How to Discreetly Drop a Hint About Your Dream Engagement Ring

Wondering how to drop a hint about your favorite engagement ring styles? Perhaps you’re dreaming of an ideal round-cut diamond or a perfect princess shape. In any case, there are ways to sensitively approach this situation so you and your future spouse both get to take part in the once-in-a-lifetime process of choosing the perfect forever ring.
Vatche 191 Swan Solitaire Engagement Ring
Vatche 191 Swan Solitaire Engagement Ring
From discreet to more direct hints, we share our favorite ways to influence your perfect proposal.

1. Comment On An Engagement

Perhaps the easiest and most inconspicuous way to hint at an engagement ring is to comment on an engagement itself – be it a stranger or friend that’s recently said yes. If another proposal features your favorite style, it’s the perfect opportunity to swoon over the shape, setting, and sheer beauty of the ring. Making a fuss is sure to make your fiance-to-be listen and take note.

2. Talk About Trends

Speaking generally about the trends and styles you’re a fan of can give your other half a great indication of a fitting ring. Classic girls like classic cuts, while fashionistas may be less fussy about getting a super ideal cut diamond and more tuned in to what diamond shapes are trending today. Be open and expressive about your likes and dislikes and you’ll be sure to get something that suits you.

3. Tell a Trusted Friend

If you think your partner is prone to asking for advice, tell a trusted friend of your preferences so they can pass it along. Whether it’s the suspected best man or your maid of honor, delivering some hints to these pivotal people can ensure your engagement goes smoothly. From indicating which shape and cut of ring you want even down to the actual proposal location, this is a sure way to have a say in the big moment.

4. Share it Via Social

A more direct approach is to use the power of social media platforms to drop a hint about your dream ring. Whether it’s tagging your partner on the post or clicking the share button on the right Instagram image, this is a fun, tongue-in-cheek way to clearly display your dream. If you think your other half is investigative enough, perhaps it’s enough to follow your favorite jewelers online and subscribe to their social media accounts.

5. Go Against Convention

To gain complete control, perhaps it’s time to take matters into your own hands (assuming you’re not a traditionalist). Buying engagement rings together can become just as special as the big question itself as you both explore iconic designer ring brands and suppliers to find the perfect fit. Not totally convinced? Buying a loose diamond with your loved one lets you vet the stone ahead of time while keeping the setting and band a surprise.

6. Drop a Completely Different Hint

It’s more common than you think to have the urge to drop a hint about your favorite engagement ring styles. Yet, there may be a better way to ensure quality of cut and that sublime sparkle factor. Dropping a hint about a seller or a designer as opposed to the ring style sends your other half in the right direction to gain trusted advice about responsible, well-crafted diamonds.
Learning about the different quality certifications, core values, and options to trade is important in ensuring that your diamond is of a certain grade and can continue to deliver sparkly satisfaction for the rest of your lifelong union.
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