Halo Engagement Ring Settings

Every angel deserves a Halo. Start with a beautiful diamond. Surround it in a circle of smaller beautiful diamonds. The result is always going to be heavenly and breathtaking. This is the concept behind exquisite Halo Engagement Rings. They are always unique and extraordinary.
The halo setting features a gorgeous center diamond as the focal point, fully encircled by smaller diamonds. It’s a popular look for earrings and pendants (and occasionally bracelets) too. While the look is more commonly known because of its popularity in engagement rings, it is every bit as effective in emphasizing diamonds in other jewelry too.
Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
If you're inclined toward diamond engagement rings that make a statement, we've explored the characteristics of this dazzling setting, when it's most effective, and some inspiration to get you started.

What is a Halo Engagement Ring Setting?

Valoria Amphora Diamond Engagement Ring
Valoria Amphora Diamond Engagement Ring
By definition, a halo ring setting features a center stone surrounded by small diamonds. This makes the center stone appear larger, more brilliant and absolutely heavenly. There are a multitude of different styles for halo diamond rings to fall in love with including, but not limited to, flush, floating, double and even hidden halos.
Halo settings may seem to be a recent fashion trend in diamonds. In reality, this design was inspired by the architecture and art of the 1920s. The style went dormant for several decades and then resurged in the 1960s when art deco styles began to regain popularity. It was only relatively recently that the term "halo ring" was coined.
Today, elegant halo engagement rings are available in many flattering designs that are suitable for a wide range of taste and personal style. There have always been variations of the diamond halo ring - but these days, brides-to-be have more choices than ever before.
Designer engagement rings vary from the ornate and artistic elegance seen in Verragio Rings to a simple solitaire with a halo center. Halos may be prong-set, which means the diamond is secured by four or 6 prongs and elevated slightly. It can also be bezel-set, in which the metal surrounds the diamond and sits flush in the mounting. There is also the option of using a combination of prongs and bezels for even more customization options.
It is possible to cast your halo settings in any metal. Platinum, 18k gold and 14k gold (both yellow and white) are the most popular engagement ring metals - both for their durability and timeless appeal. You can read more about metal alloys for jewelry purposes in this guide.

What are the Best Diamond Shapes for Halo Engagement Ring Settings?

Simon G. MR2573 Passion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR2573 Passion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
While any cut can be made to work with a halo, a round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular option. With perfect symmetry, it has stood the test of time creating a spectacular look that is sure to turn heads.
Closely following in popularity are oval, and cushion-cut diamonds, followed by more square diamond shapes such as princess cuts. With its linear faceting, the princess cut presents a different shape than its traditional halo-style counterpart, presenting a pleasant contrast to the circular accent stones.
It doesn't matter what size or shape the center diamond is, the halo effect is always stunning. When nestled in a diamond halo ring, the fire and sparkle of the diamond will be enhanced from all angles.
Some diamond rings with halo settings have the added elegance and sparkle of diamonds set on the sides of the band, still others can feature double or triple halos around the center stone. Whatever your style and taste dictates can be incorporated into the halo setting.
From the most dramatic to a simple and classic sleek look and everything in between, the Halo is as versatile as the person wearing it. It can even give smaller diamonds the optical illusion of being larger.
Since the center diamond is the featured “star” of all halo engagement rings, it is essential to select the most beautiful diamond you possibly can. Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows diamonds are hailed throughout the industry as the finest cut diamonds in the world.
Their extraordinary beauty is second to none and when set in a halo of tiny A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee the result is heavenly!
The halo setting is designed to accentuate the beauty of the center stone by adding size and brilliance in a cost-effective way. As an affordable alternative to earth-mined diamonds, Whiteflash also offers the finest lab-created diamonds in our Precision Lab brand to cater to customers looking for ”the best of the best” lab-grown diamonds in the Houston area and beyond. As a result of our expertise in cut quality, we stock the most desirable lab diamonds available today.
They are certified Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut diamonds and are all at the top of the scale in terms of color and clarity (DEFG color VVS1 - VS1). In many ways, Whiteflash Precision Lab Grown Diamonds are superior to most commercial quality natural diamonds because of their precision cutting and top color and clarity!
One of the best things about lab grown diamonds is that their affordability can provide an opportunity to pair it with an awesome designer brand engagement ring and still stay in budget.

How Secure Are Halo Engagement Ring Settings?

A. Jaffe MECPS2332Q/197 Halo Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
A. Jaffe MECPS2332Q/197 Halo Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Halo settings can be used for all kinds of gemstones. It assures that the stone gets the right presentation and is secure. For larger stones a double halo setting is often used.
The halo surrounding the center stone can enhance the security of a center stone by providing an additional barrier between the outside and the stone. Making sure your ring is well-made is the most important aspect of protecting your center stone. Whether you prefer traditional prongs or claw prongs, or a bezel, a halo can accommodate secure settings in a variety of ways.
Any center stone's security is largely determined by how well you care for it. Even though different types of settings offer different levels of security for your center stone, if you take care of your ring, it is likely to be fine.
You should have your ring regularly inspected by a professional jeweler to ensure the security of all stones in your ring (especially the center stone).

Top Tips: How to Choose The Right Halo Setting

Valoria Amphora Diamond Engagement Ring
Valoria Amphora Diamond Engagement Ring
First and foremost, your own personal taste will lead the way when choosing a prong setting. Awide variety of styles are available in halo settings, allowing for a great deal of personal expression beyond the classic solitaire. Buying the right one requires some considerations.
Lifestyle - There are a great number of women who have active lifestyles. Rings adorned with diamonds embellish the hands of people who do everything from exercise to household chores. In case you are more active, you may prefer a flush style over a floating style, for example.
Having a lot of smaller stones, such as a pavé band, does pose a slightly higher risk of diamonds potentially coming loose.
On the plus side, pavé exhibits the least amount of metal and shows off diamonds the best.
The beauty, hardness and durability of diamonds make them an ideal choice for an engagement ring, but you should aim to minimize potential snags when worn with a fast-paced lifestyle. You can choose from a variety of halo engagement ring styles, and with many high-quality engagement rings, it is unlikely that you will encounter any problems that cannot be resolved together with your jeweler.
Carat Size - It is possible to increase the size of the center diamond by adding bigger halos. A triple halo or a double halo can be ordered if you wish, but make sure the center stone doesn't get overwhelmed by it. In terms of halo designs, the sky's the limit.
Balancing style and strength - Here at Whiteflash, we will always advise the best course of action to bring a balance of beauty and durability to your diamond engagement ring.
To accentuate the center stone without making the halo look bulky, try keeping that halo light and fine. If you require some more guidance, our expert team is always happy to help.

Our Favorite Halo Engagement Rings

We offer a large selection of exquisite engagement rings that are not only stunning, but also comfortable and durable. Our inventory contains a variety of settings that enhance the beauty of the diamond while ensuring its security for a lifetime of cherished memories.
Whiteflash's reputation for quality and customer service has allowed us to represent some of the most prestigious names in designer jewelry. We are authorized distributors for some of the top designer brands including Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, Valoria, Vatche, Danhov and Benchmark. Without further ado, let's explore some of our favorite halo engagement rings.

Beautiful Juxtaposition of Modern, Yet Traditional Halo

Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
A stunning, diamond-surrounded round center stone is flanked by pave-set Round Brilliant Diamond Melee that curves along the shoulders, with signature Tacori details along the sides for a woman with strength and sophistication.
With an engagement ring that embodies both old-world charm and modern allure, you will experience the epitome of fine craftsmanship and timeless elegance. In the heart of California, Tacori artisans meticulously handcraft each masterpiece with their skill and passion.
Designed to cater to every love story, this magnificent creation is offered in four enchanting variations. Whether you envision a subtle statement with a 0.75ct center diamond, a mesmerizing brilliance with a 1ct center, a captivating showstopper with a 1.5ct center, or a dazzling masterpiece with a 2ct center, your chosen ring will encapsulate your unique love story.

Modern Romance Halo Engagement Ring

Simon G. LR1133 Classic Romance Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Simon G. LR1133 Classic Romance Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Elevate your proposal with an engagement ring that beautifully intertwines classic romance with modern elegance. This captivating piece features a unique and stylish twisted halo design.
The halo, set with a total weight of 0.20 carats of pristine white diamonds, exudes a luminous glow, highlighting the center stone and adding an enchanting allure to the entire piece. A beautiful platinum band completes the look.
As you trace your fingers along the ring's intricately twisted band, you're reminded of the unique path your love has taken—a road filled with twists, turns, and unexpected beauty.
Capture the essence of your love story with this exquisite engagement ring. A timeless piece that speaks volumes about your commitment, devotion, and the extraordinary journey you're embarking upon together.

Vintage-Inspired Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

A. Jaffe ME2051Q Seasons of Love Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
A. Jaffe ME2051Q Seasons of Love Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Experience the embodiment of refined sophistication and timeless beauty with the Emerald Cut Halo engagement ring, a crown jewel within A. Jaffe’s esteemed Seasons of Love collection. This remarkable creation serves as an exquisite sanctuary, thoughtfully designed to cradle a magnificent emerald-cut diamond.
With a touch of regal elegance, the ring's design seamlessly combines classic opulence with a modern sensibility. Creating a pathway of shimmering dewdrops, the diamond pavé band forms a graceful line that leads the eye to the awe-inspiring center diamond.
As the band reaches the centerpiece, it evolves into a cathedral-style arch, a masterpiece of architectural grace that rises with purpose, elevating the emerald-cut diamond to the perfect height, where its bright radiance emanates. The versatility of halo settings can be seen in this ring, which shows how they can suit any style, genre, or desire.
A center diamond is the most important component of any engagement ring. Shoppers today understand that the light performance of a diamond plays a key role in its beauty. An understanding of the importance of fine cut craftsmanship is driving demand for ideal cut loose diamonds.
In order to get the most value for your finished halo engagement ring, study up on the 4 C's and do your due diligence. You should always keep in mind that cut is everything when it comes to the beauty of diamonds and diamond jewelry. While browsing, pay particular attention to the following:

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When looking for the perfect engagement ring, halo settings are only one of many options.
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