Custom Rings VS Designer Rings

A question that continues to come up time and again in the engagement ring buying process is whether a custom ring is a better choice than a designer ring.
A great deal of this decision will be based on personal preference. However, like any decisions you make during your exciting engagement ring journey, it is important to be armed with the facts and work out what is best for you.
We believe that choosing an engagement ring should be a stress-free experience of inspiration and celebration; with that in mind, we have highlighted the differences between custom rings and designer rings to make this exciting decision a little easier.

Designer Rings

Whiteflash Designer Rings
Designer doesn’t mean ordinary. A common misconception is that opting for a designer ring may limit you in your choices or will not be personal enough. On the contrary, Whiteflash offers an exceptional collection of designer rings, many of which can be even be altered to suit your needs.
Most designers now have the option for the ring to be created in a variety of metals (platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold).
Simon G. MR1394 Fabled Diamond Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR1394 Fabled Diamond Engagement Ring
This stunning ring from Simon G features a twisted, pavé band that looks gorgeous in every color.
Although some settings are specifically designed to hold a particular shaped loose diamond, others are suitable settings for several different shaped stones should you decide to be adventurous with a pear cut instead of a round brilliant.
The craftsmanship that goes into a designer setting ensures that your chosen diamond will not only be secure, but also be beautifully complemented by the setting itself. With decades of experience and an eye for detail and style, the finished ring is sure to be one that is balanced and beautiful.
The majority of designers will keep CAD imagery of each piece, allowing them to make simple adjustments should they be desired. Gemstone variations, additional side-stones, etchings, and different sized diamonds are just some of the changes that can be made to a designer ring. Always ask what is possible!
Each designer has their own signature features and details that span across a huge spectrum of styles. From the vintage, European romance of Verragio to the contemporary twists on classic styles from Simon G, getting a feel for the designers and their unique characteristics will help you to narrow down your choices.
If you have pictured your dream ring in your head, it is likely that one of our designers has dreamt it up too. Sometimes our clients are looking for something special but can’t quite describe what exactly it is that they want. This is where having an impressive collection of styles is essential, to inspire and guide you in finding your perfect ring.
Each designer ring is accompanied by a high resolution, 360° video of the ring allowing you to see it from every angle, as well as a simulation of the ring on a hand. This assurance allows you to experience the jewelry from the comfort of your home. For many, this detailed view of their ring is enough to fall in love.
There was a time when wanting something unusual meant a custom ring was the only option available, however the huge leaps in modern jewelry have given rise to a plethora of unique and stand-out designs. Our collection of catalogues from eight designers offers options galore.

Custom Rings

Custom rings are perfect for clients looking for a very unusual or specific design. While modern designer rings can cater to almost all tastes and preferences, there are occasions where the imagined ring, or something similar, simply has not been created by a designer. In this instance, you may consider a custom engagement ring.
Custom Engagement Rings
As is to be expected, the process of creating a custom design is longer than choosing or adapting a designer ring. You will be taken through a step by step custom process giving you creative control and predictability.
It is worth mentioning that while custom designs offer creative freedom, you will also be guided towards creating a ring that is practical and durable. Our experts will advise if any of the suggested features will compromise the stability or durability of the ring and will offer a suitable alternative.
A custom ring will still be put through the strenuous quality control that is paramount in creating beautiful jewelry.
The design phase usually takes around 7 business days to complete. Once we have finalized the design and you have approved the photo-realistic images (CAD rendering), the design will be sent for production to begin the next phase of your custom engagement ring.
As experienced bespoke jewelry creators, we suggest allowing at least a further 21 days for the creation of the ring. This is an estimate, as additional elements can add to the proposed timeline. You will be kept informed along the way of any changes to the finish date.
If you are considering a custom design as an option, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to allow for any changes you might make along the way because we simply don’t want you to be disappointed.
Custom Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring
Custom Diamond and Sapphire Ring Set with 0.52ct A CUT ABOVE Diamond
Custom Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom Diamond Ring Set with 1.38ct A CUT ABOVE Round Diamond
The custom designs above each present unique features that are entirely personal to the wearer. The ring on the right is a statement diamond ring, bringing step cuts and brilliants together in a dramatic harmony. The ring on the left adopts a floral motif that is perfectly finished with dazzling blue sapphires.
If you still have your heart set on a custom one following browsing our large inventory of designer rings, simply fill in this custom engagement ring design request form, and one of our representatives will be in touch.

Making Your Decision

First, consider your likes and dislikes. Perhaps you have a particular diamond cut in mind or have dreamed of a halo setting. It could be that you are looking for a simple, contemporary design, or indeed that you want an intricate, detailed ring.
If you are contemplating a custom ring, first ensure that you have assessed all of the designer options. Could a small tweak to a designer ring conjure your dream creation? If so, opt for these as a first choice. You can achieve a stunning, unique ring but in a direct manner. Plus, you will be able to see the finished article before buying, which for many is an important assurance. These designs are created by experts in the jewelry industry, built for beauty, durability, and lasting quality.
Ask questions. Contact us regarding any of the styles that you have seen, and establish what changes are possible. The benefits of a designer ring encourage the majority of our clients to opt for these masterful designs, not only for their beauty but for the remarkable variety and value of these pieces.
Your journey should begin with exploring designer options, however if you still cannot find your ideal ring, a custom design may be the way to go. Discuss the possibilities with our experts; it might be that your dream ring is part of a designer collection that you just haven’t found yet, or perhaps it’s time to embark on a bespoke adventure.
Revel in the exciting and creative experience of working with our experts to see your vision brought to life during the inspiring and personal custom process.
Whether you opt for a custom ring or a designer ring, we will work closely with you to ensure you get the ring of your dreams.

Be Inspired By Our Designer Engagement Rings

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