Overwhelmingly Pleased with Whiteflash!
February 25, 2014

Overwhelmingly Pleased with Whiteflash!

I was overwhelmingly pleased with my experience with everyone at Whiteflash that I wanted to make sure I composed a proper response. Too often are people quick to write complaints and negative reviews when we are not happy with a service or product, but people don't take the time to write when they are happy with what they received. I heard about Whiteflash from an Canadian internet deals forum when I first started shopping for my fiancee's engagement ring. I have been purchasing things online for years so I never had an issue with that. For me it was two things, spending that much money online and spending it on something that I couldn't physically see and something that I couldn't specifically look up the reviews on. I played around on your website and built a couple of rings in my cart but it never went further than that. It was my diamond consultants initial email asking me if I had any questions about the item in my cart that pushed me over the edge and made me feel comfortable enough to proceed. I would highly recommend you continue this practice because I can honestly say if it wasn't for the personal interaction with my diamond consultant I probably wouldn't have gone through with the engagement ring. It was extremely comforting to know that someone was actually holding the diamond I was interested in and was confirming the particular traits I had concerns about. Even after I received the quote for the ring and agreed to it, my diamond consultant added a discount for a first time customer and then updated the quote with the slightly lower price. He didn't have to do this as I already agreed to the higher price and this blew me away. The personal touch of the whole experience was the first (but not last) experience with Whiteflash that really shocked me. I felt like a customer not like a transaction number. After dealing with my diamond consultant I had a brief interaction with several members of the Whiteflash staff who all were extremely professional and again it just reassured me that I was personally being taking care of and not just an order being processed. I then had a pleasant exchange with your photographer. I do photography as a hobby and the professional photos of the ring was an amazing extra that was included with the ring. It was a great keepsake to have and my fiancée loves having them. Especially now that she has beautiful photographs of the ring she was able to share with family who couldn't visit after we announced our engagement. Your photographer did awesome work and as I said this was an awesome and unexpected little extra I wasn't anticipating. About 7-8 months later I contacted Whiteflash again about ordering the custom wedding band. This time with a lot less nervousness as I did with the engagement ring because I had full confidence that everything would work smoothly. I spoke with a member of production who actually sent me photos of a wax model of the custom ring which I thought was very cool. This was a very neat addition to the experience of ordering a custom ring and I hope you continue this practice. The next phase that I thought was going to give me grey hairs was when I had to send the engagement ring back in for sizing. I didn't trust anyone local to do the sizing so I wanted to send it back in to you guys, but the thought of sending something that expensive with already that much sentimental value back through the mail (and over the border) made both myself and my fiancée incredibly nervous. I can't thank you enough for making that process as painless as it could be. I think I emailed you a dozen times and each and every time you emailed me back without delay. Even the day we went to fedex it was like I was talking to a member of Whiteflash on the phone through email with how fast I recieved responses to all the questions I had. Everything went swimmingly and the ring was resized and sent back perfectly. I received photos again newly made wedding band along with the engagement ring . My fiancée loved it. In summery I just wanted to again thank everyone at Whiteflash for their professionalism and for making both of these experiences a memorable one. I make it an effort to tell whoever I can about my experiences with you and give my recommendations to use Whiteflash whenever I get the opportunity. Thanks again.
Adam, Canada


Love them, love them, love them!
July 19, 2024
So beautiful and sparkly! Thanks!
Diana M, District of Columbia, USA
It was absolutely fantastic.
July 18, 2024
Also, she said yes! It was a wonderful engagement. Thank you so much for your assistance and for getting the ring here so quickly.
Noah S, Georgia, USA
The ring is beautiful!!
July 16, 2024
It couldn’t of turned out any better and Conley loves it, thank you for all of your help with design and choosing the perfect diamond!
Cody W, California, USA
The ring is stunning!!! I don't want to take it off!
July 15, 2024
Not all online shopping experiences are great but I have to say Whiteflash impressed me. I started shopping for a diamond ring several months ago with the help of Becca at Whiteflash. She is an extremely knowledgeable and a certified GIA expert. She helped me find the perfect diamonds for the setting and sent numerous photos and videos before I made my choices. Honestly, I have never been given this kind of attention virtually. The finished product exceeded my expectations and the ring is stunning. Thank you Becca for making this such a great experience! I appreciate all of your amazing follow up and will tell everyone about you.
Debra C, Arizona, USA

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