Whiteflash ended up being the godsend I desperately needed.
December 06, 2013

Whiteflash ended up being the godsend I desperately needed.

Without being too wordy, she simply, absolutely, unequivocally loved them! Her mom and her sister were especially taken aback with how increasingly more unique and artistic the rings are in person. As for her, I don't think she has gotten past the diamond yet to really notice the rest of the ring(s). I have caught her several times zoning everything and everyone out and moving her hand to catch the different sparkles of the ring and she still interrupts our conversations sometimes to remark on how beautiful and sparkly her rings are. She especially loved the pictures that we got and sent them to some of her friends who were curious to see the ring but live far away. If it wasn't for the picture with the engraving, she would have never believed those were her pictures of her actual ring. The photographer did a phenomenal job with those pictures by and if she has any more, we would love to have them. In the end though, the photographer was right. Nothing compares to seeing the brilliance and fire of the diamond in real life. It looks so flawless, a few times I had to read the certificate itself, because it all seemed too good to be true! The rest of your team was also phenomenal. The Order Processing rep was very responsive and kept me abreast of all updates throughout the entire process; from payment to delivery. While the Logistics Manager did a great job boxing the rings (I have never received a box so securely packaged before in my life) and communicating the relevant information to me. And then here was my awesome Diamond Consultant. The incredible amount of knowledge she has on diamonds and this business in general coupled with your very professional and warm customer service skills made what I expected to be a very tough and arduous process, extremely easy. Her immediate responses to my emails, calls or messages along with your non-pushy/matter-of-fact/patient/educational approach to sales made me feel very confident in making this giant of a purchase with Whiteflash and has earned you a customer for life as well as a steady stream of referrals. Everyone I show the pictures too always wants to know what that weird logo at the bottom corner is and how I happened to come across such an amazing ring, diamond and fantastic deal. You and your team made it possible for me to make the one woman I love more than anything in this world extremely happy and for that I am eternally grateful. I hope Whiteflash realizes what they have in you all. After spending all those months dealing with not so honest store jewelers or being dejected and seeing what I want and not being able to afford it in stores, Whiteflash ended up being the godsend I desperately needed. Wishing you many thanks and all the best.
Mike G, Maryland, USA


August 01, 2021
I purchased my custom engagement ring through Whiteflash after hearing about it from a friend who went through the process, and they exceeded my expectations. My fiancée was thrilled with the final product and it could not have been an easier process - all over phone and email. Becca was great to work with and was very responsive to all my questions and eased my mind about the process. The price was also lower than if I would have tried to get the same custom ring I wanted made through a local jeweler.
William L, California, USA
July 07, 2021
I proposed to my girlfriend and she was beyond stunned! Thank you again for all your help to make her ring one of a kind!! You took a stressful task and made it feel like a breeze.
Michael F, Texas, USA
March 24, 2021
She said yes and loves it !! It really is amazing, like it seems it should be worth way more !!
Owen C, Australia
October 20, 2020
Becca was absolutely fabulous. She was a pleasure to work with. Communication and response team were lightning fast and I got my diamond in record time. She was helpful in her opinions since buying a ring on line can be hard. Her attention to detail and answering all of my questions were impressive. Her comments about the diamond before I even saw it were spot on. I would recommend Whiteflash to anyone looking to purchase jewelry. Very happy! Thank you!
Lina F, Maryland, USA

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