Whiteflash 2013 Calendar

2013 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
We are pleased to present the Whiteflash 2013 Calendar. It is an annual labor of love produced by the Whiteflash photography department as a tribute to and for the enjoyment of our wonderful customers.
This year’s cover design is inspired by the international Art Nouveau movement that swept through the decorative arts and architecture circles from the late 19th and into the early 20th century. Visually it was characterized by organic, flowing lines and forms resembling the stems and blossoms of plants, as well as geometric elements such as squares and rectangles.
Art Nouveau served to modernize the art world by incorporating the concepts of form and function along with decorative elements. The masters of Art Nouveau sought to revive excellent craftsmanship and produce genuinely modern design. The most prolific American artist of the movement was glass designer Louis Tiffany, who would later join his father’s firm, Tiffany & Co.*, becoming its first design director.
Our cover design this year is a tribute to the ideals and the artists of the Art Nouveau movement which continue to inspire us over a hundred years later. Whiteflash craftsmen, like the renowned designers of that era, are dedicated to producing top quality jewelry with style and detail that is as functional as it is beautiful.


A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamond Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
The Most Visually Balanced Diamond in the World®, the internationally prized A CUT ABOVE® Hearts & Arrows Super-Ideal Diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
It sparkles unlike any other I have seen. I am very impressed by Whiteflash’s A CUT ABOVE brand and would highly recommend it to anyone. But most importantly my fiancée loves her ring! She has gotten so many compliments and I love to see her show it off. The service and experience I had with Whiteflash was top notch. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!
- Joshua S.


Verragio Insignia Diamond Engagement Ring Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
Platinum Braided 3 Stone Engagement Ring from the Insignia Collection by Verragio set with a 1ct center diamond and 0.50ctw of diamond melee.
What our customer’s have to say:
I picked up my diamond today and I am absolutely stunned! I’m at a loss for words in describing how I feel about the beauty of this diamond and setting. I just wanted to again extend my thanks and appreciation to you and the help you provided me when it came to selecting my diamond. Because of your quality assistance and the quality of the ring, Whiteflash will have my business for several years to come.
- Tony P.


The Ritani Setting Engagement Ring Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
The Ritani Setting ® engagement ring in 18k yellow gold featuring a gorgeous 6-prong head that holds round brilliant diamond melee between each set of prongs.
What our customer’s have to say:
My fiancé and I could not be happier. The beautiful photos of the engagement ring and wedding band were unexpected and greatly appreciated. It made showing the rings off to distant relatives and friends a simple email away. Thank you to Bob and his entire staff at Whiteflash.com. I will be a customer for life.
- Shawn J.


Leon Mege Lotus Diamond Ring Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
A Platinum and Rose Gold Lotus Halo Diamond Ring by Leon Megé set with a one carat round ideal cut diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
The staff at Whiteflash have gone above and beyond my ring buying expectations. I was a little apprehensive to buy my then girlfriend her engagement ring online from a retailer out of state at first. But after many conversations with Whiteflash and a wonderful engagement ring my fiancé and I could not be happier. We just received the matching wedding band and together the set is perfect! I shopped around a lot and White flash had the best prices and backed it up with excellent customer service.
-M. J.


Vatche Swan Engagement Ring Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
18k White Gold ‘Swan’ Solitaire Engagement Ring by Vatché set with a 1.25ct ACUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
I want to thank you and the folks at Whiteflash for another AMAZING experience. You run your shop like I operate my daily life, prompt and no nonsense. Your communications are excellent. I only wish other retail businesses would operate under your philosophy. I will never stop buying from you. Making a large purchase has never been easier.
- Demetrios A.


Benchmark Wedding Rings Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
A set of platinum wedding rings by Benchmark. The bottom ring features a hammer-finished center and the top ring features a spin-satin finish with diamond accents.
What our customer’s have to say:
I opened the lovely cherry wood box which contained my rings last and when I finally opened that box, my jaw dropped to the floor! Well, not literally but you get what I mean! Lol! The rings were absolutely beautiful!! They look even far better than the professional pictures - it was love at first sight.
- Amelia Z.


Dreams of Africa Diamond Pendant Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
14k White Gold Dreams of Africa Pendant. One side is graced with 39 brilliant A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee (0.62ctw; F/G VS) and the opposite side is embellished with 39 beautiful pink sapphires (0.77gtw).
About Dreams of Africa:
The Dreams of Africa line of jewelry by Whiteflash is produced to raise awareness and bring relief to African children, particularly those living in diamond mining areas. Whiteflash donates 100% of its profit from this line of jewelry to a charity benefiting children suffering from conflict.


Classic 6 Prong Knife Edge Engagement Ring Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
Classic Six Prong Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring by Whiteflash set with a 1.50ct A CUT ABOVE Round Super Ideal Hearts and Arrows Diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
I would rate Whiteflash as a company Super Ideal as well, ideal products, ideal service and ideal everything else!! Whiteflash is the place to be! And with all that, I can with 100% confidence recommend Whiteflash to anyone who are looking for top quality diamonds, settings and service. Their A CUT ABOVE diamond that I have is by far the best I have seen :)
- Amelia Z.


8 Prong Diamond Earrings Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
Custom Platinum 8 Prong Diamond Earrings featuring two Old European Cut diamonds totaling over two carats.
What our customer’s have to say:
I LOVE IT!!! IT'S BEYOND GORGEOUS! It’s my favorite piece of jewelry IN THE WORLD! Everyone involved in the process made this such a FUN experience. Where else can you make new friends AND get gorgeous jewelry besides Whiteflash?! Nowhere! Only Whiteflash!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond anything I could have hoped for! Looking forward to many years of fun creating masterpieces together!
- Leslie K.


5 Stone Trellis Diamond Ring Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
One of the newest of Whiteflash’s designs, the beautiful 5 Stone Trellis Diamond Ring - set with five A CUT ABOVE diamonds
What our customer’s have to say:
Whiteflash saved the day! I made the critical error of not starting with Whiteflash when I began ring shopping. Luckily, a good friend of mine staged an intervention and sent me down the path to salvation (i.e. Whiteflash). The quality of the ring I got from Whiteflash was exceptional. I will go back to the great people at Whiteflash next time I buy jewelry! Whiteflash to the rescue!
- Danny M.


Legato Diamond Engagement Ring Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
Platinum “Legato Sleek Line Pave” Diamond Engagement Ring with semi-custom milgraine set with a 0.90ct Round Brilliant diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
Everything was so easy and it was a no pressure situation. Every single person I spoke with at Whiteflash was extremely helpful and went out of their way to make sure I was happy. I am VERY meticulous, have a good eye and review everything with a fine tooth comb; I was pleased to find absolutely nothing wrong with this ring. Flawlessly executed. Bravo Whiteflash!
- Mike R.


Diamond and blue Sapphire Bracelet Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
18k Yellow Gold “Color Me Mine” Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet with four A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamonds (0.25ctw F/G VS) and four blue sapphires (0.25gtw) and measures seven inches in length.
What our customer’s have to say:
The best way to sum Whiteflash up is... their customer service is as beautiful as their jewelry. I would never think of going anywhere else for jewelry.
- Harvey F.

Inside Back Cover

Top Jeweler BBB Pinnacle Award Winner Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
Dear Friends,
The past year has been a memorable one at Whiteflash! We started the year by being awarded the 2012 BBB Pinnacle Award recognizing the top retail jeweler in the Houston metropolitan area. The Pinnacle Award recognizes the company in each business sector that best exemplifies the BBB ideals of integrity, consumer education, and customer service. We were extremely proud to be chosen for this honor from among the many fine jewelers in the fourth largest city in America.
We followed that prestigious success with another great accomplishment - our relocation to Sugar Land and the building of our first retail showroom. We created a very special venue where our local customers can now enjoy a very personal diamond buying experience. Having become authorized dealers for several national designers including Verragio, Ritani, Vatche and Benchmark, Whiteflash now offers even more outstanding setting choices for our internationally prized A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds.
And to make the year complete, Whiteflash has once again been re-certified for ISO 9000. Our commitment to quality control and continual improvement is the driving force behind the success of our brand, the thousands of glowing internet reviews from customers all over the globe, and our selection for the BBB Pinnacle Award.
We are excited about 2013 and wish you and yours all the best for the New Year.
- The Entire Whiteflash Team

Back Cover

Diamonds and Jewelry Whiteflash 2013 Calendar Back Cover
Colorful and exciting with 12 thumbnail photos of all the beauty that is contained inside.

We would like to express sincere thanks to the many talented Whiteflash employees that give life to our calendar through their individual efforts and collaborations.
Special recognition goes to project leader Tim Ewasko who has a hand in every aspect of the calendar from cover design, to image editing, to layout and printing.
Diamond and jewelry macro photography is especially challenging due to complicated variations in light intensity. The images in the 2013 calendar were taken by the following outstanding Whiteflash photographers:
January – Tim Ewasko
February – Becca Eastman
March - Krystal Williams
April - Krystal Williams
May - Becca Eastman
June – Krystal Williams
July - Krystal Williams
August – Becca Eastman
September - Becca Eastman
October - Becca Eastman
November - Krystal Williams
December - Becca Eastman
* Tiffany & Co. is a registered trademark of Tiffany LLC

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