Leon Mege New Lotus Engagement Ring

(Monday, January 24, 2011 Houston, TX)
Extraordinary! This is the only word that comes to mind upon seeing Whiteflash’ newly unveiled ‘Lotus Halo’ design from their floral inspired ‘Lotus Collection’ co-created by master craftsman Leon Megé.
Leon Mege
As if the first Lotus design with its intricate detail reminiscent of a delicate unfolding lotus flower wasn’t enough, Whiteflash has pushed the creative envelope even further by giving customers a visual representation of a design that screams bountiful blessings.

Perfect Marriage of Design and Function

Oddly enough, when you hear the terms design and function paired together, your mind usually races to automobiles and the last thing, if ever at all, that comes to mind is a diamond engagement ring. This new setting is a shining example of how demand can dictate design. For today’s woman who leads an increasingly active lifestyle, this lower profile ‘Lotus Halo’ engagement ring is perfection. With a compressed and less pronounced diamond mounting, women can have their apprehension alleviated about wearing their treasure while navigating through their hectic day; whether at home, in the gym, or in the boardroom and beyond.
lotus halo diamond engagement ring
A brilliant interpretation of nature’s infinite beauty, the ‘Lotus Halo’ is definitely not for those looking for your average engagement ring. Sporting a majestic crowning halo of diamonds, this piece is delicate in theory but sturdy in design. The diamond intensive new setting showcases the best of what Whiteflash is known for—their superior and critically acclaimed ‘A CUT ABOVE’ ideal cut Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Staying true to the ‘Lotus Collection’s’ take on the elusive lotus flower, the ‘Halo’ resembles a fully bloomed and flowering lotus with layers of fluffy petals cushioning and building up the dramatic presentation of the magnificent center stone. The contrasting 18k yellow gold basket, made up of four diamond encrusted petals, that form the base sit atop an equally elaborate half-pavé diamond eternity band.

Personalization is Worth the Wait

For those non-traditional brides, the ‘Lotus Halo’ can also be customized to reflect your desired gemstone in the center. Even the super traditional Royals and Royals-to-be know that variety is the spice of life and that color in engagement rings are what many of today’s renaissance women crave.
Contrary to today’s microwave generation mentality, customers ordering this design have to wait 4 weeks for completion of their ring. This is due to the fact that each and every ring is individually handcrafted by Leon Megé himself and to the exacting quality and craftsmanship that Whiteflash demands ensuring a ring like no other— to last a lifetime.

Lifecycle of ‘The Lotus Collection’

Behind every good design is a creative mind that pushes the boundaries of perfection − that mind, in this case, belongs to both Whiteflash.com founder Debi Wexler and jewelry artisan and design master Leon Megé. Germinating from a simple idea that Wexler had to capture the sheer beauty and romance of the Lotus flower; Leon took this vision and poured the life into it. Perhaps the intricate detail and exacting proportions achieved in ‘The Lotus Collection’ designs can best be explained because Leon learned his old world jewelry technique from old masters working with just a few hand tools. Past winner of the highly coveted AGTA Spectrum Award, the most respected and prestigious award for the design industry, Leon, in his early days worked for Henry Dunay as a polisher cleaning pieces designed by Henry Dunay. A master at the art of micropave, Leon is the go-to-guy for heirloom quality custom pieces. Thrilled by the physical manifestation of her dream Wexler remarks; " Although Whiteflash typically showcases our own custom designs, we couldn’t resist Leon’s genius and design sensibilities which compliments our existing engagement ring designs. The union of his design and our unmatched diamond quality creates the spark of life that gives ‘The Lotus Collection’ its luxurious sizzle, and even more importantly, makes it unforgettable."

About Whiteflash:
Whiteflash is a top tier retail jeweler specializing in Ideal Diamonds, Designer Engagement Rings and Fine Bridal Jewelry. Their A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds are considered by trade experts and diamond connoisseurs to be among the finest in the world.
The award winning Whiteflash.com website, described by Kiplinger’s Magazine as the ‘Lord of the Online Rings” enables shoppers the world over to view, compare and purchase top quality diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry in a convenient, secure and information rich environment.
Whiteflash is the first jewelry retailer in the world to attain ISO 9001 certification for total quality management and welcome visitors to their Houston jewelry showroom located in the upscale community of Sugar Land, TX.
For more information, log onto www.whiteflash.com or call toll free 877-612-6770

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