Why Every Hand is Made for a Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The round cut diamond is an engagement ring classic – the beauty and simplicity of the cut means the stone shines in all its glory. It’s also a cut style that suits a variety of settings, so these diamonds are often reset into new rings if inherited as heirloom pieces.
Round cut diamonds also have the advantage of offering the best light return or brilliance of any cut – their symmetrical shape allows for maximum potential brightness. The shape is a tried and true classic making it a good choice for anyone buying a ring as a surprise.
But the cut’s simplicity doesn’t mean that all rings look alike! Because the stone is so versatile, it can be the sole diamond on a band, or positioned as the highlight amongst other diamonds. The band can be simple or intricate, and the style can be modern or classic.
It’s easy to see why the round cut diamond is viewed as an engagement ring tradition – here’s a selection of our favorites.
Verragio INS-7074R Engagement Ring
The exquisite detail of the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Melee on the braids weaving over the band of this ring adds layers of sparkle to the center diamond. With a nod to the vintage style of the early part of the 20th century, this ring speaks to the romantic in us all.
Tacori 2584RD Engagement Ring
This round diamond sits high and beautiful on this band, but the height of the setting hides a surprise – hand-engraved diamond detail can be seen flanking either side of this beautiful main stone. The flat edge band lends a contemporary feel to this chic solitaire ring.
Simon G MR2132 Engagement Ring
There’s no question that the center diamond is the focal point that draws the eye in this design, but it’s the bead set halo and pavé band that add to the overall feel of elegance and luxury.
Vatche 191 Engagement Ring
If there was a ring from a fairy tale, presented to a princess by her prince, this is surely it! The beautiful center diamond is set in an open cathedral setting, with four smaller diamonds nestled underneath. The fluid design of the shoulders rising up to meet the setting only heightens the sense of romance.
Benchmark LCPA1 Engagement Ring
This classic beauty is all about the sparkle – the pavé ring is set with Round Brilliant Diamond Melee to catch the light and accentuate the brilliance of the center stone. It’s an understated classic that can be worn every day for decades to come.
Danhov LE116 Engagement Ring
This ring conjures up images of champagne enjoyed on a private yacht and a life of luxury in the sunshine. The split shank leads to the four prong basket, which in turn allows for an embellished view of the diamond in profile. Nothing could be more delicious!
Ritani 1RZ1321 Engagement Ring
Like sparkles on the water highlighting the beauty of the ocean, the pavé halo on this ring makes that center diamond sing. Pavé actually means ‘cobblestone’ in French, and you can see in this ring how the smaller diamonds on the band create a glittering path to the feature stone.
Trellis 3 Stone Engagement Ring
This three stone engagement ring will never fail to capture the light, regardless of the angle. Each of the stunning stones is held in a four prong trellis setting, with flowing lines that intertwine to create a romance and delicacy that is captivating. Your eye will be delighted whether you’re a jewelry expert or not.
Do any of those leap out as your engagement ring? It’s only a small selection of the rings we have, you can check out the full collection here. Buying such an important ring should be an exciting and enlightening experience, which is why our GIA trained diamond and jewelry professionals are ready to answer any questions you might have. And check out our customer reviews to see why we are recommended so highly online!

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