I wholeheartedly recommend Whiteflash to anyone and everyone
May 12, 2016

I wholeheartedly recommend Whiteflash to anyone and everyone

I have never written an online review but I was so impressed with every aspect of my experience with Whiteflash that I wanted to share it with anyone who is considering making a purchase from them. They are amazing! To give a bit of background… I wanted to purchase a pair of diamond stud earrings that I could wear “day to night” so I visited many local jewelers (all with excellent reputations) as a first step. I told each one that I wanted to wear the earrings every day and I wanted them to be as bright and beautiful as possible since I usually wear my hair up and they would be constantly seen. Every salesperson I met steered me to earrings with lower cut, color and clarity grades because “no one looks very closely at your ears so the diamonds don’t need to be as high of a quality as an engagement ring.” Each time I told them that I understood that but still wanted “ring quality” stones that would frame my face, they looked at me with blank stares. Frustrated, but on a mission, I did copious amounts of research on ideal cut diamonds and companies that sell them and then it happened. I came across Whiteflash on beyond4cs.com. I knew that it would be an expensive purchase and I was a bit nervous about making it online, so I read the entire Whiteflash website and as soon as I did, I knew that I had found my company. The website was so well thought out and well written that I was giddy when I realized that I had found a company that actually understood the needs of customers like me (educated consumers who want much more information than just the basic 4 Cs). Because Whiteflash divides its diamonds into various categories, I was able to quickly decide that I wanted ones from the A Cut Above collection. The 360 degree images at 10x magnification allowed me to “see” the diamonds much better than if I were just looking at them with a jewelers loop and the more I looked at various diamonds, the more I came to understand what aspects were most important to me. The fact that I could do all of this from the comfort of my home and take as much time as I needed (with no pressure at all) was wonderful! Once I knew what I wanted, I used the Diamond Pairs Search feature of the website to automatically match potential pairs, thereby saving me a tremendous amount of time. With potential pairs identified, I was able to quickly further narrow my search by looking at the Ideal Scope and ASET images (those are incredibly helpful - thank you Whiteflash for providing them!). At this point I must stop and rave about my Diamond Consultant. She was wonderful - I could not have asked for a more helpful and professional salesperson! She was incredibly knowledgeable, patiently answered all of my questions (there were a multitude of them) and never made me feel rushed or put any pressure on me at all. She stayed in touch and told me when new pairs that met my criteria became available, but was never pushy. She understood that the earrings were a big purchase for me and she managed to make the entire process fun and exciting. It was like shopping with a best friend who happened to be a diamond expert so 2 months later when the time was right, I was thrilled to purchase them from her! But it wasn’t just my Diamond Consultant that made me feel like a valued customer, it was every member of the Whiteflash team. Each one of them clearly cares about their customers and from payment processing to pictures to shipping, kept me informed every step of the way. They were all prompt, responsive, professional and genuinely nice people with whom I really enjoyed working. The fact that Whiteflash provides not only the highest quality diamonds and customer service, but also incredibly competitive pricing (I had my earrings independently appraised and the appraiser told me that not only were they one of the most beautiful pairs of diamond stud earrings that he had seen in his 30 year career, but also that I had gotten them at a fantastic price since they appraised for much more than I had paid) made the entire experience even better! I have raved about Whiteflash to all of my friends and family members and I honestly wish that I could tell even more people about just how wonderful my experience with them was. I wholeheartedly recommend Whiteflash to anyone and everyone - they have earned 5 plus stars!
Alexandra, Massachusetts, USA


May 24, 2022
They fit perfectly, and I can't stop looking at them. They are perfect for our 30th anniversary. I appreciate all your help and am very happy that I found Whiteflash. It was very nice talking with you, and you made it very easy to choose working with you to get the most beautiful rings. Thank you again!
Suzan O, Michigan, USA
May 23, 2022
I was initially connected with Becca, who patiently spent time walking me through various options on the phone/email over the course of a few weeks. Her input was very valuable to me and at no point did I feel pressured to make a purchase. The end result was great! Vera provided overall great service, from the timely production updates to the expedited shipping to make sure the whole process was smooth. I will definitely be coming back in the future.
Lawrence S, New York, USA
May 23, 2022
I'm very pleased with my orders from Whiteflash. I have been helped with Lisa twice and both times was a great experience. She will work with you within your budget with the specifications you chose. Their A CUT ABOVE diamonds are really amazing. I have gotten compliments everywhere I go when I wear my ring. Will continue to come back to Whiteflash for my future diamond purchases. If you're looking for great quality diamonds, look no further! Go look for Liza so she can help you find the diamond of your dreams.
Gail M, California, USA
May 22, 2022
It was exactly as I expected. I appreciate all your help in making the decision about what ring and diamond to consider. Your assistance and the information you provided were key factors in my decision. Thank you again!
Diane H, Maine, USA

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