An Exceptional experience, from start to finish!
February 16, 2017

An Exceptional experience, from start to finish!

When it came time to purchase an engagement ring for my now fiancé, I wanted to make sure that I had all the information necessary to choose the perfect diamond and setting. I spent about a month visiting various brick and mortar retailers recommended by colleagues and friends, as well as comparing prices between online retailers. If you want the best-of-the-best quality at a competitive price then save yourself the time, hassle, and heartburn by looking no further than Whiteflash. The first thing you will notice when visiting is that their site is extremely well laid out and easy to navigate. The search features are intuitive to use, and if you have specific criteria in mind will quickly direct you towards a handful of great potential diamonds and settings. Whiteflash specializes in 'super-ideal' round and princess cut diamonds, with an incredible stock of these stones on location at their store in Houston. For those unfamiliar with this term, 'super-ideal' refers to their signature line of "A Cut Above" diamonds. These are AGS certified triple ideal cut diamonds that also have perfect hearts and arrows pattern, and therefore have the best ideal-scope light return and scintillation available anywhere on the market. The stringent specifications required to meet the requirements of 'super-ideal' cut are much more strict than that of GIA excellent cut and you really can tell the difference in person. Whiteflash also offers a line of"'Expert selection" diamonds which are also AGS certified triple ideal but fail to meet the standard of perfect hearts and arrows patterning. The reasons I decided to purchase from Whiteflash were three-fold. First, they offer more information about each individual diamond then any other retailer I could find. Each of their diamonds has actual magnified photo, 360 degree video, ideal-scope image, ASET image, hearts image, AGS certificate, and Sarine report available making it easy to compare a handful of diamonds with the same carat, cut, and clarity to decide which one is best for you and your budget. This information is incredibly helpful as an amateur diamond buyer trying to make the perfect purchase to last a lifetime. Second, Whiteflash offers a huge selection of designer engagement rings to fit each individual's personal taste and style. I ended up deciding on a gorgeous Verragio halo setting that not only augments the center stone but also is truly beautiful in its own right. Finally, the customer service through Whiteflash is the definition of professionalism. I worked with numerous staff gemologists as I had a ton of questions and last minute changes in my order. Every single person I spoke with on the phone, via email, and through their online chat (available at all hours of the day and night) was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. Not once did I feel rushed, pressured, or slighted despite the frequency and persistence of my questions and requests. After completing my engagement ring purchase I received frequent updates about the status of the manufacturing. They also engraved the ring free of charge, even after requesting this addition at the last minute. After manufacturing they immediately sent me professional photographs of the completed project. Whiteflash even arranged overnight fed-ex delivery to meet my tight timeline and avoid delay due to inclement winter weather. The ring arrived in professional packaging and I must say that although not the most important thing, the cherry-wood ring box provided really reflects the quality of the product and overall experience. As you can tell, I am beyond ecstatic about my purchase. While I did go a bit over-budget, I don't regret the decision because the ring is absolutely stunning, a true head turner. It sparkles like no other diamond I have ever seen, and the quality of the Verragio craftsmanship is simply superb. While Whiteflash has an amazing buy-back and upgrade policy I don't think I will ever need to use them because this ring is truly one of a kind and will last a lifetime.
Robert S, New York, USA


November 29, 2023
I purchased an engagement ring from Whiteflash. The ring was perfect, and I couldn't be happier with the customer service experience.
Tyler M, Ohio, USA
November 29, 2023
I opened the box and said "Oh, there's my ring." Instantly felt right. Thank you for all your help.
Heidi E, New York, USA
November 28, 2023
My diamond was delivered today and I am very happy with it. Amazing customer service, brilliant packaging, great tools to play with. Thank you very much!
Martin, Czech Republic
November 24, 2023
I was blown away (and bedazzled) by the beauty in the box. W. O. W. Thanks again for all you did to orchestrate the purchase and delivery.
Wendy S, Australia

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