The Top Ten New Year’s Gifts

New Year’s, as anyone who’s ever headed out in the dead of winter in a spangled minidress can tell you, is all about sparkle. Like the bubbles in our champagne glasses and the sequins on our clothes, New Year’s gifts should not skimp on the sparkly. The best jewelry gifts are the ones that the receiver will keep wearing long after all those other New Year’s gifts—diet resolutions and hangovers—are long gone.


Why give New Year’s gifts at all, you might be wondering, didn’t I just give Christmas gifts? New Year’s is a special time, a unique gift-giving opportunity that shows that you will go the extra mile to show you care. It’s a great way for a couple to celebrate the year they’ve had together and look forward to their shared future. Plus, giving a New Year’s gift can be a great way to compensate for having missed Christmas with one member of your family or another. There’s no better way to surprise someone special than with a jewelry gift for her just as that clock strikes twelve.


The best jewelry gifts are always the ones that surprise her with how well you know her style. There are so many classic and unique jewelry gifts available, you will definitely be able to find the New Year’s gift that rocks her world. You can get jewelry gift ideas from what she already wears, whether that is simple and classic or dramatic and trendy. Here are the top eleven jewelry gifts to ring in twenty-eleven in style!


necklace-with-diamond-and-sapphires11. Diamond-Accented Necklace. A simple and cute white gold necklace with diamond or gemstone accents is a great New Year’s gift that coordinates with almost everything. Women of all ages appreciate the subtle flash of sparkle of a diamond accented necklace, so think of this as a good New Year’s gift for your mother, sister, or daughter.


Diamond Accented Necklace








stacked-ring10. Stacked Rings. A fun and flirty new style, stacked rings are thin, relatively simply bands that can be worn individually or stacked together for a creative look. Stacked rings are a good jewelry gift choice for when you want to give a ring as a New Year’s gift without it looking like THE ring. This style combines white, yellow and rose gold with diamonds and an intriguing interlocking design to form a perfect gift for New Year’s.


Stacked Ring





diamond-teniss-bracelet9. Tennis Bracelet. When we think fun, glamour, and sparkle, we think of New Year’s gifts, and we think of tennis bracelets. The tennis bracelet, that link chain of closely set sparkling diamonds, is the epitome of easy-going glamour. It’s a great jewelry gift idea for the hard-core fashionista who needs to look just right, as well as the simpler soul who just needs one really pretty piece.


Tennis Bracelet










four-prong-diamond-earrings-princess-cut8. Diamond Stud Earrings. This pair of sparklers is so classic they will probably appear on every “best jewelry gifts” list ever created. All a woman needs to fall in love with a pair of diamond stud earrings is pierced ears and a little love of sparkle! It can be hard to pick a jewelry gift that someone picky will really like, but diamond stud earrings are universal—men like them too! If you are looking for a New Year’s gift that is classic but a little modern, opt for princess-cut stones like this beautiful pair.


Diamond stud earrings





eternity-ring7. Eternity Ring. This one will work better if you are already married, but a diamond-embellished eternity ring makes a beautiful diamond gift that is both romantic and glitzy. When you’ve been married for a while, and you want to get something special for your wife, it can be hard to choose a jewelry gift for her that expresses how much she means to you. An eternity ring is a gorgeous and glamorous symbol of your lifetime together, and New Year’s is the perfect time to celebrate.


Eternity Ring






diamonds-by-the-yard-designet-by-whiteflash6. Whiteflash  Diamond by the Yard. A great gift for New Year’s is this unique and practical necklace, a long chain interspersed with delicate stones. It can be worn long and dramatic with trendy looks, or looped over twice with a more conservative outfit. It’s a jewelry gift that can work for women of all ages and fashion senses.


Diamonds by the Yard










x-prong-diamond-bracelet5. Statement Bracelet. The bracelet is always a fashion statement, and this season’s statement bracelets is a great jewelry gift idea for New Year’s or anytime. It’s good to have a really good sense of your significant other’s taste in jewelry before you pick out such a bold piece, but if you choose right, you will have given the New Year’s gift of a lifetime. A great statement bracelet like this diamond and gold piece is a unique jewelry gift that can make a perfect gift for New Year’s.


X Prong Diamond Bracelet




emerald-ring(4. Gemstone Ring. There’s nothing as glamorous and glitzy as a cocktail ring, which adds the perfect touch of bling to any simple outfit. A word of warning—if you have been dating for a couple months, you might not want to pull out a ring box, even as a gift for New Year’s, just to prevent any awkward moments. Jewelry gift ideas can be a little tricky sometimes, but a cocktail ring makes a great gift for your fiancée or wife. This beautiful peridot and diamond ring is a perfect New Year’s gift for that special someone. 

Gemstone Ring



scattered-diamonds-bangle3. Scattered Diamonds Bangle. Bracelets are really hot this season, and New Year’s gifts are a perfect time to give the sparkle and fun of a great diamond bangle. Scattered diamonds is a beautiful look that is reminiscent of the bubbles in a sparkling flute of champagne. In this setting, the diamonds are set directly into the metal of the bangle, creating a flush, sparkling look. The yellow gold of this style adds to the festive holiday look.


Scattered diamonds bangle





necklace-with-four-prong-diamond2. Solitaire Pendant. Necklaces are always a good jewelry gift idea, and solitaire pendants are particularly great ideas as gifts for New Year’s. A solitaire pendant is a simple and dramatic piece for someone who isn’t used to wearing very much jewelry, but also a wonderful accent piece to more dramatic earrings and bracelets.


Solitaire pendant





custom-designed-ring-ascher-cut-diamond1. Engagement Ring. Proposing on New Year’s Eve is probably one of the most romantic moves you can make. A stunning engagement ring is simply the best jewelry gift you can ever give. If you are thinking about popping the question one of these days, think about surprising your girlfriend with a New Year’s gift she will never take off. All diamond gifts are leading up to this big one—the jewelry gift that will prove your caring and love.





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