How to Protect Your Engagement Ring During Winter: Expert Tips

Winter is a time of joy. The holidays are a time when many people snuggle up with their loved ones, spend time with family, and slow down in preparation for the new year. There is nothing more magical than ice skating under the stars or soaking in the festive cheer.
However, in this snowy season, many don’t know that your engagement ring needs special protection, whether you are newly engaged or have been in married bliss for decades.
Valoria French-Set Diamond Engagement Ring
Valoria French-Set Diamond Engagement Ring
It is undeniable that your engagement ring is one of the most precious objects in your life. Your ring is worth protecting not only because of its monetary value, but also because of its sentimental and emotional value. In order to safeguard your diamond ring and minimize strain, make sure you wear it in a comfortable, protective way during the winter.
Maintaining your engagement ring properly will increase its lifespan and keep it looking beautiful for many years to come. During the winter months, some extra considerations are required. Follow these tips to protect your engagement ring in winter and ensure it shines throughout the season - and all year long.

1. Take Your Diamond Ring Off During Outdoor Activities

When wearing an engagement ring, it is generally advised to avoid vigorous outdoor activities, and that remains true during the winter season as well.
Any boisterous activity, and even seemingly harmless actions, can be dangerous for your engagement ring! That is why we always recommend that people take off their rings before workouts, chores or gardening. With the arrival of snow, there are plenty of fun opportunities, but be sure to remove your jewelry before skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or snow tubing (just to name a few).
Snow shoveling is likely a part of the winter season routine for people who live in areas prone to heavy snowfalls. There is a possibility that ice melting products, chemicals, snowblowers, and shovels may scratch the metal on your ring. How about another risk? Spending hours hunting through a pile of snow for your lost ring.
Diamonds, despite their strength and durability, are prone to damage if not handled properly too.

2. Consider Purchasing a Ring Guard

Custom Ring Guard
Custom Diamond Ring Guard
When the weather gets colder, your engagement ring may feel looser. Don’t panic! Your loved one has done an awesome job of picking out the ring of your dreams, it's just winter's effect.
Cold weather causes your body to respond with something called vasoconstriction. In essence, it is the process of your blood vessels contracting in order to keep your body warm. This allows rings to easily fall off if they don't fit snugly.
Making sure your ring fits your finger perfectly is always important. The best way to prevent this from happening in winter is to purchase a ring guard, it is essentially a tight metal hug with arms wrapped tenderly around your ring for safekeeping.
This can be a temporary fix or something a little more dazzling to complement your existing engagement ring. Some ice for your ice while it’s icy, if you will.

3. Prevent Your Ring From Being Exposed To Extreme Temperature Changes

Most brides and brides-to-be are unaware that extreme temperature changes can affect your fine jewelry . Although this is a rare occurrence, it can be exacerbated during the winter months. Avoid exposing your jewelry to immediate cold temperatures when moving from a warm place to a cold one - a prime example is leaving the roaring fire to step outside to greet loved ones at the door.
Precious metals are subject to various stresses during a lifetime of wear that can cause damage such as prongs becoming brittle and breaking and rings becoming out of round. Extreme temperature can be one of those stressers that can cause jewelry parts to fail. It is advisable to avoid exposure of your important jewelry to all types of extreme conditions.

4. Maintain Engagement Ring Cleaning and Upkeep

Taking care of your engagement ring will ensure its beauty and longevity. It is important to perform proper maintenance in order to avoid losing your diamond to a weakened prong in a snow heap. A proactive approach is essential to avoid problems from worsening to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment for years to come.
Take the time to protect your special treasures to guarantee their financial and emotional security. It is imperative to inspect the setting of your diamond jewelry regularly in order to ensure it is secure. A professional jeweler should be consulted if you notice any damage or loosening of the prongs.
We also recommend having diamond jewelry regularly examined by a reputable jeweler.
Cadence Diamond Engagement Ring
Cadence Diamond Engagement Ring
Your jeweler can also clean your jewelry professionally in addition to performing any necessary repairs. Using ultrasonic cleaners, dirt-encrusted on diamond engagement rings can be removed. An ultrasonic cleaner works by vibrating liquid to loosen dirt and grime accumulated over time. Afterward, steam is used to clean the piece perfectly.
Our Whiteflash representatives are happy to provide advice on suitable cleaning methods and products if you are not quite sure.

Purchase a Lifetime Service Guarantee

A jewelry insurance policy can provide you with great assurance for your engagement ring. Despite the fact that we do not sell insurance ourselves, we recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co, one of the leading insurance specialists.
There are policies that cover theft, loss, and damage to personal jewelry. There is also a service plan that covers repairs for the rest of your life - think of how many winters you could weather! We provide convenient access to quotes and application forms on our jewelry insurance page. Peace of mind is beyond measure.

5. Be Mindful Of Your Glove Choice

As gloves become increasingly necessary during the winter, you should be vigilant about how you wear them.
Ring prongs can easily get caught in gloves, which can loosen the setting of the center stone and increase the risk of the diamond falling out. Pavé rings, such as those adorned with multiple small diamonds, are susceptible to shedding small stones when caught on a loose thread.
Simon G. LR2350 Underhalo Diamond Engagement Ring
Simon G. LR2350 Underhalo Diamond Engagement Ring
The more intricate, exposed, and delicate styles should be treated with extra care and consideration. Avoid gloves made of knit or materials that are likely to catch on items - perhaps opt for a lovely pair of faux leather gloves instead.

Protecting Your Engagement Ring During Winter with Whiteflash

We always recommend the best cut and clarity that your budget will allow to avoid damaging your diamond engagement ring both in winter and year round. Cut quality, especially with respect to the girdle area of the diamond, is important to prevent chipping. And diamonds too low in clarity might have vulnerabilities due to internal weaknesses, especially if inclusions exist near points in fancy shape diamonds. Besides recommending the best settings, our experts can also help you prevent your precious stone from being damaged by everyday wear and tear.
The fine jewelry from Whiteflash is of the highest quality and is handcrafted with care so that it can be enjoyed for a long time to come. Additionally, we recommend The Ultimate Care Plan. In contrast to a plan that only covers "defects in materials and workmanship", you are protected from a range of problems caused by normal wear.
Because the Whiteflash Ultimate Care Plan is backed by the industry's leading jewelry protection company, you can enjoy peace of mind - come wind, rain, sun or snow.
It may cover the replacement of a missing center stone, ring sizing, and diamond prong repair in certain cases. Shipping is even covered both ways! We at Whiteflash are delighted to be able to support you and your exquisite diamond engagement rings for many years to come. If we can be of assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Whiteflash team.

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