Stylish Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024: Necklaces, Earrings & Bracelets

A mother's love is unconditional, make her feel extra special with a gift she'll cherish forever. Don't miss this opportunity to show your love for your mom by giving her something unique, sparkling and most importantly - honors her beautifully. A diamond jewelry gift is a spectacular (and can be a surprisingly affordable) treasure for the important woman in your life.
When looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, diamond jewelry makes the perfect choice. If you're looking for a gift that's both sentimental and stylish, look no further! Pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are some of the most popular diamond jewelry pieces for Mother's Day.
To make her feel unequivocally loved, the following Mother’s Day Gift Guide includes some of our top picks for stylish jewelry gifts for Mother's Day in both natural and lab grown diamond jewelry.

1. Tacori Bloom Diamond Melee Halo Pendant

Tacori FP670 Diamond Pendant
Tacori FP670 Diamond Pendant
A diamond pendant necklace is one of the most adaptable jewelry pieces that a woman can own. An uninterrupted string of meticulously-set diamonds illuminates the center with depth and dimension, it encircles and blooms the perfect diamond solitaire of your choosing.
There are an endless number of diamond pendant designs available; a simple, classic solitaire pendant remains the most popular.
Our diamond pendant guide has been created to assist you in finding the diamond necklace your mom would love. Be transparent about your budget with your chosen jeweler to receive personalized recommendations within your price range. A reasonable budget can usually be accommodated by choosing a diamond whose 4 C's - carat, color, clarity, and cut - are in balance. Today, there are lab grown diamonds available for the ultimate in affordable luxury.
Tacori jewelry places an emphasis on signature details, and this highly regarded brand is accessible when you work with top retailers in the industry and we’re happy to assist. As an authorized Tacori distributor, Whiteflash offers a wide selection of these captivating Tacori Jewelry designs perfect for gifting this Mother’s day.

2. Floral Delight: Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant

Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant
Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant
Stylish pendant necklaces with diamonds are ideal Mother's Day gifts for the special women in your life. The best part? The versatility of pendants makes them an ideal accent for any outfit and the perfect item for giving.
A simple, classic solitaire pendant is undoubtedly the most popular of all diamond pendants. The perfect jewelry gift that transcends any special occasion, and becomes a staple in her collection. Whiteflash's Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant makes a wonderful Mother's Day gift because it combines the beauty and symbolism of flowers and Springtime with the timeless elegance of diamonds, making it a truly wonderful gift for this very special occasion.
Pendant necklaces can be beautifully updated each celebration by simply changing out the chain length, making them a permanent piece while being easily updated with contemporary styles.
Discover the best clasps, chain lengths, and styles in our essential guide for diamond pendants . This diamond pendant necklace guide covers everything you need to know.

3. Traditional yet Contemporary: Tacori Dantela Diamond Pendant

Tacori FP643 Dantela Diamond Pendant
Tacori FP643 Dantela Diamond Pendant
A timeless classic with a refined edge, this piece is always in style. Spotlight diamonds highlight the center diamond, creating a pendant with nuanced depth and dimension.
There has recently been a renaissance in yellow gold jewelry - no longer relegated to antique pieces but bringing a distinctive flair to contemporary jewelry. This pendant from Tacori would look great with a diamond in the buttery hues, but it's also available in icy white gold and blushing rose gold to suit any preference.
In these breathtaking diamond pendants, Tacori's passion for quality and innovation is evident in every facet. With its fusion of modern glamor with classic elegance and tradition, the Dantela collection offers many settings that work beautifully together.
Our partnership with Tacori ensures that you get an authentic Tacori setting paired with a top-tier diamond. For the ultimate sparkle, the beauty of Tacori is perfectly complimented by an A CUT ABOVE® natural diamond. Light performance and beauty are exceptional in each of these rare gems - cut with elite level precision.

4. Four Prong Full Eternity Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Necklace

Four Prong Full Eternity Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Necklace
Four Prong Full Eternity Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Necklace
Providing proof that maximalism and minimalism need not be mutually exclusive, the Four Prong Full Eternity Diamond Tennis Necklace is an epic gift for the stylish Mom!
The striking style of this necklace features non-stop diamonds, similar to the iconic tennis bracelet. In other words, it's the modern equivalent of a string of elegant pearls, but with much more craftsmanship and sparkle!
Tennis necklaces are classic, timeless, and elegant pieces that can be worn alone or layered with chains - this allows for further complementary gifts the following year or future birthdays. We could not think of a more perfect Mother's Day gift!

Should You Consider Lab-Grown Diamonds for Mother’s Day Jewelry?

To provide our customers with a full range of choices for their Mother’s day purchase, Whiteflash now offers the finest quality certified laboratory grown diamonds in our Precision Lab brand.
Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds have essentially the same chemical, physical and optical properties. They should not be confused with cubic zirconia and moissanite - which may look similar to diamonds but with very different properties that make them less durable and brilliant than lab-grown or natural diamonds. CZ and other simulants are better suited to costume jewelry.
The majority of settings available at Whiteflash can be set with any diamonds in our inventory, from the internationally recognized brand of Super Ideal Cut natural diamonds, A CUT ABOVE®, to our in-stock lab diamonds at our Precision Lab. Lab-grown diamonds are more accessible than ever, making them both cost-effective and fashionable choices for gifts.
Lab-grown diamonds offer a wide range of affordable design possibilities, allowing you to select a piece of diamond jewelry that perfectly suits your mother's style and personality. No matter what her style is, there's a lab-grown diamond option for her.

5. Touch of Elegance: Caviar Diamond Bracelet

Simon G. MB1557 Caviar Diamond Bracelet
Simon G. MB1557 Caviar Diamond Bracelet
This elegant bracelet makes quite a statement - an exquisite combination of diamonds arranged to form a stunning spectacle. The popularity of tennis bracelets really comes down to one thing: they’re designed to be worn daily, and isn’t wearing diamonds every day the ultimate dream?
For over four decades, Simon G. has been designing and creating timeless fine jewelry at their studio in Southern California. Simon G checks al the boxes with their jewelry; their style is distinctive without being overbearing and therefore it will appeal to a wide audience, regardless of how different individual tastes may be. In this way, they stand out confidently against the mass-produced jewelry by offering a 'something for everyone' catalog without conforming to generic designs.

6. Endless Brilliance : Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Bracelet

Three-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Three-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
For the mom who loves to make a statement, diamond tennis bracelets that shimmer from end to end are a beautiful gift to give. As a continuous line of interlocked diamonds, the bracelet achieves its desired appearance of end-to-end sparkle.
Tennis bracelets add the perfect amount of bling to any ensemble, making them suitable for work or formal occasions. Due to its versatility, this diamond-studded bracelet can be worn with a variety of outfits, whether Mom is at the office or out on the town for a special occasion.
Better yet, lab grown diamonds make these high quality diamonds much more accessible - making them attainable for a wide range of gifting occasions. What better way to honor Mom this year!
Even though tennis bracelets have never really been out of style, their popularity is on the rise as diamond jewelry trends develop, making them an exceptional Mother's Day gift.

7. Spherical Chic: Tacori Diamond Earrings

Tacori FE 670 5 Diamond Earrings
Tacori FE 670 5 Diamond Earrings
In these diamond stud earrings, you'll find stunning diamond melee in a halo beaming for all to see - with even more intricate diamond melee inside Tacori's signature crescent design on the opposite side. Additionally, these earrings feature a seven-prong setting to highlight the center stone of your choice and keep it secure while sparkling all day long.
It's no secret that diamond studs are one of the most popular choices because of their versatility - they're equally appropriate for the workplace, as well as for the most upscale evening events. They come in a full range of sizes and can conform to almost any budget, perfect this Mother’s day.

8. Spring Into Sparkles: Flower Cluster Diamond Earrings

Flower Cluster Lab Created Diamonds Earrings
Flower Cluster Lab Created Diamonds Earrings
Another floral fanfare from Whiteflash, these Flower Cluster diamond earrings would be beautiful as a stand alone gift or accompanying their matching necklace and bracelet counterpart this Mother’s Day.
A pair of diamond earrings is one of those jewelry items that many people regard as ‘must haves’ - and we can’t help but agree that they’re a jewelry box staple. They are classic yet striking, and versatile too. The perfect combination for gifting.
We offer several different customizations from metal to carat weights. You can customize a pair that is just right for your Mom.

9. Stunning Studs: Round Cut Dantela Diamond Earrings

Tacori FE 643 5 Dantela Diamond Earrings
Tacori FE 643 5 Dantela Diamond Earrings
Featuring all the best design details from Tacori, the Dantela Diamond Earrings are the epitome of elegance. The center diamond is highlighted by fine milgrain, delicate prongs, and a halo of diamonds. A stunning pair of earrings for your mom!
This pair of stud earrings is eye-catching, timeless, and exceptionally wearable. 'Dantela' means 'lace' in Romanian, and its delicate details are what make it such a fitting name for this collection.
The earrings all feature lace-like diamonds around the center stone, and each employs the crescent silhouette to maximum effect. Their half-moon arcs are designed to catch light from all angles and sparkle from all directions.
Available in a variety of metals, and a range of diamond shapes, these earrings are feminine, elegant and offer exquisite sparkle. Your mom will adore these for a lifetime.

Purchase Your Mother’s Day Diamond Jewelry Gift Online

Diamond jewelry gifts such as pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets can be purchased online - no retail store is required and you could get it delivered straight to your Mom.
Diamond jewelry is a wonderful, thoughtful gift for mothers of all ages, and there are designs and options to suit every Mom. Make sure you review all the properties of any diamond jewelry piece before buying it. Information on color, cut, clarity, total carat weight should always be made available.
Don't overlook the diamond's pictures and videos. Look for a jeweler who has high-resolution images and videos showing how your Mothers day diamonds might perform and interact with light. It is important to choose a jeweler who can provide expert guidance and advice!

Purchase From a Reputable Jeweler

Diamond jewelry is a truly unique and special Mother's Day gift for your Mom. Every Mom’s taste and style is taken into consideration at Whiteflash with options ranging from delicate and subtle to bold and statement-making!
The exceptional quality and craftsmanship of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, renowned for their superior cut and brilliance, enhance the beauty of every piece with their exceptional fire and brilliance.
And our Precision Lab Diamonds are the best of the best when it comes to lab grown diamonds.. Each Whiteflash Precision Lab Grown diamond is produced with great attention to detail for optimal performance and beauty.
If you're looking for natural diamond or lab grown diamond jewelry for the perfect gift for your loved one, you can rely on our team of professionals. Whenever you need assistance finding diamond jewelry that makes a lasting impression, don't hesitate to contact us.
With so many options to choose from, selecting the perfect gift can be a daunting task, but if you need any assistance or guidance finding the perfect style or expression of love, the friendly and knowledgeable jewelry consultants and gemologists at Whiteflash will be happy to help.
You can reach out to us via email, phone, or chat. It will be our pleasure to help you find the perfect Mother’s day gift!

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