Ring Sparkles like Times Square!!!!
October 13, 2010

Ring Sparkles like Times Square!!!!

I would like everyone reading this message to know how amazing Whiteflash truly is. Let me start by saying that choosing an engagement ring was one of the hardest decisions of my life. I had definitely looked at other places on the internet like blue nile and in stores like Reeds and Kay. While those places have great rings, none of them really offered what I was looking for. I wanted a ring that would shock and amazing everyone who stopped and looked at it and I found that ring at Whiteflash. I would also like everyone to know that I had a time limit because we were leaving for a trip to NYC and I wanted to propose on 10-10-10. I called Whiteflash and they set me completely at ease and were very helpful in getting me set up which I even did a wire transfer. They actually scheduled a ship date and delivery date and I got my ring before the trip and am now happily engaged. But thats not all. The customer service also kept me up to date on my ring and before it shipped, a professional photographer took absolutely beautiful pictures of the ring. I chose Whiteflash because of their excellent service and ACA diamonds which are also in the band of my fiances ring, a feat no other place could offer. So not only do the 3 diamonds on top sparkle with ACA quality, the 72 ACA diamonds on the band do too. I cannot express how much this ring sparkles and blings. The quality of these diamonds are amazing. Even when we left Times Square in NYC, it still felt like we were there because of how much this ring sparkles. They even sent with the ring a magnifying glass to look at the diamonds and a cloth in a nice box. Also the ring was in a beautiful cherry wood box. The reactions of this ring include: "Oh my god" to "That is absolutely gorgeous" to simply "HOLY S@#T". My highest recommendations go out to Whiteflash and I will definitely be returning to get the matching wedding band. Please do not hesitate. Whiteflash is amazing and you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Whiteflash, from the bottom of my heart!!!!
Sean R, South Carolina, USA


September 10, 2021
I don’t usually leave reviews, but Whiteflash is well deserving of one. After researching diamonds for several months I reached out to Whiteflash and spoke with Becca. She was amazing from beginning to end. She answered all my questions and eased all of my concerns. At first, I was concerned with spending so much on something I never physically saw, but Whiteflash really uses HD images and videos to show the quality. In fact, although the pictures and videos looked amazing the real thing was even better. Whiteflash has the firecracker brilliance and sparkle you’re looking for in a diamond with their A Cut Above option. I purchased a loose stone from them and sat on it for awhile. I then reached out to them again and spoke with Becca to return the diamond and get it set into a ring. Well I got the ring yesterday and it far exceeded my expectations. I truly stand behind this review, and for everyone out there perhaps feeling nervous about buying something so expensive and meaningful online; take it from me, you are in great hands and your expectations will be blown away. Thanks Whiteflash for helping me in all the ways you did.The ring is wonderful.
Daniel P, Florida, USA
September 09, 2021
I'm still very much loving my push/graduation present!
Sophia H, Illinois, USA
September 06, 2021
I can only say that I'm very happy with the ring and the stones. The sparkle is immense when in the sunlight. Truly spectacular. As soon as we saw each other at the airport I got down on my knee and popped the question. She said yes ??
Rene R, Denmark
September 04, 2021
The ring is STUNNING and the workmanship is as always, perfect. I'm very happy with it, it's exactly what I wanted. Thanks again for your help.
Edward H, New York, USA

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