January 06, 2004


I just want to take a minute to tell you how delighted my wife was with the ring I purchased. It was quite a romantic story as I gave her the ring beneath the red rock walls of a canyon in Sedona, Arizona. We had just completed this wonderful wine filled dinner and the first thing I did was give her her birthday card. Because I had been in a rush to join my wife in Phoenix, I could only stop at one store on the way to the airport. I could not find my usual funny sarcastic card so in desperation I bought this mushy card that ended with something about her being my lover, my partner, my friend. Well, she started crying immediately! "" In fourteen years you never gave me a card like this!"" she said. I knew it would be a big evening. Then I gave her a musical jewelry box that played the Beatles song "" And I Love Her"". Now, she was really hooked. She was so touched that at first she did not notice the lovely wood box in which you sent her ring. It didn''t take her long to recover and the genuine look of shock on her face as she opened the ring box was priceless. Again she burst into tears. "" I thought you were going to buy me a bicycle--- I didn''t want a bicycle!"". She put the ring on and stared at it for the longest time. "" I can''t believe it! I don''t know why, but its the one thing I always wanted and never really thought I would own!"" Needless to say she has not taken it off since or stopped talking about it since. But the best thing about the ring is all the money in marriage counseling it has saved me. Now, whenever my wife is mad at me or feels the need to correct some dastardly mistake I have made, I just say "" Honey, look at your finger- look at your finger!"" and she can''t help but break into a smile and start to laugh. Boy, did I score points. As I tell all my friends "" It was almost worth the money I spent on the thing."" Seriously, I want to thank you for providing a painless, professional service. The ring was exactly what I was looking for and the entire process from order to delivery was all I could have hoped for. I learned more about diamonds in the past six months than I ever wanted to know, but I do not regret any of my research. It allowed me to buy my first serious diamond ring from you with a modicum of confidence and to receive what I consider a great value. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Have a happy new year,
Samuel, California, USA


She said yes!
May 24, 2024
The ring was a hit and she has been showing it off at work all week. No one had ever even seen a diamond like that, which was just what I was hoping for. Thanks for making the process easy and delivering a product that not only met but exceeded all expectations.
Brian S, Texas, USA
The fire, sparkles and scintillation of the Cut-Above-Diamonds, are way above anything I've ever had or seen.
May 23, 2024
I must say that my shopping experience with Becca and Jennifer was great, it went really smooth. These Ladies are very professional and knowledgeable. They are extremely patient, kind, and go completely out of their way to answer any questions customers might have. Their response time is also pretty fast either by phone or email. Whiteflash logistic Department is also stellar, fast and secure shipping/delivery. It has been a real pleasure dealing with Whiteflash. As for the diamonds themselves, they are just incredible. The fire, sparkles and scintillation of the Cut-Above-Diamonds, are way above anything I have ever had or seen. These diamonds sparkle are pretty large that look like the diamond has caught actual fire. People either seating or standing far away from me have walked up to me and asked me about the diamonds and the ring. The overall effect is a visual feast of lights that you see in dreams. Just incredible. I will definitely come back and but some more, and recommend to friends and family, these diamonds are incredible.
Daniel C, South Carolina, USA
I love them!
May 22, 2024
Think they’re exactly what I was looking for.
Kamil, Pennsylvania, USA
May 22, 2024
She absolutely knew it was coming because she’s the greatest detective on Earth. But nonetheless we were thrilled and we cried and we LOVE the ring!
Stanford N, Texas, USA

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