S, Austria

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