April 22, 2020


I have been looking for the perfect brilliant cut diamond ring for a LONG time. (That is because I need to save up money to get the perfect ring which gives me plenty of time to look at diamonds). After comparing many different online diamond websites, and brick and mortar stores, the A CUT ABOVE collection from Whiteflash carries the BEST quality and cut diamonds hands down. Their diamond quality is better than BlueNiles, and JamesAllen. Brian Gavin has very limited (2 to be exact) diamonds listed under their BLACK collection. Cartier and Tiffany's diamond quality and light performance is actually the worst among all the other places. None of them fits my calculated perfect cut proportion for a round diamond. The only place that carries diamond that is similar to the A CUT ABOVE diamonds from Whiteflash is Harry Winston. HW quote me 110K USD for a lesser color and clarity diamond while Whiteflash list only 43K USD for a 2.128 carat, E, VVS2, A CUT ABOVE DIAMOND. (and that is the diamond I got for my wife). The HCA score of the diamond is exactly 1. Not only Whiteflash is NOT ripping me off, they provided the best service ever. I live in a remote town in Canada; they have no problem shipping the ring to a friend that lives in Calgary so I can pick up from him. Whiteflash uses Fedex Express and they took care all of the import custom paperwork. Fedex with Whiteflash forms the real DREAM TEAM, IMPECCABLE, SEAMLESS SERVICE!!! Each step in the ordering process, Whiteflash make it as simple and as easy as possible. The team keeps me updated on the production of the ring, and there were plenty of pictures taken by their professional photographer, Evan. My wife's first reaction when she saw the ring was not "Wow", or "Thank you honey," It was...."You need to start saving up again, because I NEED another one...." It is THAT STUNNING. Good thing Whiteflash has an industry leading upgrade policy....Most places (Bluenile in particular) requires you to spend at least twice as much as the current worth of the ring ...(For me, I will have to buy an 80K USD ring or else I can't upgrade?!?! Honestly, I really doubt they have the quality of diamond that I think is worth 80K USD). Whiteflash has none of this non-sense when it comes to upgrade and IF they do, I can easily drop over 80K USD and knowing the diamond I will be getting is WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!! I really need to give thanks to Michelle and Vera for helping me getting this perfect ring.....My wife wore the ring to work the next day, within 5 minutes of walking into her office, her co-worker already noticed the new "bling" and said it was "gorgeous". She told me within the next hour or so, there were no less than 10 ladies complimented her ring. THAT is the ONE AND ONLY purpose of a diamond ring, and Michelle, Vera and Whiteflash deliver it with PERFECTION!!!!!
Yin Cheung C, Canada


October 26, 2021
I loved it, she loved it. When I first opened it the clarity, the sparkle, the size was all very impressive. Thank you very much for the wonderful customer service you provided. I was very impressed with you and Whiteflash throughout this process. Thanks for making it great!!!
Trampess K, Virginia, USA
October 26, 2021
I can't thank you enough for the professional service Whiteflash has provided us. This is the first time we've made an online purchase for something expensive like this, but I must say that the transaction was smooth and easy. Whiteflash was quick to ship the diamond and the package arrived safely right on time. More importantly, we can't describe how impressed we are with the diamond. It's absolutely stunning! In fact the photos and videos couldn't do justice at all to its dazzling beauty. Two thumbs up for you and your team. You'll be hearing from us again in the future!
Noorulhadi M, Malaysia
October 25, 2021
I could not be happier with my Whiteflash experience. From the initial query, to receiving my beautiful pendent necklace the quality of service was amazing. I was very impressed with how great the communication was across the whole business given I dealt with about 5 different people from start to finish. Being in Australia I was a little nervous purchasing diamonds from overseas but I will definitely purchase from Whiteflash again. I have received so many comments about my beautiful necklace! Thank you for helping pick out the perfect center diamond for the pendant and accommodating the small design changes to the chain. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future :-)
Melissa T, Australia
October 18, 2021
I had an exceptional experience! After looking around at many stores and doing hours of research online, Whiteflash stood out to me. And I was right to go with them! Great customer service throughout the entire process. The ring turned out magnificent. I have multiple people asking me where I got it and complimenting me and her one how great the ring looks and how great of a job I did picking it out. The presentation was great too as it comes in a cherry wood very nice and elegant looking box. Can't thank you all enough!
Cody K, Arizona, USA

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