If you don
August 28, 2006

Traci, If you don't remember, you helped me buy a diamond over the summer (Ideal Cut, VS1, I, .

Traci, If you don't remember, you helped me buy a diamond over the summer (Ideal Cut, VS1, I, .486). Sorry I didn't email you all this sooner. I always remember when I'm not around a computer that I need to send an email to you with the story and pictures. So, I proposed to my girlfriend right after I got home from working out of town for the summer. I attached a few pics of the ring. And here's the proposal story: We had been meditating on the same Bible verse: Song of Solomon 4:7 ""You are altogether beautiful, my darling, and there is no blemish in you"" while I was in Marietta for the summer. I moved back on Sunday, and non-chalantly asked Kristina if she wanted to go for a walk at the Botanical Gardens and then maybe grab some dinner. So we went out there to the rocks that overlook the river to talk about the verse and catch up some. That is the place where we'd often talk about things and where we decided to start dating again. So we talked about the verse, and I told her that I picked it because that's how I saw her. I gave her a small pocket-size Bible with the verse written on the inside (she had been wanting a small Bible), then gave her a nice artistic card that had pretty much the same verse on it. Inside it I wrote a little note about how I feel for her and the card read ""the voice of the Bridegroom has spoken"". She started to cry a little. I wanted to take the ring out then, but it was stuck in my pocket. So I stood up, which was real awkward, but she had no idea what was going on. I got my hand on the ring box, crouched down in front of her (kinda on a knee, but not totally b/c there was no room on the rock/terrain) and pulled the box out. Totally surprised, Kristina started to shake and cry some. I fumbled over some unrehearsed words and then asked, ""Will you marry me?"" She said, ""Yes, of course!"" And then me, like the total dork I am, realized how I had kinda fumbled over my words and was like, ""I'm a total dork, that wasn't smooth at all."" Kristina reassured me, ""No, no. It was perfect. I love you."" We smooched a second and reveled in the craziness of being engaged. Then cleaned up some and went out to celebrate at 5 and 10 (probably the best restaurant in Athens) for dinner. Thanks soooo much for the help. She really loves the diamond, always commenting how 'sparkly' it is. We plan to get married on March 3rd, 2007. Thanks again for helping me out and putting so much work into it for me!
James B., New Zealand


April 16, 2021
After searching for a beautiful and unique ring for my 20th wedding anniversary, we decided on Whiteflash. I found their website to be very informative and it displayed a wide variety of gorgeous settings. We selected the A Cut Above diamond which made the ring stand out above all the rest. The customer service was excellent! Becca and Jennifer were very helpful and provided so much insight to help me make the best decision. I am truly enjoying my ring! It sparkles so brilliantly that it is stunning. I am happy with my purchase and very pleased with the customer service I received. Thanks to the Whiteflash team!
Carmen M, Georgia, USA
April 13, 2021
We were so impressed with the professionalism and customer service that went above and beyond to make designing the perfect ring. Such a great experience. Thank you!
Scott C, Texas, USA
April 06, 2021
I have received the ring and it looks great! My fiancée was very happy with it as well. Thank you again for all your help with the search!
Zhihang X, California, USA
April 06, 2021
Working with the Whiteflash staff was as flawless as my diamond. Less than 1% of the world's diamonds for jewelry find their way into this elite class. I have never seen one this gorgeous! Truly, a purchase of a lifetime! Or....until I upgrade again. Thanks to Becca for all your patient assistance through the pandemic and then seeing it though months later. This was worth the wait.
Elise W, Wisconsin, USA

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