V-Prong Setting Engagement Ring

The prong setting is the most traditional and popular diamond engagement ring setting type in use, but did you know that the prong setting also comes in several variations?
Prongs stick out vertically from the base of a diamond before it is set. As soon as the diamond is aligned into place, these rails of metal are notched and refined tightly around it to ensure complete security. Prong settings can be formed into several interesting shapes, can be doubled, rounded, flattened, and can even be notched into V shapes.
Classic 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
Classic 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
The V-Prong setting, also known as V-Tip, is an angular design that cradles the center diamond securely in a V-shaped embrace, and is ideally suited to diamonds with pointed corners.
This setting not only provides the utmost security for your cherished gem but also allows it to take center stage, capturing and reflecting light from every angle, and creating a breathtaking display of fire and sparkle. If you're inclined toward more angular diamond shapes, we've explored the nuances of this secure setting, when it's most effective, and some inspiration to get you started.

What is a V-Prong Setting?

Tacori 32-2PR for Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 32-2PR for Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
V-tip prongs (like those pictured above) secure and protect the corners of diamonds that come to a point or points such as princess, pear and marquise shapes.
These v-shaped prongs are slightly wider than traditional prongs. When viewed from above, the prongs are shaped like the letter V due to small notches on the ends.
In addition to providing extra protection for diamonds in vulnerable areas, v-prongs are particularly useful for securing diamonds in rings - especially engagement rings - that are worn on a daily basis and are subjected to more direct stress than diamonds set in pendants or earrings.
Using a v-prong setting also allows the jeweler to set pointed diamonds safely and securely. In order for the diamond to be tight and secure in the mounting, pressure must be exerted on the prong and the diamond. V-prongs enable the jeweler to evenly distribute pressure on both sides of the point, without damaging your treasure. And they provide some extra protection for the most vulnerable areas of the diamond.
It is possible to cast prong settings in any metal. Platinum, 18k gold and 14k gold (both yellow and white) are the most popular engagement ring metals - both for their durability and timeless appeal. You can read more about metal alloys for jewelry purposes in this guide.

What are the Best Diamond Shapes for V-Prong Settings?

Simon G. LP1935-D Delicate Diamond Engagement Ring for Princess
Simon G. LP1935-D Delicate Diamond Engagement Ring for Princess
Unusually-shaped diamond cuts such as, princess, marquise and heart-shaped diamonds require extra care to ensure that the delicate edges and corners do not get chipped. V-prongs are usually attached to those edges to show off the diamond while ensuring its safety.
Round-shaped stones, on the other hand, are not suitable for V-prongs. So, if you have your eyes set on a classic brilliant-cut diamond, a standard prong setting is required. A prong setting is best selected based on the shape of your diamond.

How Secure are V-Prong Settings?

While not quite as secure as a full bezel setting which covers the entire perimeter of the stone with a thin rim of metal, v-prongs are more secure than traditional prongs and have the advantage over bezels by allowing more of the diamond to show in the mounting.
This maximizes the combination of security and light performance of the diamond and allows all fire and brilliance of the diamond to come shining through. In particular, women who lead active lifestyles tend to choose this option.
Large diamonds also need extra protection as they tend to stand up higher off the finger and are subject to more contact with the environment. We all know how much celebrities love opulent, dramatic, oversized diamond rings. That’s why you can spot v-prongs securing the likes of Jada Pinkett Smith’s unique three-pointed trilliant-cut diamond ring.

Top Tips: How to Choose The Right Prong Setting

First and foremost, your own personal taste will lead the way when choosing a prong setting. Prong settings cover a huge variety of styles, allowing for personal expression to take the lead.
Lifestyle - The majority of women lead extremely active lives on a daily basis. Diamond rings adorn hands that perform everything from workouts to household chores. When diamond rings have sharp corners or points, there is a greater risk of damage.
Despite diamond's hardness and durability, you should minimize snaggability when choosing an engagement ring to suit your fast-paced lifestyle. Fortunately, there are a variety of styles and heights of prong settings to choose from.
Carat Size - Larger diamond carats require a more durable setting. It is here where six- and eight-prong settings become ideal.
Similarly, if you choose a lower-carat weight diamond, the prong size should work proportionally to keep the gemstone from being overwhelmed. The benefits of v-prongs are evident here.
Balancing style and strength - Stylistically, some customers may request for prongs to be polished down or made slimmer to improve the appearance of the setting according to their taste. Here at Whiteflash, we will always advise the best course of action to bring a balance of beauty and durability to your diamond engagement ring.
A prong setting is a fantastic choice for an engagement ring and this proven setting will never go out of style. If you require some more guidance, our expert team is always happy to help.

Our Favorite V-Prong Setting Diamond Engagement Rings

Our selection features meticulously crafted engagement rings that are not only stunning but also designed for comfort and durability. Each setting has been carefully chosen for its ability to enhance the beauty of the diamond while ensuring its security for a lifetime of cherished enjoyment.
The reputation Whiteflash has built for quality and customer service has earned them the privilege to represent some of the most esteemed names in designer jewelry. We are authorized distributors for some of the top designer brands including Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, Valoria, Vatche, Danhov and Benchmark.
So, without further ado, let's explore the beauty and allure of V-Prong setting engagement rings.

Subtle Knife-Edge V-Prong Setting Engagement Ring

Vatche U-114 5th Avenue Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
Vatche U-114 5th Avenue Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
The Vatche "5th Avenue" Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess Cut Diamonds combines a sleek shank with a subtle knife-edge. A testament to contemporary aesthetics and clean lines, the shank of the ring immediately catches the eye.
Adding to its allure is the subtle knife-edge detailing, elevating the ring's sophistication to a new level. This delicate and refined touch imparts a sense of grace and refinement, symbolizing the precision and care put into crafting this stunning piece of jewelry.
Vatche is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and sleek styling, and this engagement ring is no exception. With its timeless design, it will remain a symbol of everlasting love and enduring elegance for many years to come.

French Chic V-Prong Setting Engagement Ring

Tacori 32-2PR for Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 32-2PR for Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
Asscher-cut diamonds on the band compliment the Princess-cut center stone in this French-cut style engagement ring. The band reveals clean crescent engraving along the top of the band's profile, and a signature diamond crescent below.
This majestic diamond is cradled in a secure and eye-catching four-prong setting, allowing it to bask in the limelight and captivate all who gaze upon it. The Princess-cut's square shape represents a modern and stylish choice, while its impressive facets showcase its brilliance and scintillation.
Embodying the perfect fusion of classic allure and modern sensibilities, this French-cut style engagement ring is a statement of sophistication and individuality. It speaks volumes about the wearer's discerning taste and appreciation for timeless elegance with a contemporary twist.

Modern and Sleek V-Prong Setting Engagement Ring

Contemporary Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess Cut Diamonds
Contemporary Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess Cut Diamonds
You might call it modern, trendy, current... however you choose to describe it, the contemporary Solitaire Engagement Ring is a dazzling way to highlight its distinct shape. While still allowing your diamond to be the main focus, the four-prong V-Tip head provides you with the utmost security.
Adding a little extra flair to the design is the sleek shank that pinches near the head. This subtle yet captivating detail sets this solitaire engagement ring apart from traditional styles, making it a symbol of modern romance.
Whether you are a lover of minimalist elegance or a fan of contemporary designs, this ring ensures that your diamond is presented in the most enchanting and alluring way possible.
Regardless of which V-Prong Setting Engagement Ring you desire - make sure you do your due diligence and study up on the 4 C’s so you can get the most value for the finished ring. And always remember, when it comes to diamonds and diamond jewelry, cut quality is everything!
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