Luxury Wedding Gifts For the Perfect Couple

Presenting wedding gifts is an age-old tradition, but how do you give a gift with sentimental value to a couple who has everything? Rogue wedding gifts (i.e. gifts not on the registry) must be accompanied by an alternative that you know the couple will love and that are extra special.
Celebrate their love with an unforgettable luxury wedding gift. Choosing jewelry as a wedding gift is a classic and elegant way to show your love to the happy couple on this precious day; a gift that will carry sentimental memories for generations to come. From diamond earrings and pendants to cufflinks and matching stacking rings, there are many luxury wedding gift options you can explore.
Lucky Diamond Pendant
Lucky Diamond Pendant
As a diamond jeweler committed to crafting timeless expressions of love and commitment, here at Whiteflash we understand the importance of finding the perfect wedding gift for the newlyweds. In our pursuit of excellence, we present an exquisite collection of luxury wedding gifts that go beyond tradition, offering a selection that reflects the unique bond of the perfect couple.

Something New: Diamond Earrings

4 prong Martini Diamond Earrings
4 prong Martini Diamond Earrings
You can't go wrong with a pair of fine diamond earrings. They are timeless, elegant, and stylish. They are something that most women consider a “must have” in their collection; a perfect embodiment of "Something New" to be given to the bride as a gift.
It is undeniable that diamond studs are the most popular earring style, and they are a classic addition to any wardrobe. With a range of carat weights and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect pair to complement her look forever more. A perfect gift combines elegance with practicality, and diamond stud earrings do just that.
Cut to the right proportion, round cut diamonds have a scintillating sparkle, which looks gorgeous when paired with well-matched settings. The customization and affordability of these pairs make them even more attractive, as many high-quality pairs can be found at competitive prices.
A fine pair of diamond earrings can be a memorable gift, and with the Whiteflash online diamond matching function, you can find the perfect match in just a few seconds. Whether natural or lab-grown, the pairings we suggest are based on both their measurements and gemological grades, emphasizing their complementary nature.
High quality, well-cut lab diamonds can be every bit as visually beautiful as natural diamonds. They have essentially the same basic chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, as opposed to simulants like cubic zirconia and moissanite which are better reserved for costume jewelry.
Moreover, we are able to verify the matching properties of the diamonds you choose; our diamond consultants will visually verify the diamonds on your behalf to ensure you are getting the perfect match for the perfect couple.

Diamond Pendants & Necklaces

Flower Cluster Lab Created Diamonds Pendant
Flower Cluster Lab Created Diamonds Pendant
As with diamond stud earrings, diamond pendants are fantastic gifts. There are so many gorgeous diamond-adorned pendant necklaces available out there, you are sure to find the one with the motif that’s meaningful to the blushing bride.
Different types of setting styles can be used to design the dream diamond pendant, including bezel, prong and pavé. Whatever your budget, there’s a pendant or necklace that will be treasured for a lifetime and make the perfect luxury wedding gift.
Designing a meaningful diamond pendant for the bride involves a thoughtful consideration of motifs that hold personal significance, complement other elements of her style, or align with the wedding's aesthetic.
For example, if the wedding is adorned with floral arrangements, a pendant featuring a delicate flower motif can be a perfect match. Additionally, incorporating motifs that complement her engagement ring or other planned accessories will create a stunning and cohesive look - ensuring a warm gift-giving experience.
Whiteflash customers often choose a certified diamond and setting separately to create a special diamond pendant. Using this method, the pendant created can be brilliantly celebrated with our internationally acclaimed natural A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal diamond, exclusive to Whiteflash. For a more affordable yet exceptional option, consider a stunning lab-created diamond from our Precision Lab Diamonds.
These are the best of the best when it comes to lab grown diamonds and jewelry. For optimal performance and beauty, Whiteflash Precision Lab Grown diamonds are manufactured with great attention to detail. If you purchase both a diamond and a setting from Whiteflash, labor for setting the diamond is included. We are happy to help you realize your vision for your luxury wedding gift.

Something Olde: Special Set of Cufflinks

Prodigy Cuff Links
Prodigy Cuff Links
Meaningful wedding gifts for grooms are not easy to find, especially when you're looking for something a little more luxurious and off the beaten track.
In the realm of wedding traditions, the adage "something olde" holds a charm that has stood the test of time. Although a rhyme associated with brides, there’s no reason you can’t extend this to the soon-to-be groom.
Cufflinks, initially appearing in the 1600s, did not find widespread popularity until the end of the 18th century. These small, yet significant accessories have since become a symbol of refined taste and sophistication - making them the ideal wedding gift to complete the groom's attire.
Though not old in the conventional sense but more so in their timeless origin, our cufflinks, crafted with precision and unwavering attention to detail, honor the rich history of these accessories while offering modern craftsmanship. Better yet, several color schemes look great with white gold - a versatile metal. These tactile and understated cufflinks would be a welcomed gift on the big day, and serve as a reminder at every future formal function to come.

Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Three-Prong Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Bracelet
Three-Prong Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Bracelet
In the world of luxury wedding gifts, few pieces carry the symbolic weight and timeless elegance of a tennis bracelet. The unending row of glistening diamonds serves as a visual metaphor for the perpetual commitment, sparkling from end-to-end.
The classic design features a single row of round cut diamonds, with options ranging from 2.00ctw to 6.00ctw, and set with precision into round prongs. With its incredibly scintillating look, it will flatter any wrist.
The three-prong formation creates a different visual dynamic to the bracelet, offering more fluidity, and more of an expressive style compared to its more regimented four-prong counterparts. By reducing the number of prongs, more of the diamond can be seen, enhancing its sparkle. This is particularly helpful when considering smaller total carat weights.
In their shared journey, the tennis bracelet becomes one of the most treasured accessories that accompanies the couple through every chapter of their life together. From day-to-day to celebrations, this is a versatile, luxury wedding gift that is sure to make a lasting impression.

Something Blue: Stackable Ring

Valoria Jazz Bezel Diamond and Sapphire Ring
Valoria Jazz Bezel Diamond and Sapphire Ring
We invite you to embrace this tradition with a modern twist for the perfect luxury wedding gift. Incorporate the tradition of "something blue" with a stackable ring that adds a pop of color and sentiment. Again, although technically the old rhyme applies to brides, there’s no reason you couldn’t extend this to a groom too.
The beauty of stackable rings lies in their versatility. They can be worn on various fingers, allowing for personalization and adaptability to different occasions - and can be worn by both bride and groom should you choose to gift one to each. Whether stacked with the wedding band or engagement ring, these bands become an evolving expression.
Selecting matching metal colors adds a meaningful touch beyond mere aesthetics. At Whiteflash, we recognize the intimacy of such gifts and understand that harmonizing the metal colors with the couple's existing engagement rings speaks volumes. With our expert consultants always available, we'd love to assist you in selecting the perfect luxury wedding gift for the couple who mean so much to you.

Where to Purchase Luxury Wedding Diamond Jewelry Gifts Online

Whiteflash Diamond Jewelry
The world of diamond jewelry can be a bit overwhelming for a novice, which is why we've covered it in detail across the Whiteflash website. You may run into challenges during the process, so you need a retailer with the experience and expertise that you can trust.
When it comes to luxury wedding gifts, what matters most is a thoughtful selection from the heart, regardless of what bracelet, ring, pendant or set of earrings you choose.
To speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable diamond jewelry experts about luxury wedding gift jewelry, please contact our team at Whiteflash by email, chat or phone. You'll find something that matches the newlywed’s tastes and your budget here. We’ll help you navigate the diamond 4Cs with ease, and find the perfect gift to commemorate this wonderful occasion.
You’ll be in good company with the thousands of customers who have found beautiful jewelry to be treasured. Take a look at our luxury diamond wedding gifts today.

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