The Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends for 2023

Looking to pop the question sometime soon? Diamonds are forever, and getting down on one knee with a superb diamond and an awesome ring will definitely make for an epic proposal! Engagement ring trends for 2023 include styles that revisit iconic shapes and even introduce new ones.
Trends for engagement rings have changed over time, and some vintage styles are new again. Whether you're looking for modern engagement ring ideas or rings that echo classic shapes, these ring trends are sure to delight you.
Cadence Diamond Engagement Ring
Cadence Diamond Engagement Ring
There is no doubt that 2023 will be a year of bold statements, with engagement rings as individual as the wearer. Many of our favorite 2022 trends will return - from two-stone engagement rings to vintage styles - but the main trends you should see on ring fingers include upscale designer settings, sentimental elements, and the arrival of affordable lab-grown diamonds in large sizes and excellent quality.
Here are the types of engagement rings that will be popular in 2023, along with our favorite styles. Learn more about these rings and find the perfect fit for your special moment.

1. Lab Grown Diamonds

Verragio AFN-5013R-4 Three Stone Engagement Ring
Verragio AFN-5013R-4 Three Stone Engagement Ring
Demand is growing for lab grown diamond engagement rings in 2023, a more cost-effective option that offers the same sparkle and durability as natural diamonds. Obtaining the beauty of a diamond through lab-created diamonds is an option to make budgets go further, and one that is being embraced by a growing number of consumers.
A major reason for their popularity is because lab-grown diamonds are more affordable, which helps meet a wider range of budgets. Natural diamonds are rare and only found in a few places on Earth, whereas lab-created diamonds are created in dozens of laboratories and factories worldwide with technology that is continually improving.
It is expected that this trend will accelerate in the near future, as lab-grown diamonds are becoming more accessible to everyone; allowing you to have designer settings, larger diamonds and better-cut diamonds at a more affordable price point.
This is a significant improvement over diamond simulants like cubic zirconias, which are now used extensively in costume jewelry. As a result, lab-grown diamonds will play a significant role in the jewelry industry going forward.
Whiteflash has always been known for providing the finest natural diamonds available. However, we are equally dedicated to supplying our customers with the diamonds they desire for their dream engagement ring.
To accommodate customers looking for lab-grown diamonds, Whiteflash offers the finest lab-created diamonds in our Precision Lab category. Our lab diamonds are the best of the best due to our expertise in cut quality and diamond light performance. At Whiteflash you can find the perfect diamond to match the engagement trends of 2023, whatever your style or budget might be.

2. Designer Settings

Tacori 2638RD Pave Diamond Engagement
Tacori 2638RD Pave Diamond Engagement
You can elevate an engagement ring to something truly stunning, even rare, by going designer. Regardless of whether you're a designer devotee or not, there’s been a revival in taking classic designer settings and making them uniquely yours. Yes, even solitaires!
A designer, unlike mass-produced manufacturers, only produces a limited number of designs. One designer can usually be distinguished from another by their own unique style and impressive styling. If you avail yourself to designer brands, you are sure to discover a particular designer whose style matches your own.
Today, most designers offer rings in a variety of metals, including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.
As lab-created diamonds gain popularity, this trend of designer settings is likely to increase as well due to the savings the center stone offers. In many cases, people opt for larger diamonds with the cost savings, overlooking the advantage of acquiring an exquisite designer setting to make their lab-grown diamond pieces unique.
Buying a designer setting might seem impossible with natural mined diamonds, but lab-grown diamonds make it much easier.
Establishing a reputation for quality and customer care has allowed Whiteflash the privilege of representing some of the most prestigious names in designer jewelry. We are authorized distributors for some of the top designer brands including Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, Ritani, Valoria, Vatche, Danhov and Benchmark.
If you do not find a particular style on our site made by one of these fine designers, just let us know and we will get it for you. Read about our designers and access their catalogs conveniently on our designer engagement rings page.

3. Romantic Solitaire Styles

Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
In terms of design, a solitaire ring will never go out of style because its simplicity is timeless. In 2023, we predict a pivot towards finer detailing that enhances the romantic and regal appeal of a solitaire engagement ring.
Take the 18k White Gold Seasons of Love Diamond Engagement Ring from A. Jaffe, which features a splendid oval diamond and a tightly twisted diamond shank that marries modern design ideas with romantic, classic sensibilities.
Oval-cut engagement rings have consistently been popular, but demand has increased in the past year, and we expect this to continue in 2023.
Playing on romantic elements, like soft curves, twisted shanks and intricate details, the high-impact look and dazzle of these types of engagement rings will draw all eyes to the wearer's finger. Their curving, unique shape also makes them stand out from the classic round diamonds widely popular for engagement rings.
*Many, if not most settings for oval center diamonds will also be available for a round.

4. Diamond Bezel Settings

Simon G. MR2549 Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR2549 Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring
In 2023, many individuals are looking to adopt healthier lifestyles, and a low-profile, streamlined diamond setting is a great solution for those who lead an active lifestyle or those incorporating more exercise into their everyday lives. An understated bezel setting makes for a stylish, durable, and versatile ring design.
In case you're unfamiliar with bezel settings, they consist of a thin metal rim around the stone, protecting it from all sides. You may want to use this setting for your engagement ring if you're planning to use a more delicate gemstone like an emerald.
It is expected that bezel settings will become increasingly popular in diamond engagement rings in 2023. Engagement rings in bezel settings create a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that lends a stylish, modern feel.
Diamonds with bezel settings tend to be geometric shapes like emerald cuts, Asscher cuts, and radiant cuts. Nevertheless, round cuts and ovals are increasingly being set in bezels too. We have yet to see bezel settings come into their prime yet - you can hop on this trend earlier and get ahead of the curve.

5. Two-Stone Engagement Rings

Valoria Oval Two Stone Right Hand Ring
Valoria Oval Two Stone Right Hand Ring
The popularity of solitaire rings will continue to increase in 2023, but an additional type of ring is on the rise. For the second consecutive year, the toi et moi ring - also known as two-stone engagement rings - is one of 2023's biggest engagement ring trends.
Symbolizing the deep connection between two people, this trendy engagement ring design can be highly symbolic. Pop stars, movie stars, and First Ladies have all sported the now-iconic two-stone engagement ring. This style was popularized by Jackie Kennedy's two-stone ring.
This engagement ring trend isn't going anywhere and will continue to grow in popularity. It's a great canvas for combining different gemstones, shapes, and colors, as well as incorporating graphic bands and settings if you're looking for something a bit more daring.

6. Yellow Gold Settings

Valoria Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring
Valoria Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring
Clearly, platinum and gold ring settings have both endured through the ages. Unsurprisingly, a return of yellow gold will be among the hottest engagement ring trends of 2023.
Yellow gold is regaining popularity in modern styles, from vintage-inspired designs to contemporary ones; this classic precious metal conveys a robust and rich aesthetic. Engagement rings for 2023 will feature diamonds set in yellow gold to perfectly contrast the buttery metal's warmth by adding an eye-catching icy sparkle.
It is possible to lower the diamond color by one or two grades when opting for yellow gold and prioritize the money saved on the cut or setting instead. Diamonds need not be colorless in order to appear white in contrast with the darker yellow metal.

7. Cut Over Carat

Benchmark CSP4 Crescent Diamond Engagement Ring
Benchmark CSP4 Crescent Diamond Engagement Ring
The 2023 shopper is savvier than ever before, and more likely to do their research. This is music to our ears - we love educating our customers where we can and sharing our expertise.
One of the biggest engagement ring trends in 2023 will focus on getting the most value for your money, particularly when it comes to expensive and symbolic diamond pieces.
In case you haven’t got around to doing your research, it’s important to know that diamond cut is the number one factor determining a diamond’s beauty. Precision cutting enables a diamond to perform at its best and release its full potential for fire and brilliance.
Well-cut diamonds will have more beauty and value than diamonds whose cut quality has been compromised for carat weight.
A CUT ABOVE® is our internationally recognized brand of natural “Super Ideal” Round and Princess cut diamonds. In terms of cut craftsmanship and light performance, it is a marvel of brilliance and fire. We offer our in-house diamonds exclusively at Whiteflash, which are available in-store or delivered straight to your door.
We also bring our expertise in cut quality and light performance to bear on lab grown diamonds. If you are considering this affordable option, we offer the best of the best in our Precision Lab brand.

8. Art-Deco Settings and Styles

Verragio ENG-0356 Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring
Verragio ENG-0356 Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring
In the current trend for engagement rings, a sense of old meets new is permeating all aspects, from settings (e.g. Art Deco) to cuts (Old European). These pieces are characterized by their time-gone-by appeal, in contrast to the sleek, utilitarian lines of minimalist designs of the previous decade.
It is the timeless elegance of art-deco pieces that has kept them popular for decades. You can find something to suit every taste in such a broad style.
Lots of filigree detailing, white, rose and yellow gold metal, repetitive geometric motifs and clean lines can create an Art Deco feel with a contemporary twist fit for 2023 engagement ring trends.
People are choosing pieces that use classic design from bygone eras, yet use metals that are well-known and deemed current. Traditionally associated with vintage styling, rose gold is now becoming more popular too.
Using modern ideal cut diamonds, we can improve on the original look. It is typically true that things that you save for a long time will come back into style at some point in the future. There's no doubt that diamonds will never go out of style!
These styles are great if you want jewelry that blends the line between accessory and art. These rings have been beloved by millions of brides since the beginning of time, so you can rely on history to guide your choice! An engagement ring designer who has fully embraced the desire for classic engagement rings is Verragio, we implore you to check out the selection we carry.

9. Colored Stones

SimonG TR699 Halo Engagement Ring
SimonG TR699 Halo Engagement Ring
In response to an increased interest in presenting a unique fashion choice that means something to the wearer, people are looking for a little more individuality with their stone selection.
There is a playfulness to these gems that diamonds can complement. They are unique, brightly colored, and have an innate playfulness. Engagement is a celebration of love and beauty, after all.
The Platinum Verragio Parisian Shared-Prong Princess and Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring with Rose Gold Wraps is a beautiful example of how colored gemstones can be matched with white diamonds.
Colored gemstones such as rubies and sapphires are experiencing a moment in the spotlight thanks to modern designs and top-quality cuts. A colored gemstone engagement ring adds a new dimension of personality to the wearer, especially if it is their favorite color, birth stone or holds some other personal meaning.
This is an engagement ring trend that 2023 welcomes with open arms, we can’t wait to see what combinations our customers come up with.

10. Rings With Sentimental Elements

Custom 3-Row Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom 3-Row Diamond Engagement Ring
We are seeing more and more clients who want to customize their engagement rings in 2023.
Recent years have brought a great deal of uncertainty to our lives, as we are all well aware. As a result, we have become much more invested in things that we can control, such as jewelry. It's not enough to choose something from a shelf or a catalog anymore.
In today's world, we put the effort in because we're better able to and it has more personal meaning to us.
Engagement rings have become increasingly personal as a result of this emphasis on increased creative control. Clients are looking for ethical, conflict-free diamonds and gemstones, unique designs, and custom rings full of meaning for the couple.
It's now possible to create rings that represent a certain personality, a story, or even a relationship. In selecting ring features, we can focus on certain important elements, such as diamond cut, coloration, and overall design to tell a story.
For example, here are some custom engagement rings we’ve been able to create for our treasured customers.
Each design is unique, and each choice has been carefully selected to have meaning for the couple. The sentimental element of a ring can be anything, from an engraving within the band to a particular stone cut. Ultimately, the decision is yours - and nothing is more on trend than being empowered to create something truly spectacular.
Although not a fashion fad, regardless of which engagement ring trend in 2023 you wish to adopt - make sure you do your due diligence and study up on the 4 C’s so you can get the most for your money. When it comes to diamonds and diamond jewelry, cut is everything!
When perusing, pay extra special attention to:

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There might be a better term than trends, as engagement rings by nature have a significantly longer lifespan than clothes or other accessories. Its turnover isn't as rapid and its sentimental value is infinite.
Do not be discouraged if the style of engagement ring you love or already have on your finger isn't listed here. These are just a few of the engagement ring trends that we’ve picked up on as experts in our field. Besides, you can never be too informed when making such a major purchase.
When it comes to finding that perfect engagement ring, the top ten engagement ring trends for 2023 represent just a fraction of what you can find.
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