Yesterday was my anniversary with Joy.
August 09, 2006

Yesterday was my anniversary with Joy.

Yesterday was my anniversary with Joy. So last night, I finally proposed... and she said YES! Here's how it went down. First off, trademark flowers at Artworks... a bouquet of gerberas and nerines. We wined and dined at Il Portico and then headed to Shakespeare in the Park. I concocted a plan to propose on stage at the end of the show. I enlisted the aid of the Artistic Director of Shakespeare in the Park. He was so gracious and accommodating and together, we schemed. He organized a raffle at the beginning of the night. Everyone including us entered. The winner of a dinner for two at Chianti's was announced at intermission. Then after an amazing and wonderful production of ""The Taming of the Shrew"", one of the Free Will players, Petruchio himself, announced there was one more presentation in store. He asked, ""Is there a Jeff in the audience?"" I pretended to be shocked and clueless, and what's funny is, Joy was pushing me to go up because she thought I won another door prize. Then John, dressed as a Mountie, mic'd me up with a wireless headset... I confessed and came clean to Joy and the audience, both obviously confused, that there was no prize and this was all a scheme to get me up on stage. I told everyone that today was a special day because it marked my 9 year anniversary with my girlfriend, Joy. Then I said it was actually our 8 year anniversary because for one year, ""we were on a break."" Everyone laughed. I told people that on June 28, 1997, I asked Joy to dance with me to a special song and afterwards asked her to go steady. And that we have been together ever since, except when ""we were on a break."" Again, laughter. I asked her up on stage to dance. I quoted Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, ""If music be the food of love, play on..."" That was the cue for the techs to play the joyfully intimate song, ""Marry Me"" by Amanda Marshall. We slow danced and when the line ""Marry me"" came at the end of the verse, the audience gasped and Joy was shocked. She whispered to me, ""Is this really happening?"" I looked to the front row, and my wing-man, David, threw up a black velvet box. I had dropped off the ring at his dental clinic earlier in the day and told him to sneak into the amphitheatre after the intermission. I recited, ""Shorty, I love thee, I love but thee with a love that shall not die till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old."" I then got down on bended knee and asked those four famous words. She said ""Yes!"" and the audience cheered and gave us a standing ovation. We both want to thank all of our friends and family for their support and love over the years. We will keep you guys updated with our plans. Take care, peace and love,
Joy and Jeff, England


September 12, 2022
I was looking at the website and Becca reached out immediately and we setup an appointment to go over my very specific diamond needs. During our face to face appointment, Becca explained in detail the different settings, the arrangements and how each stone would look at different angles. They have a massive inventory (even heart shaped diamonds) and the diamond was in sugar land the next day. It was a great experience, lots of knowledge from Becca and they triple checked everything when I stopped by to pick up the ring. Thanks!
Marcus G, Texas, USA
September 06, 2022
Had an amazing experience with Michelle- not only in finding our perfect engagement ring and bands, but also had such an easy time sending one back for a resize. We were a bit nervous about making the purchase online, but they worked with our budget and with expertise to find the perfect stone for us. We cherish our rings so much, and couldn’t have had a better experience. Highly recommend Whiteflash and Michelle. Will be back for any future diamond purchases.
Michael T, Arizona, USA
September 06, 2022
The diamond is BEAUTIFUL, white, and so much fire and brilliance under all conditions. The setting is so elegant as well and really appreciate you suggesting block letters for the engraving! The PRONGS are PERFECTION and so minimal that I barely notice it when I look at the ring. Glenn - Thank you for going that extra mile to soften them further! And for all the time you spent on the phone with me. It has been such an absolute pleasure working with all of you to finalize this ring and grateful for all the time and effort to bring it together. I’m so excited to wear it for years and years to come. And looking forward to the next chapter for Richard and I.
Stephanie H, New York, USA
August 31, 2022
I think any words I could put together together wouldn't do it justice. I had expected an impressive ring and this has exceeded my expectations. The diamond is phenomenal and I'm happy with the setting I chose as it really presents the diamond as the focus of the ring well. The box the ring came in is a bit crooked when opened but it closes nicely. I'm not too worried about this but it's something other customers might be bothered by. Overall I'm pleased with all aspects of the ring and the service from whiteflash.
Isaac B, Australia

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