The Best 3 Stone Engagement Rings that You’ll Want to Own

A 3 stone engagement ring can offer a superb alternative to the single solitaire diamond that is often found in more traditional looking engagement rings. Tradition states that the three stones on an engagement ring represent the past, present and future, giving real meaning to the start of a brand new life together, the celebration of a new future and the shared moments of the past. What we love about 3 stone engagement rings is the flexibility in what they can offer. For some this can even include incorporating colored gemstones for a very personalized look, one that is distinct from the more traditional single stone rings. These are our absolute favorites and they offer a choice for everyone.
Verragio INS-7074R
This ring comes with the option of choosing your own center diamond which will be flanked by 2 round brilliant diamonds. A ring that offers exceptional beauty and individuality with its braiding and plaited details. The diamond pavé on the vertical faces provide beautiful views from all angles.
Danhov LE101
With a stunning visual impact, simple yet very distinctive, this engagement ring offers exceptional sparkle. 3 diamonds are flanked by beautiful halo styling to create a contemporary ring with true individuality about it.
Vatche 319
Clever styling to the prongs on this ring offer a classical trellis style with a modern twist. Featuring 3 diamonds of your choice, this is one ring that offers flexibility to suit a range of budgets. The side stones can be fitted to between 0.30ct and 0.50ct which can be chosen from our comprehensive online diamond inventory to best suit your requirements. Set up high for maximum brilliance, the diamonds offer a simple yet breath-taking look.
Simon G. TR446
This stunning ring is bold and beautiful. It has been fitted with 92 round brilliant melee diamonds to create a striking pave and halo effect around the 3 showpiece diamonds. What we love about this ring is its arresting sight, fabulous sparkle and brilliant luster.
Tacori 2623RD
Fancy and feminine, this ornate three stone ring is an absolute treat to the senses. Fine micro pave accentuates the centrepiece in a subtle halo, and gives a sparkling effect to the vertical elements creating lovely aesthetics from every viewing angle.
Ritani 1RZ1326
This beautiful ring simply says you will love her today, tomorrow and forever. With a single round brilliant cut diamond to the center, flanked by 2 knights in shining armor, this ring glows with elegant charm without being too over the top. Each feature stone is bordered by a separate halo of accent diamonds creating a most brilliant look.
Butterflies 3 Stone
With a width of 2.3mm, this engagement ring would be the perfect choice for slim fingers, offering comfort to the lady with delicate hands. An engagement ring that offers the wearer the choice of choosing their own stones makes this special ring one which can be worn and enjoyed for its personal input.
Coeur de Clara Ashley
This truly special ring has been fitted with 74 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee. The cleverly designed trellis forms three small hearts that seem to embrace each diamond. This show stopping ring will suit a lady who desires a matching wedding ring, which is specially designed to fit. It even has three matching hearts to compliment the theme. Superb brilliance and fire will radiate from super ideal cut diamonds providing spectacular sparkle.
Coeur de Clara Ashley
As the name suggests this ring is the sister to the Coeur de Clara Ashley 3 Stone Engagement Ring, providing the same distinctive look for the lady who prefers princess cut diamonds. Fitted with 72 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee to the shoulders, this beautiful engagement ring exudes royalty and brilliance.
Over the years we have built a reputation for providing the perfect rings for our wonderful customers - for independent Whiteflash reviews you can visit third party review sites such as Google and Yelp. We appreciate that everybody is different and each has their own personal preferences. For our full list of three stone engagement rings please follow the link here. We have a delightful and large selection of rings that will suit all tastes and every budget, so please take the time to find your perfect ring.

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