Nothing but positive things to say about WF
December 07, 2016

Nothing but positive things to say about WF

I used Whiteflash to buy my fiancee's engagement ring. I had been to jewelry stores and a few websites, but Whiteflash was definitely the best experience and that's why I ended up going through them. I bought the ring online, not locally. Their website has tons and tons of photos for their rings, and they have quite a few designs to choose from. You can spend hours browsing if you wanted, and their filtering interface was easy enough to use to help me find what I wanted quickly. This was a great no-pressure environment (like any website) but I found that learning about rings beforehand also helped. I'm sure that Whiteflash would be willing to teach you as well! The customer service was also fantastic. Every person I spoke to over the phone was helpful and easy to talk to. The biggest reason I chose WF for my ring was not just price or style, but because the people were so excited to help and willing to do whatever. One big bonus was the speed at which my ring was made: most stores wanted a four week window for the ring to be crafted, but WF made and delivered in less than two weeks which was amazing. I have nothing but positive things to say about WF! They were a great company to purchase from and you will not be disappointed.
Cassidy S, Pennsylvania, USA


July 23, 2021
We ordered a semi-custom engagement ring and wedding band set from Whiteflash. We shopped around with a few jewelers before coming to Whiteflash, so had several comparison points for both the diamond and custom setting. We were beyond impressed with Whiteflash's A Cut Above diamond. The cut is amazing and not only does it bring out so much brilliance to the diamond, but it also does a fantastic job of hiding the flaws in the diamond. Even under a loop, it was a little hard to see the flaws for a SI1 because the cuts were made right above the flaws to hide them. We were able to use one of Whiteflash's in-house settings and customized it for thousands cheaper than going with a fully custom ring from another jeweler. The final products are gorgeous. Our sales associate was Michelle Adams and she is beyond knowledgeable, helpful and always prompt in responding to our many follow-up emails. We are extremely pleased with both the service and the products from Whiteflash and would highly recommend them.
Andrew D, Maryland, USA
July 22, 2021
Oh my God!! We just picked up the ring and it is absolutely gorgeous!! and fits perfectly!! I really missed my ring while being resized and appraised and my excitement seeing it again is off the charts! I absolutely cannot thank everyone at WhiteFlash enough. All of you have been an absolute pleasure to work with! I don't want to fail to mention those behind the scenes; thank you to the jewelers for their outstanding craftsmanship. I cannot see where the ring was resized. Also, thank you to the web designers for making my online purchasing experience a pleasure. The website is fantastic with gemologist reports and microscope pictures so I could see exactly what I was selecting. I entered my criteria and the site directed me to those diamonds. Once again, I want to thank you for the diamond that I'll wear the rest of my life!! I'm sure my family members want to know who will inherit it. Blessing to all of you. Thank you.
Virginia J, California, USA
July 21, 2021
Whiteflash is one efficient, professional and experienced team. This is my second transaction with them since I decided to trade up my earring from 7 years ago, The are set in the 3 prong La Pousette setting which I love. From start to finish , the team made it so easy and comfortable. The best customer service anywhere and in my opinion the best diamonds on the planet!!!
Sheila A, New York, USA
July 20, 2021
It was the best service ever. I was helped by Becca, and she was always there to help. I bough an ACA Diamond and it was the most beautiful I have ever seen. The final product was better than I imagined and I am very happy to have bought such an important ring with Whiteflash. Thank you so much for everything.
Luis T, Mexico

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