April 12, 2013

We're engaged! Thanks Whiteflash!!

Just wanted to pass along the fantastic news to you. My love and I are engaged! All she ever wanted was to be surprised, and boy was she ever. If you remember I was thinking of doing it on a trip but I thought she would see that coming a mile away. Usually this time of year we take a warm weather trip, but this year we passed on it, and we were talking about how we regretted not doing one after all. I got her boss and one of her co-workers involved and through lots of work we had her convinced that she was going to be going with her co-worker on a work trip to Miami for a conference. Her boss was rewarding them with some flyer miles he had that were going to "expire" and he wanted to send the two of them. Her co-worker had to take an earlier flight but would meet her at The W Hotel on the beach where they were to be staying for 5 days. Of course in reality I had paid for her flight as well as renting the room at The W. Her co-worker was keeping me up to date on her progress, etc. and I was feeding her info to pass along as to how to get to the hotel, etc which she passed along to my lady to make it all the more believable. This way I also new what time she would be arriving down to the minute :) When she opened the door to the hotel, she expected to see her co-worker but rather she saw me dressed up with rose petals and candles on the floor, and a bottle of champagne and strawberries on the bed. She absolutely freaked out and couldn't believe her eyes! I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said YES :) Since I knew when she was on her way up (the front desk called me) I was able to record the whole thing so we have that memory. I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled she is with the ring!!!!! She couldn't take her eyes off of it all weekend. She said she couldn't have picked a better ring, and was searching for different lights to see how much it sparkled. When we went thru some tunnels while driving around the thing was just dancing with light. Incredible.... She told me today that every girl in the office was in awe of the diamond, and two of them actually cried. I have two friends who are almost ready to "bite the bullet" and I will be sending them your way for sure. Especially once their girls see the ring ;) I attached a few hand shots. As you already know, pictures don't begin to do your diamonds justice! Thank you so much again for all your patience and help. I will be in touch in the future as I will be needing a wedding gift and a wedding band!
Tim D, Michigan, USA


August 30, 2017
The ring is beautiful- I proposed on Monday night and she said yes! We actually just finished the appraisal required to insure the ring today & our appraiser had nothing but good things to say about the ring, diamond, and Whiteflash in general.
Ryan S, California, USA
August 18, 2017
Since the engagement I have been trying to be more excited about my fiancé than my ring, but he made that very hard because he worked with you to design such a beautiful piece! Leading up to the proposal I looked at many rings, both online and in stores, and this is by far perfect in every way. I can't express how lucky I feel. Thank you so much for working with him, and designing something that I will love for a lifetime.
Adam C, Ohio, USA
August 17, 2017
The ring looks wonderful. I proposed to my girlfriend last weekend. She loves the ring.
Ravi M, Maryland, USA
August 16, 2017
I only saw the ring in the box but seeing it on her finger was mind blowing!! The A Cut Above is aptly named. It SHINES bright and oh my goodness does it look great! I am beyond pleased with Whiteflash and your followup. The diamond and setting is amazing. I am so glad I did research and chose you guys to work with. Making an informed decision eliminated all the unknowns and I felt very confident with you via email to ask my questions. I know I am biased, but my fiancé's diamond is the most brilliant I have ever seen. I come out looking like I know what I am doing because you guys at Whiteflash have top tier diamonds and service. Thank you. Thank you so much for helping me with this.
Shawn N, California, USA