Ten of The Most Romantic Ways to Propose

Asking that all-important question "Will you marry me?" is a life-changing event. You want to make the moment special and the memory evergreen. After all, this is where you ask that special person to spend their life with you. It's a moment worth savoring. So how do you do it?
Planning the ideal proposal takes innovation and commitment. There are countless ways in which you can ask the question. Some require huge investments, others are incredibly creative and unique, and many depend on undeniably romantic settings that link to a special shared memory.
In this blog post, we've listed ten of the most romantic ways to propose - ten ways that anyone should be able to organize.

1. Spelling It Out

A simple yet effective way of asking that all-important question is to say it in words. Choose a setting you can control (such as your own home), decorate it with the classic accouterments that go hand in hand with romance - rose petals, candles, or special lights - then pop the question.
This is what happened when America was proposed to by her boyfriend of six years. A charming proposal space was created, with a rose petal love heart and large letters that spelled the words 'Marry me' framing the space delightfully.
The Best Engagement Ring Styles Proposal
Image credit: America Sanchez

2. Propose During a Shared Hobby

One of the most intimate things in a relationship is sharing a passion, something you can both dedicate time towards and get excited about. It might be a pastime that brought you together, or it's one you first started as a couple. This kind of activity is the perfect opportunity to propose.
For example:
  • If you are both climbers, take your partner to the first place you climbed together. Midway up the rock face, as them the question. Just remember to not drop the ring.
  • Do you make pottery together? Take inspiration from the film Ghost and offer the ring while sitting behind them.
  • Are you both artists? Why not attend a class and, instead of painting the item in front of you, write the words 'Will you marry me?' on your canvas? Pretend to paint until your partner comes to look at your work. The surprise on their face should be worth the wait.
Not only are these intimate ways of proposing, they can also be some of the most jovial forms, producing joy and laughter in both of you. What's more perfect than that?

3. Choose A Place That Means Something To You

When Anthony wanted to propose to his girlfriend Xanthe, he made sure to choose the right diamond engagement ring. A UK national, he got the ring shipped to Oklahoma where his family lived. Anthony then picked up the ring, before visiting San Francisco where his family joined the two.
They then got on an open-top bus to tour the city, where Anthony had intended to propose at the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, it was too busy with tourists, and so suggested they get a cab to the viewing point. Unfortunately, this didn't work either.
Then, something magic happened. The two found themselves outside the house used in the film Mrs. Doubtfire, one of Xanthe's favorite movies. This proved to be the perfect setting for a proposal.
The couple then sealed the question the next day with two rich cups of joe, supplied by the one and only Starbucks. Each cup was emblazoned with 'Mr.' and 'Future Mrs.' respectively.

4. Propose While On An Exotic Vacation

What's more intoxicating than the sights and aromas of a foreign city? From the gorgeous arrondissements of Paris to the hanging gardens of Singapore, the world offers a wide and varied bounty of places in which to propose.
Proposal in the Park
Image credit: Dylan Sauerwein
Take the above proposal. A misty fall day in New York's Central Park sets a delightful scene for a proposal. It's the perfect moment to be caught on camera.

5. Use Unconventional Spaces

Some proposal spaces aren't exactly common - like when someone proposes midway through a skydive. However, you don't have to go to such extremes to create something truly memorable.
The below proposal took place in Yosemite Valley in California. Waiting for the opportune moment when the lighting created a golden touch to everything, the proposal was captured right on the cliff edge. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely a moment to remember.
Proposal Outdoors
Image credit: Stephen Leonardi

6. Say It With Cake

Everybody loves cake, and it's the perfect food for celebratory moments. Weddings have cake, why not proposals too?
Choose your partner's favorite cake and get a unique design specially made for the moment. Take the cake below, designed to replicate the outline of an engagement ring, covered in a wider variety of tasty treats. Proposing in this way will definitely be a sweet treat for your loved one.

7. Beaches and Sunset

Nothing says 'romance' like a beach at sunset. Pair this setting with a picnic and your partner will be met with one of the most romantic moments of their life.
Proposal at the beach
Image credit: Pinterest
Grab blankets, cushions, candles, and the obligatory bottle of champagne in order to toast your proposal in style. Go the extra mile and create unique charcuterie boards to enjoy together.
The beach proposal is the right choice for anyone looking to propose during the summer months.

8. The Best Gift Under The Tree

Christmas is always a joyous occasion, and the only way to make it even more magical is with a festive proposal. There are countless opportunities for a Christmas proposal. For example, it could be:
  • With the ring hidden inside a special Christmas gift, or even better, inside a bauble on the tree.
  • While choosing a real tree together.
  • With the ring secreted inside a Christmas cracker.
  • During a gorgeous walk as the snow is falling.
Christmas proposal
Image credit: How They Asked
For more winter wonderland proposal ideas, read this blog post.

9. Choose a Dream Destination

Nothing says "I love you" like arranging a romantic getaway for two. Choose a destination that you've never been to or one that has a special place in your heart. Maybe it's the place you first vacationed together. Maybe it's on their bucket list. Just remember to choose a romantic time and place on your getaway, such as a beach proposal.
Proposal at the beach
Image credit: Nathan Dumlao

10. Mountain, Forests, and Waterfalls

Are you two fans of natural environments? Love the heady rush of fresh air? Are you captivated by old-growth forests, high waterfalls, and mountain peaks? Choose one of these scenarios to pop the question to your loved one.
Proposal at the waterfall
Image credit: Brett Frigo
These are gorgeous settings to get engaged in, where you can marvel at the views before and after getting down on one knee. Settings like this make the moment truly unforgettable.
These ten romantic ways to propose make the beginning of a long-lived marriage, but they aren't possible without the perfect engagement ring to give to your loved one.

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