Whiteflash 2016 Jewelry Calendar

2016 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
Publishing a calendar each year to share with our valued customers, vendors and friends is our way of celebrating the privilege we have to work with such beautiful things marking such joyous occasions.
As we look ahead to 2016 we sincerely appreciate all those who have contributed to our success, and we look forward to continuing to work hard to meet the challenges and to fulfill the promise of another great year.
We hope you enjoy these lovely images and that every day on your calendar is filled with the beauty that is all around us in nature, that is present in the artistry of fine craftsmanship, and that sparkles like a brilliant diamond shining within each of us.
From the entire Team at Whiteflash we wish you a very Happy New Year!


Simon G 2016 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
The Simon G MR2132 Passion diamond engagement ring is set with a stunning 3.768ct A CUT ABOVE round diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
The ring is everything I hoped it would be and more. It's by far the prettiest diamond I've ever seen! It is truly in a class of it's own. We can't stop looking at it. You guys did an AMAZING job!
-Caleb A.


Whiteflash February 2016 Jewelry Calendar
The Full Bezel Diamond Pendant featuring a 0.737ct A CUT ABOVE round diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
I really love the pendant. I like the brilliance and the size of it. Thanks for the great work you do. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Service is great and communication is fast.
-Jonnah M.


Benchmark 2016 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
The Benchmark Scattered Diamond Wedding ring is a classic ring with a brilliant twist.
What our customer’s have to say:
The ring looks amazing. Thank you so much for your help. It has been so wonderful working with Whiteflash!
-Shiou L.


Whiteflash Signature Engagement Ring 2016 Calendar
This 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement ring is surrounded by a Custom ring guard full of pave diamond and 4 beautiful Emeralds.
What our customer’s have to say:
My experience with Whiteflash was tremendous. They have a huge selection of diamonds and great designer rings. I worked with Whiteflash to design the perfect custom ring. My ring was delivered in a timely manner and I couldn't be happier!
-Aaron K.


Danhov AE100 May 2016 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
The Danhov AE100 Abbraccio Diamond Engagement Ring is set with 62 spiraling diamond pave.
What our customer’s have to say:
I haven't really seen many diamonds, but this one is amazing. Every angle that you look from it is so sparkly an so crystal clear. You could easily be mesmerized by it!
-Ralf K.


Custom Wedding Band 2016 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
A truly one of a kind 18k Yellow Gold Custom Channel-Set Men's Wedding ring embellished with Rubies.
What our customer’s have to say:
You all are truly professionals. I'm impressed with the thorough communications and streamlines process the Whiteflash team developed with this whole buying experience. I never felt lost or concerned with the whole process. The photos were beautiful and certainly a nice touch.
-Edward L.


Vatche 2016 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
The unique Vatche Mia Pave Diamond Engagement ring in 18k White Gold featuring a 1.363ct round diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
I don't know where to start...she loves the ring! She stares at it all day and can't believe how well I did on picking it out. I'm extremely satisfied with Whiteflash's customer service and support, and how extremely easy it was to buy a ring online.
-John P.


Verragio 2016 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
Verragio D-109R Twisted Split Shank Diamond Ring.
What our customer’s have to say:
Amazing! I purchased an engagement ring with an A CUT ABOVE Diamond and it is absolutely stunning. I took one look at it and loved it so much that I proposed the same day. Thank you to the Whiteflash staff for making this Diamond buying experience the best.
-Ryan D.


Ritani Engagement Ring 2016 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
The classic Ritani 1RZ3277 6 prong Solitaire Engagement ring featuring a 2.061ct A CUT ABOVE round diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
Everything that Whiteflash provided was first class from the quality of the product to the level of service. Thank you for all of your help and you have truly earned a lifelong customer.
-Brandon S.


Whiteflash Engagement Ring 2016 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
This lovely Classic 4 prong Solitaire Engagement Ring is the definition of understated elegance.
What our customer’s have to say:
It is truly amazing! I think both the diamond and the setting are really crafted with high standards. The diamond sparkles really well. My girlfriend loves it so much and she said yes! I had some hesitation before buying online earlier but I think Whiteflash is really the right place to go.
-Susen Z.


Whiteflash Diamond Bracelet 2016 Jewelry Calendar
This stunning "X Prong" diamond tennis bracelet holds 52 A CUT ABOVE round diamonds for a total of 5.00ctw.
What our customer’s have to say:
The bracelet is perfect. The wide base enhances the size of the diamonds while the whiteness of the platinum complements it. Craftsmanship of the bracelet is awesome and the quality of the diamonds are top notch. Exactly what we were looking for! And as always, the service is impeccable.
-Josh F.


Whiteflash Diamond Earrings 2016 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
A pair of Custom Halo Diamond Earrings in 14k White Gold featuring two brilliant 0.704ct round diamonds.
What our customer’s have to say:
We love them! We really love the design and we really love the way they look. As usual, you guys knocked it out of the park! Thank you!
-Asit V.

Inside Back Cover

Whiteflash 2016 Jewelry Calendar
Dear Friends,
It is our privilege to once again express our appreciation for everyone who has a hand in our success by presenting our annual calendar. The support we receive from our wonderful customers and excellent trading partners enables us to continue delivering “A Brilliant Experience”.
We were extremely honored to have added to our unbroken string of BBB awards by receiving the Pinnacle Award for 2015. Winning the top honor as the best jeweler in the fourth largest market in America is gratifying and motivating to the whole Whiteflash Team.
Our deep inventory of extraordinary diamonds is superbly enhanced by our wonderful designer partners. And we were very pleased this year to add Danhov to our all-star lineup that includes Verragio, Ritani, Simon G, Vatche, and Benchmark.
The coming of a New Year is a time to reflect on the keys to our success. As members of the American Gem Society we are dedicated to the highest standards of integrity, consumer education and protection. As an ISO 9000 certified company we must maintain a laser focus on quality and continual improvement. And as an international provider of top quality diamond engagement rings and bridal jewelry, we understand the responsibility we have to our customers at the most important time of their lives. These are the things that keep us inspired, motivated, and truly grateful.
From the entire Whiteflash Team, we humbly thank you and wish you all a very Healthy and Happy New Year!
The Whiteflash Team

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Jewelry Calendar 2016 Whiteflash
Colorful and exciting with 12 thumbnail photos of all the beauty that is contained inside.

Serving remote customers who are making significant purchases on important diamonds and jewelry pieces would not be possible without excellent photography. From diagnostic light performance imaging to creative photography conveying the exciting properties of these special little works of art, our photographers are critical to our success.
We would like to give special recognition to our newest Photographer, Evan Snider, who created this years calendar and has helped us elevate the standard of our creative jewelry photography to an entirely new level.

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