Everything went perfectly?ˆ¦and she said yes?ˆ¦it was really exciting although I was kind of nervous.
December 23, 2005

Everything went perfectly?ˆ¦and she said yes?ˆ¦it was really exciting although I was kind of nervous.

Everything went perfectly?ˆ¦and she said yes?ˆ¦it was really exciting although I was kind of nervous. However, the ring is a little big for her, even after all the work I did to get the right size it?ˆ™s still big. I followed the shoe size convention, measured other rings that she wears on her right hand, asked relatives and everything, but it still didn?ˆ™t work out. We went to a local Hawaii jeweler and he said the ring we have is a big 6.5, almost a 7 and what Carly really needs is something between a 5 and 5.5, like a big 5 or 5.25 size. The jeweler recommended that we just send it back and have it resized or reset. I am willing to pay whatever is necessary to get the same ring, same setting but in the right size?ˆ¦I can?ˆ™t believe I was so off on size (actually none of us can). I just want to know what our options are to get the right ring size. I do not intend to get a refund on the ring at all because I completely love it, but most of the packaging material (box, etc.) is up in Washington state. Please let me know how we can proceed. We are also not on any time table, so I also wanted to discuss keeping the ring until we return to Washington on Jan. 4th (which put us past the 10-day return period), but then Fedexing back as soon as we return home to get it resized or reset, whatever is necessary. Most importantly she said yes, so now working out all the details is the main thing ;) Thanks for all your help, I could not have gone through this without your help,
Justin, Arizona, USA


September 12, 2022
I was looking at the website and Becca reached out immediately and we setup an appointment to go over my very specific diamond needs. During our face to face appointment, Becca explained in detail the different settings, the arrangements and how each stone would look at different angles. They have a massive inventory (even heart shaped diamonds) and the diamond was in sugar land the next day. It was a great experience, lots of knowledge from Becca and they triple checked everything when I stopped by to pick up the ring. Thanks!
Marcus G, Texas, USA
September 06, 2022
Had an amazing experience with Michelle- not only in finding our perfect engagement ring and bands, but also had such an easy time sending one back for a resize. We were a bit nervous about making the purchase online, but they worked with our budget and with expertise to find the perfect stone for us. We cherish our rings so much, and couldn’t have had a better experience. Highly recommend Whiteflash and Michelle. Will be back for any future diamond purchases.
Michael T, Arizona, USA
September 06, 2022
The diamond is BEAUTIFUL, white, and so much fire and brilliance under all conditions. The setting is so elegant as well and really appreciate you suggesting block letters for the engraving! The PRONGS are PERFECTION and so minimal that I barely notice it when I look at the ring. Glenn - Thank you for going that extra mile to soften them further! And for all the time you spent on the phone with me. It has been such an absolute pleasure working with all of you to finalize this ring and grateful for all the time and effort to bring it together. I’m so excited to wear it for years and years to come. And looking forward to the next chapter for Richard and I.
Stephanie H, New York, USA
August 31, 2022
I think any words I could put together together wouldn't do it justice. I had expected an impressive ring and this has exceeded my expectations. The diamond is phenomenal and I'm happy with the setting I chose as it really presents the diamond as the focus of the ring well. The box the ring came in is a bit crooked when opened but it closes nicely. I'm not too worried about this but it's something other customers might be bothered by. Overall I'm pleased with all aspects of the ring and the service from whiteflash.
Isaac B, Australia

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