She said yes!
June 24, 2021

She said yes!

My review is lengthy & personal. The short version is: I was impressed beyond all expectations. Whiteflash's easy to use filters let you pick out exactly what you want to make every dollar count. You won't find a better experience shopping for fine jewelry. -If you'd like more details, please continue reading.- Whiteflash has changed the jewelry business and may have set the bar too high for the traditional jewelry stores to compete without adapting. I set out to find an engagement ring for my girlfriend without her knowing. I started by visiting websites of popular jewelers who's ads I recognized on the radio. Prices were steep for my budget. Realizing I was out of my league & having little knowledge about diamonds, I started doing research to find out exactly what I'm paying for. I read countless articles about the pros/cons of metal purity, diamond cuts, shapes, color grades & how carat weight is priced. I came across several articles written by gemologists about the games & cons played by some of the big name jewelers I'd been looking at. Things like showing certified stones next to non-certified stones without disclosing the difference, using non-standard "signature" cuts & charging quite a bit more above market value. Things I wouldn't previously have been aware of had I walked into a jewelry store & picked out a ring. 3 companies (all of them primarily online retailers) were consistently suggested by these gemologists as honest & quality jewelers. One of them was Whiteflash. I spent weeks comparing prices & products but ultimately was won over by the customization & attention to detail I experienced from the Whiteflash website. I used filters to find the specific setting I wanted. I had a specific style in mind, & was presented with a very nice selection of designer-brand rings to choose from. After picking out the right one, the website seamlessly took me to the stone selection. Once again I utilized very simple & easy to use filters to sort through the range of stones I was after. They have HQ detailed videos of the stones sparkling, PDF's of the AGA certifications & smooth projections of how the selected stone will look set in your selected ring. After using my email address to make an account, I was able to save my custom ring & modify it over the coming weeks. I was even given a $100 credit to my first purchase just for making an account. Within a day or two I was contacted via email by a Whiteflash representative named Becca Eastman. For over a month, Becca & I corresponded through email as she answered every question I had, not only about the stones but about every concern I had throughout the whole process. In 2 months, I never felt pressured or pushed by Becca to purchase anything. She was patient as can be & did everything to remove any stress from my experience. I eventually purchased my custom ring. Whiteflash even knocked a few hundred dollars off my total for wiring payment to their account. As soon as the stone was set they emailed me photos of the finished ring. I chose to have it sent directly to my door with fed-ex 2day shipping. It was very secure & safe as my package arrived on time & the delivery driver required my ID & signature before giving up the parcel. I opened the package & found the ring double boxed (the inner box being a very nice presentation box) along with a bunch of other neat items, including my diamond's AGA certificate, a ring sizing kit, a lifetime warranty card from the designer, jewelry care tips, & insurance suggestions if I wish to go that route. I opened up the presentation box to finally see what I had worked so hard for. The ring is beautiful. I wasn't able to plan a proper proposal, as my curious girlfriend came in the room, unintentionally forcing an impromptu presentation of her ring. She was stunned when she opened the box. A soft tear formed from the corner of her eye as she said "yes". My experience continued with Whiteflash as we initially thought that I had ordered a size too small. Once again I turned to Becca. I told her what happened & within hours the team at Whiteflash had a shipping label in my email along with instructions on how to safely return the ring back for resizing. However, after wearing the ring for a couple of days & playing with the sizing kit, my fiance realized that the ring fit as it should, she had just never worn a ring before & wasn't used to how it feels. I purposefully didn't shop for wedding bands as I wanted my fiance & I to do that together. We will certainly be purchasing our wedding bands from Whiteflash. At this point, I'm not sure I want to go anywhere else for Jewelry. I couldn't be happier.
Brenton M, Oregon, USA


March 31, 2023
My fiancée is very happy!!!
Nigel F, California, USA
March 30, 2023
I really like them and I’m glad it all worked out.
Deborah S, Maryland, USA
March 30, 2023
I can't take my eyes off of it.
Xinzi W, California, USA
March 29, 2023
I got my ring and it’s perfect!!! This is the engagement ring of my dreams, and my husband & I cannot thank you enough for making it happen.
Carla O, California, USA

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