Couture Engagement Rings Collection by Verragio

Of all the jewelry anyone will ever wear, there is one piece that is unquestionably the most cherished of all. The ring that every girl dreams of- the one she will keep on her finger for the rest of her life. Verragio Engagement Rings are designed to beautifully reflect individual taste and style, and each one has the exquisite attention to detail that is sure to make it a treasure for a lifetime.
Verragio ENG-0371 Diamond Engagement Ring
Verragio ENG-0371 Couture Engagement Ring
The stunning Verragio Couture Collection engagement rings are breathtakingly beautiful and unique. Every ring in the Couture Collection features Verragio’s signature Lumino setting. In this innovative design the center diamond is secured with four prongs that elevate the diamond above the band and the setting. This allows every facet of the diamond to be exposed to light and results in the ultimate reflection of sparkle and brilliance. In addition, Couture Engagement rings feature a signature crown shaped bezel just beneath the center stone.
Verragio ENG-0409R Solitaire Engagement Ring
Verragio ENG-0409R Couture Engagement Ring
Verragio ENG-0379 Diamond Engagement Ring
Verragio ENG-0379 Couture Engagement Ring
Verragio ENG-0382R Diamond Engagement Ring
Verragio ENG-0382R Couture Engagement Ring
You will find that Verragio’s Couture Engagement Rings are created with cutting edge designs and clean lines. They can accommodate a variety of center diamonds, from the classic round to asscher, radiant or princess cut. Of course, the always spectacular A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamonds from Whiteflash make the perfect vibrant centerpieces for the Couture Collection and all Verragio Rings!
Another important feature to note is that virtually all Verragio Rings including Couture Engagement rings are designed to be fully compatible with one or more matching wedding band in their collection. This is particularly advantageous since without a pre-designed matching band many elaborate or unique engagement rings require custom design, which can become a lengthy and expensive undertaking and may not give you the results you expect. With today’s more complex engagement ring styles not all brides require a matching band. But for those that do want to maintain that tradition Verragio has you covered.
Verragio engagement rings may to be the perfect answer to your wedding ring dreams! If you are anywhere near the Houston area, we invite you to visit our beautiful new Whiteflash Showroom in the lovely upscale community of Sugar Land Texas. We carry an extensive collection of Verragio rings as well as many other noted designer engagement rings. If you are not in the Houston area you are still only a click away and can shop conveniently from anywhere you can get an internet connection. And our photographs and detailed information are the next best thing to being there!

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