Beyond Tradition: The Modern Symbolism of Right Hand Rings

Since the 1920s, women have been buying diamond rings for themselves and wearing them on their right hands. Although women have worn rings on their right hands for many years, these rings were just jewelry at the time, not the symbols they are today.
The right hand ring, or cocktail ring, became a worldwide phenomenon in the early 2000s, as women realized that they didn’t need to wait to have the ring of their dreams. The modern right hand ring is a strong symbol of a woman’s independence, uniqueness and personality.
5 Stone Trellis Diamond Right Hand Ring
5 Stone Trellis Diamond Right Hand Ring
Right hand rings are usually purchased by the wearer, they tend to display much bolder and more unique designs and features than engagement rings. Many incorporate trendy silhouettes, fancy diamond cuts, colored gemstones, and intricate metal engravings.
However you choose to wear it, the trend for right-hand rings is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something truly special. This blog will dive into the newfound appeal of these rings, styling tips to maximize their wearability and showcase some of Whiteflash's most popular right hand rings.

The Appeal of Right Hand Rings

Simon G. MR1174 Duchess Right Hand Ring
Simon G. MR1174 Duchess Right Hand Ring
The traditional meaning of rings worn on the left hand is love and commitment, whereas rings worn on the right hand are symbolic of independence and pride: the left hand is for “we” while the right is for “me.”
While the term ‘right hand ring’ is a relatively new one, its symbolism dates back to the 1920s. Cocktail rings were started by women who drank during Prohibition (hence the name). When women were free from cumbersome dresses and had entered the workforce and speakeasies where they smoked and drank with men, the right-hand ring became a symbol of their earning power.
In the mid-century, acclaimed actresses like Elizabeth Taylor and Natalie Wood popularized this tradition, and it has endured to this day. De Beers, known for its "A Diamond is Forever" slogan, launched its "Raise Your Right Hand" campaign in 2003. This campaign encouraged women (married or not) to purchase statement rings as a way to express themselves.
Unlike classic engagement rings, which usually have a relatively simple design around a large center stone, right hand rings often have intricate designs consisting of clusters of small diamonds arranged in unique patterns. They may feature air spaces and extend over a greater portion of the finger than other kinds of fine jewelry, creating a bold statement.
The beauty of right hand rings lies in their lack of constraints and wide range of possibilities. There are no rules defining their design or meaning, allowing individuals to curate a piece that resonates with their unique style and story.

Right Hand Rings Showcase from Whiteflash

Whether they are sparkle-drenched colorless diamonds or captivating colors, right hand rings effortlessly combine sentiment with style. When it comes to choosing a ring, where do you begin?
Most people choose icy diamond right hand rings, which is not surprising. In many cases today, people opt for larger carat lab diamonds with the cost savings of lab-grown diamonds, or fall in love with an exquisite designer setting.
The price of natural diamonds might have prevented some from affording a beautiful designer setting, but lab-grown diamonds are here to show you just how feasible it can be. These rings are also available with other gems and fancy colored diamonds, from beguiling blues to entrancing emeralds.
In the era of lab diamonds, there is no need to compromise on color, clarity, or the most important C - Cut Quality. Meaning you can maximize cut quality to ensure your right hand ring sparkles to your heart’s content.
Whether you're wearing them for a bold and glamorous cocktail party look or a daily fashion statement, their customizable charms create a timeless and versatile accessory. A very personal signature
As the trend of right hand rings continues to gain momentum, Whiteflash remains at the forefront, offering a collection that goes beyond the ordinary. Below is a selection of our most favored rings, all of which have the potential to be customized and curated to your preference.

Two Stones Are Better Than One

Valoria Oval Two Stone Right Hand Ring
Valoria Oval Two Stone Right Hand Ring
When it comes to the right-hand setting with diamonds, women usually prefer to wear them during special occasions, achievements and other celebrations. A diamond ring worn on the right hand will appear more prominent, unique, and significant when worn in this way.
Many opt for lab-grown diamonds, they are generally much more affordable compared to their natural counterparts and you can achieve a showstopper look at a lower cost. It would cost you significantly more to achieve the same look with a fancy colored or fancy cut natural diamond.
The perfect ring to kickstart our showcase is the "Toi et Moi" (French for “you and me”), featuring two different gems coming together in harmony to create one glamorous ring.
As the name suggests, it’s typically to represent you and your significant other. However, more recently, it has been reclaimed to showcase two important milestones in a woman’s life. The birth of a child, graduating or reaching a career goal - just to name a few.
As a symbol of these accomplishments, you can choose two very different gems. For example you could pair a lab-grown diamond with a gem representing your birthstone. Thus making it very different from the look and feel of that of an engagement ring.
This “Toi et Moi” ring we have showcased is made to order and we will accommodate the exact size and style of diamonds you choose, in a variety of metal options. Create the coloring pairing of your desires with this stunning two-stone right hand ring by Valoria.

Show Stopping Twist of Fate

Simon G. LP2309 Diamond Right Hand Ring
Simon G. LP2309 Diamond Right Hand Ring
The Simon G. LP2309 diamond ring features a show-stopping twisted floral design that elegantly wraps around the finger, creating a harmonious blend of rich yellow gold or rose gold and glistening diamonds.
Three delicately leafed branches form the stage for this contemporary diamond ring, with the diamonds are meticulously set, ensuring maximum sparkle and radiance. These glistening gems are a testament to the resilience and strength inherent in every woman.
With every curve, it serves as a tangible reminder that a woman's story is fascinating and deserving of celebration.
Simon G. is worn by celebrities on red carpets across the globe, making them a worthy contender for your defining right hand ring.

A Pop of Color

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Right Hand Ring
Pink Sapphire and Diamond Right Hand Ring
In the realm of jewelry, the 14k White Gold Pink Sapphire and Diamond Right Hand Ring stands as a testament to the power of self-expression through vibrant hues. This ring is adorned with 4 rows of diamond melee, ascending to the simply divine 0.78ct Pink Oval-Cut Sapphire in that center that catches every eye.
The focal point of this ring is a rose-colored gem that elevates the piece to a whole new level of elegance. Its vivid hue serves as a captivating pop of color against the pristine white gold setting, creating a welcomed, harmonious contrast.
In a world often dominated by classic, colorless diamonds, a vibrant gem becomes a beacon of personal expression. Adding layers of meaning to an already powerful gem, pink sapphires are associated with compassion, love, and creativity.
This unique charm draws attention to the quality and beauty of the featured gem, a true masterpiece that would make any viewer stop in awe at its sheer elegance and charm.

Art Deco Excellence

A. Jaffe WRC1201/170 Right Hand Diamond Ring
A. Jaffe WRC1201/170 Right Hand Diamond Ring
This modern band exudes a philosophy of 'more is more,' showcasing five breathtaking emerald-cut diamonds that stand as pillars of strength, surrounded by exquisite halos and embellished with glistening round-cut white diamond accents.
The design of this ring is a harmonious blend of geometric precision and lavish detailing, a characteristic hallmark of the Art Deco era. It features a total of 61 diamonds all in all - this a ring that connotes strength in every way. Embrace it as a reminder that, like the diamonds that adorn it, you are multifaceted, resilient, and destined to shine.
If you're looking for jewelry which crosses the border between accessory and art to decorate your right hand, look no further.

Customized Suit You

Some especially bold women choose to create their own right hand ring and have it custom-designed to suit their unique tastes.
The first step should be to explore existing designer options, whether for inspiration or to ensure what you have in mind isn't already on the market. However, if you do not find what you are looking for then you can consider a custom design.
Whether it's discovering a designer collection that contains your dream piece or exploring bespoke options, let our experts help you discover the possibilities. For custom jewelry design ideas you can visit our design gallery.
If you'd like to hear what other Whiteflash customers have to say about their special pieces, please check out our customer reviews.

More for Less

Lab diamonds will remain a viable means of acquiring diamond beauty for years to come. To accommodate customers looking for lab grown diamonds, Whiteflash offers the finest lab created diamonds in our Precision Lab category. The lab diamonds we stock are the highest quality due to our expertise in cut quality.
The collection features certified Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut round brilliants, and at the top of the scale in terms of color and clarity (DEFG color VVS1 -VS1). Whiteflash Precision Lab Grown Diamonds with their elite cut quality and top color and clarity grades, can compete with the best natural diamonds on the market!

Styling Tips for Your Right Hand Rings

Ritani S45-8 Stack Wave Diamond Right Hand Ring
Ritani S45-8 Stack Wave Diamond Right Hand Ring
Unlock the secrets to styling your right hand ring with expert tips from Whiteflash. From choosing the right finger to pairing with statement jewelry, discover the art of harmonious accessorizing.
Make your right hand ring a dazzling reflection of your personality and style by joining us on a journey of thoughtful accessorizing.

1. Right Hand Rings: Which Finger?

Generally, big cocktail rings are worn on the right ring or index finger, though there are no hard and fast rules. In the era of stacking jewelry, it is not uncommon to see women wearing rings on each finger on their right hand.
Traditionally, each finger carried its own symbolism, with the index finger reserved for rings bearing family crests, and the thumb ring indicating wealth and power. Professional status can also be indicated by a ring worn on the right pinkie, since these rings are often presented to new graduates.
How you decide to make a statement is completely up to you.

2. Pair with Another Statement Jewelry Piece

3 Prong Martini Diamond Earrings
3 Prong Martini Diamond Earrings
A way to elevate your right hand ring is by pairing it with another statement jewelry piece, creating a surprisingly harmonious and coordinated look.
Consider combining a bold pair of statement stud earrings, the affordability of these pairs makes them even more attractive, as many high-quality pairs can be found at competitive prices. With a range of carat weights and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect piece to compliment your look both day and night.
Or perhaps with a striking tennis bracelet on the opposite hand. This would be a dynamic duo that not only adds flair but also ensures a well-balanced and polished appearance.
Ensure the pieces complement each other, whether through motif or metal choice, to create a cohesive style that showcases your unique fashion sensibilities. You may have to experiment with different combinations to find the perfect balance for any occasion.

3. Balance Size and Style Strategically

The width of your right hand ring head depends on your choice, comfort and length of your chosen finger. Having petite fingers makes a large headed ring look a little heavy and huge. Nevertheless, as long as it feels comfortable on your body, you can pick whichever width you like.
You shouldn’t be afraid to wear more than one statement ring. This can be accomplished by matching colors while playing with different textures so the rings complement one another.
To ensure a unified look, focus on complementing the pieces:
  • Coordinated Colors: Choose matching or complementary colors for a cohesive palette. This can be through metal color or the stones used. If your right hand ring features diamonds, the versatile nature of these precious stones allows you the freedom to be more adventurous.
  • Consistent Design Elements: Your rings will have a more unified look if their designs are consistent with each other in terms of motifs, patterns, or textures.
  • Proportional Harmony: It is important to ensure that the sizes of the pieces do not overshadow one another.
  • Style Synchronicity: Keep the overall design in sync, whether it is vintage, modern, or eclectic, for a successful design.
  • Occasion Appropriateness: The combination should be suitable for the occasion, opting for sophistication or playfulness according to the event.
You will achieve a harmonious, well-curated look that showcases your distinct fashion sense by following this thoughtful approach. Finding the perfect balance for any occasion can be found by experimenting with different combinations.

Empowered Elegance: Right Hand Rings at Whiteflash

There is often a great deal of significance involved in the purchase of right hand rings. In the end, these rings serve as a reminder that you've accomplished something impressive and are, as a woman, impressive by definition.
There's no doubt that every stylish woman in your life should have a few of these beauties in her collection.
When there are so many options to choose from, selecting the perfect right hand ring can be difficult, but Whiteflash's friendly and knowledgeable jewelry consultants and gemologists will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect style or expression. We can be reached by phone, email, or chat and are always happy to help.
Embrace the significance, explore the possibilities, and adorn yourself with a right hand ring that is a perfect representation of the story behind and ahead of you.
Our collection at Whiteflash is curated to celebrate the multifaceted nature of every woman, offering a selection that goes beyond the ordinary. Explore our right hand rings today and discover the perfect ring to celebrate your achievements in style.

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